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About luvtotravel

  • Last trip
    Bus tour thru Croatia, Slovenia; Budapest independently
  • Next trip
    4 weeks in Italy: 2-week tour, 1-week in Venice and 1-week cooking school in Tuscany
  • Favorite destinations
    England, Italy, France, and Greece
  • Destination wishlist
    Provence, Japan, Prague
  • Best travel tip
    Never miss a chance to use a bathroom.
  • Favorite hotel
    Westin Europa and Regina, Venice, Italy
  • Favorite restaurant
    Osteria del Teatro, Cortona, Italy
  • Never travels without
    A sense of adventure.
  • All-time best travel moment
    Exiting the train station in Venice. No one can prepare you for the impact.
  • Interests and hobbies
    Travel photography; planning the next trip.
  • Quote
    Life's dessert first.
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