so Olive Oyl

Apr 19th, 2003, 03:47 AM
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so Olive Oyl

Have you been to the Coconut Pointe Hyatt? They try to say it is in Naples but it is really closer to Fort Myers. The architecture is not that great but the public interior is fabulous and much better suited to Florida than say the Ritz.

Any comments on the restaurants or spa?

I love the restaurant at your hotel: The Oystercatcher. Spectacular view of Tampa Bay and wildlife and great sunsets and very good food. We stayed at the Hyatt to do Christmas shopping at the International Mall (I think that is the name) in Tampa. LMF
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Apr 19th, 2003, 03:48 AM
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Well, I'd like to know what happened to my title. Was supposed to read: so Olive Oyl, tell me about the Coconut Pointe Hyatt. LMF
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Apr 19th, 2003, 04:11 AM
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Hi LMF...I agree about the exterior architecture. It rises up sort of awkwardly doesn't it? Beautiful, absolutely beautiful inside though. Sort of a colonial Caribbean air to it. Yes we've been several's my favorite Hyatt getaway within the state.

I absolutely agree that the word Naples should never be used in conjunction with the hotel--it's about as far north in Bonita Springs as you can go without getting into Ft. Myers.

Can't comment on the spa as I haven't used it. When we are there, I'm generally on a mission (Naples) and the restaurant is just "ok". Our first meal there shortly after it opened was a real disappointment both service and food-wise, second was somewhat better, but still nothing I'd make a special effort for. We really enjoyed a small Italian restaurant up 42 while we were there. It was in a strip mall, but a very pleasant surprise. Farfalle, I believe was the name.

Glad you enjoyed OC's. We had a light dinner (salad and appetizer for an entree) there last night sitting out on the patio enjoying the sun setting over the bay. It was beautiful as it was relatively cool with absolutely no humidity...but then the wind died with the setting sun and the gnats woke up. gt; We are extremely lucky with this hotel as it's got 2 great anomaly in the business!

International Plaza I believe it is...and I exhausted that in my search for the perfect mother of the groom dress...and ended up in your city instead, where the dress I ended up with was literally the first thing I saw walking in the door at Marissa. The grass is always greener.... gt;
Apr 19th, 2003, 04:30 AM
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It's always greener when there is a Nordstrums.
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Apr 21st, 2003, 04:50 AM
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I'm not OO but we did use the spa at CP when we were there last year. Trying to remember exactly as they all start to blur after awhile! I really should start keeping a journal or something on spas, as thats what we tend to do on these little trips.

I think for the most part we thought it was a good spa. It was relaxing and had the right feel for me I think. I tend to do facials and body scrub type of treatments, and they were good, I actually had a second facial when we returned a few days later. The body scrub was excellent. The manicure/pedicure treatments we passed on as they were not done in the spa iteself but next door in the hair salon; not the right "ambience" for me.
What I do remember for sure is the robes are very nice quality, I actually tried to buy one but they didnt have my size And I'm a bit of a robe snob, lol. Nice lounging area once inside the spa, good facilities, etc. Hope this helps.
As to the restaurants, the breakfast place was standard fare, a la carte or buffet, but nice to take your meal out on the terrace. As we were there off season, this same restaurant wasnt open in the evenings, and I believe they said they were changing it to a steak house that fall anyway. The seafood restaurant we ate at one evening quite late and there was a great downpour outside as we sat in a screened in porch area, which made it sort of cosy. The inside part of the restaurant and bar felt very loud and crowded to me, I wouldnt have eaten inside. The food was quite good, decent I would say. Other meals we took off site. Once or twice we grabbed sandwiches, freshly made to order, from their little store in the lobby, and they were huge and satisfying, good for enjoying while watching a movie. The room service night was a disappointment, they got my order wrong, but decent enough for room service. The hotel itself was lovely, we had a great time and the service was very good. Again, we were there off season, so it was quiet and relaxing.
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