Savannah B&B Phobia

Sep 6th, 2003, 09:40 AM
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Savannah B&B Phobia

Off to Savannah with spouse for a pleasure trip in three weeks. Never stayed in a B&B before; I've seen great reviews of B&Bs, but have seen some scary rants, too. I know it would be ridiculous to go to a fabulous historic city like Savannah and stay in a chain hotel, but here are my biggest B & B phobias:
1) Small, cramped room
2) Lack of modern amenities (sorry, TV is a must)
3) Meddling innkeepers (think Newhart); privacy is a priority for us.
4) The ultimate fear: a shared bathroom!
If anyone can help put my fears to rest with a B & B suggestion, please post. Thanks a million!
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Sep 6th, 2003, 10:03 AM
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Bunny, we've stayed in a few B & B's and like them very much.
1: small room...we've never had a "small cramped room" some have been quite spacious. In fact a couple of times we had a whole house to ourselves, while the owners lived elsewhere, and/or no one else was in the house but us.
2: true, some did not have TV's but that didn't bother us...ask when you go to book. I can get along with out TV every night. We read a lot.
3. Meddling Innkeepers: NEVER..we have always enjoyed talking to the owners to see what life is really like around there. But if we didn't want to talk, they did NOT bother us. You can meet some very interesting people there and find out about 'out of the way' places to see, or a 'local's only restaurant that you might miss otherwise.
4: Shared bathroom...ask when booking. If they don't have private baths, then don't book. Most owners/innkeepers are very honest about this.

Breakfast, even when others are staying at the B & B can be a 'normal' bacon and eggs, to specialities of the owner. Some have individual tables, some it's served 'farm style' with everyone at the same table.

Do a search for B & B's on the net and read what is available and what the amenities are. Try one...they can be very enjoyable.
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Sep 6th, 2003, 10:59 AM
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Hey Mamajo, good advice- thanks.
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Sep 22nd, 2003, 07:21 AM
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Maybe you've booked by now but I just saw your post and had to chuckle. My husband absolutely refuses to stay in a B&B anywhere. It comes from having grown up in a rooming house that his parents owned. We stayed at the Hampton Inn/Historic district when we were in Savannah in May and loved it. Very nice but basic room, excellent walk to everything location, continental breakfast and parking. If a B&B is an issue, I would highly recommend this place.
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Sep 22nd, 2003, 07:30 AM
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I have stayed in a B and B in Savannah and loved it......look at each website to see if you like the look of the place and the size of the rooms. They also have some intimate inns that are more like hotels, but smaller and very quaint. If you are traveling without kids, I would highly recommend it. I have never stayed in a B and B with a shared bath and I have stayed in many through the years. Enjoy.........
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Sep 22nd, 2003, 08:15 AM
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We stayed in a B&B in Savannah in July and it was none of your phobias-big room with a bathroom and a tv (with cable). The innkeeper was only around if you were looking for her-breakfast was good and you had the option of eating at a table for 2 or a big table with others so it was your choice. I don't know if you ever saw the show ED where the two married characters go to a B&B where the innkeeper has all sort of group plans, singalongs around the campfire, etc. My husband needed real convincing that that was not the case in reality but was happy we stayed in the end.
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Oct 4th, 2003, 02:40 PM
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We just returned from Savannah last night and we had a ball; However, I wish now that I had stayed in a B & B...We stayed at the Hyatt in Savannah, which I purchased on Priceline for $69.00/night. Thank goodness we didn't spend much time in the hotel. The location was great, but that was about it. There was actually someone's food garbage in one of the trash cans when we checked into the room. Also, the sink was plugged up and the rooms had an odd smell. The other posters weren't kidding when they describe the warmed-over 80's decor...The service was great, but I wouldn't stay there again.
On a positive note, we also went to Charleston and stayed at the Vendue Inn, which was WONDERFUL! It's not exactly a B & B, but it is small and full of charm.
Savannah and Charleston are both incredible cities. I have to say that anyone considering a trip to either city simply must go. We can't wait to go back!
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