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hi! looking for some tips. i will be on a business trip in Palm Springs for a week near the end of February. I have never been to southern CALI before and want to fly my fiance out and make a long weekend of it. so I need some california experts to help me out! would you reccomend we spend the mini vacation right there in palm springs? I heard it is nice there. Or should I use this opportunity to drive over to LA or san diego? I really want to visit both these cities but maybe I should save them for another vacation when I can stay longer. any ideas? I just want to make the most of the few extra days we will have. thanks!
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Traffic between Palm Springs and Los Angeles can be horrible. I suggest you spend your few days enjoying the desert sunshine.
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Take the aerial Tramway to the mountop in PS. Great ride, excellent view. Check:
Also by car drive the Palm to Pines scenic route, very beautiful.
Near Indio check Oasis Date gardens.
In PS also Moorten Botanical gardens are interesting.
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Also drive through Joshua Tree National Forest (Park?).
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Search this thread for advices. Type in "palm springs" in the search window.

Date festival in February, worth visiting.
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stay in palm springs and save san diego and la for another time.
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Hi Mikieguns,

Palm Springs = Desert, spa treaments, excellent golfing, great dining, relaxtion in the sun, shopping.

If you like any of the above activities, then PS is worth a mini-visit.

I agree with the above, that it would be a less complicated venture to stay in PS and your honey out to you.

I think the choice is a personal one based on what you enjoy.
Happy journey, Tiff
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First tip: Stop calling it "Cali".

Besides that, since it is only a long weekend, totally concur with what others have said about staying in Palm Springs. Great golf and nice spas. If you have a car, you may want to even try some of the Indian casinos near by.
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I'm no expert but I wince at your "Cali" term. I know its silly but its no way to endear yourself to CA residents.

Another vote for staying in Palm Springs/Palm Desert area. I visited LA and Palm Desert twice last year but each trip was 5-7 days and I wouldn't do both with any less than that. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to.
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It is true "Cali" and also "Frisco" makes us natives cringe.

Mikieguns, I too would spend the weekend in Palm Springs. I have never know anyone that did not enjoy visiting Palm Spring. Have a wonderful time.
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End of February? Stay in Palm Springs. Otherwise it is highly likely you will be driving in the rain. Southern Californians do not lose brain cells from the sun; they lose it trying to drive in the rain. I speak from experience. Not a pretty sight.
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thanks for all the tips! but I decided to go against the grain! I will be in palm springs (actually palm desert) all week on business so I am sure I will get to explore a bit then. but for the long weekend I am going to hit up San Diego. Should have a good 4 days there so hopefully I'll have enough time. I really want to explore a new city and to be honest golf and spas is not my thing! Please let me know if you have any advice for SD! hotels, areas, nightlife, etc. I want to make the most of it! I hear there are a couple Hyatts - I have some free nights there so maybe I'll pick one of those. thanks!
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mikieguns....If you can snare a couple of freebie nights at the Manchester Grand Hyatt right on San Diego Bay, you will have a blassssssst.......Fabulous and close to everything you'll want to do in San Diego...
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My vote would have been to move on from Palm Springs. It is top dollar that time of year, and to get a nice hotel would have cost a small fortune. And if there is a golf tourney, you may have not gotten a room at all.

San Diego is great. There is a hotel downtown and there are many activities within walking distance; the Gaslamp, Seaport Village, the Midway Museum, Horton Plaza and other shopping, wonderful restaurants, Petco Park (not that it will be active that time of year) and just a great place to walk around, jog, explore. You can take the trolley to other areas in San Diego (zoo, Balboa Park) and the ferry over to Coronado.

There is also a Hyatt in La Jolla, but you need a car for that area. It isn't in the village, but in a little restaurant row that has a few good restaurants, and University Town Center is a good walk down the street (shopping, dining, movies), but to really enjoy San Diego, I think a car is a must.

The other Hyatt is the Islandia. That is right before you take the bridge over to South Mission Beach. You have the bay right there and then the "beach" scene about a mile away. Very nice area and still active even in February.

Personally, I would go for the downtown location; dining, bars, nightlife, views, marina, shopping, Coronado, walking, jogging, etc...
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When you go to San Diego, do not stay at the Hyatt Islandia!
I just stayed there and even though I was upgraded to a junior suite I thought the room was of Motel quality. Moldy bathroom. Not so nice sheets. That place does indeed need an update - it currently does not deserve the Hyatt label, and most of all it is not worth the prices they are asking.

The Hyatt Regency in La Jolla is quite nice (just stayed there, too) and while its immediate environment is a bit corporate, there is easy access by car to both, La Jolla Cove and its great restaurants along Prospect St. (particularly George's at the Cove and the neighboring Nine-Ten in the La Grande Colonial Hotel) and the nice beach at Del Mar.
The hotel itself is well maintained and has nice beds, but apart from that the rooms, while well maintained, are not too special. Still, I enjoyed my stay there.

The Manchester Grand is indeed huge (two enormous towers) but conveniently located if you want to venture into the nightlife in the Gaslamp (pay a visit to Croce's bar cum restaurant with live music).
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I agree, the Islandia does need refurbishing. It is looking dingy. But it kind of fits in with the other "beach" hotels in the area. Can't beat it for location and if you time it right, you can get some deals.
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while the Islandia is indeed central to Sea World and Mission Bay Beaches, as well as P.B and O.B., I would prefer the La Jolla or downtown locations of the other two Hyatts over the the Islandia's anytime when in town as a tourist.
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thanks for the tips! definitely will try to snag a night or two at the hyatt manchester. but it is pricy! any other suggestions for hotels that are also in the fun downtown area?
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Hyatt Manchester it is! i was able to get a discount and book there. ok I am all set! now i just need to research the fun stuff - things to do! any tips would be appreciated! restaurants / bars / daytime activities etc. want to make the most of the long weekend! thanks
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Good for you. I always like to hear what the final decisions are. Start a new post with your question on things to do in the area.
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