Richmond, VA

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Richmond, VA

Spending a weekend in Richmond, Va., soon, and wanted suggestion for accommodation (B&B/inn preferred, money not really an concern) and restaurants (casual, but good food). Also, this weekend is part of a mission to determine if my husband's firm should open an office in Richmond, and if we might be interested in moving there, from the Washington, DC, area. He's found office space, so we're interested in exploring potential neighborhoods for ourselves. We're in our early 30s, want to be within walking distance of restaurants and bars, and don't/won't have kids so we're not concerned about schools, etc.

Any suggestions? What is the Church Hill area like? I've seen some nice houses at great prices (I'm used to DC, after all) there, so now I'd like to know what it's like.

Likes/dislikes for Richmond are all welcome. Why you like living there, why you don't, etc., etc.
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I'm topping this for you, Maria. Maybe someone who lives in Richmond will respond. I spend a few days in Richmond last February (downtown convention), and on my way back to D.C. area I visited the Art Museum. I was very impressed!
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No one from Richmond out there?
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Richmond is wonderful! I have lived here (or near here) all of my life. It is full of very friendly, helpful folks who don't mind a much less hectic pace than in DC. I lived in Prince William County right after I got married and hated the differences in the two places. THe city of Richmond has SO much to offer...too much to discuss here...history, culture, beautiful areas to explore....I could go on and on. To answer a couple of your questions, the neighborhoods that you may find acceptable would be those around Carytown, the near West End, the Fan! ( anything east of Boulevard to Belvidere. Broad Street is the northern border and 1-195 is the southern border)It is a wonderful spot for 30ish couples without kids You could possibly look in ,even the far west end. Church Hill is nice, but is a bit closer to some of the more run down areas. They are really restoring everything down around there.

As for restaurants, Shockloe Slip and the Bottom have some of the best and most interesting eateries. Try Europa, Sam Miller's Warehouse, The Tobacco Company, the Robin Inn, Strawberry Street Cafe.

As far as BB or inns, I am not sure of any actually in the city, although there may be some. If money isn't a concern, treat yourself to the Jefferson Hotel. It is a 5 star/diamond award winner. Incredible place, even to just walk around. The brunch there is something else as well. Another nice one is the Commonwealth Parks Suites Hotel at Capital Square. Both of these are in the downtown, Shockloe Slip area so you can walk to restarurants, etc.

Good luck in your search! I have lots of friends who have moved from your area and vow they would never go back to the zaniness of DC. To me it is great to be able to drive an hour and a half and enjoy what our national capital has to offer, but then gladly come home to a slower, quieter place! Take care.
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We must have similar lives. I moved to DC for a job right out of law school and lived there for 4 years, first in Georgetwon, then Old Town alexandria, but never in th e burbs. Loved the beauty of Washington and scenery, summers, and weather in general was great. Hated the hectic working hours. 14 hour days were my norm. I also hated all the bragging about how someone was testifying about so and so bill or working for so and so senator. Also the cost of real estate was just too much. The problem was I am attorney and limited by my license to only working in Virgina and DC. I made the move to Richomd a little over a year ago and I love it. I am a 30 yo single female (but living with finance) We live in the "near WEst End" which means Henrico Co. but inside Parham Road and love the area. Freat for young professionals and singles. Plenty of restaurants, bars, and shopping. Cost of living low comparing to DC. The Fan area is a great walking area as well but is more old victorian style homes revamped into 3 or 4 flat apartments. I would say avoid areas to the East. Crime is pretty much concentrated there. Far West End is also pretty far out and you will find more families in that area and definitely a really suburban feel, same with the Glen Allen area.

Can't say enough good things about Richmond. Very Old South feeling yet quite cosmopolitan with some cultural activities as well. You are also about 2 hours to DC or 2 hours to Virginia Beach in the other direction.
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Oh you guys, you're making me homesick. I went to grad school in Richmond in the early '70s, lived in the Fan and loved it. GREAT place to be single. Movertoo, after grad school, I lived just off Parham Road.

Thirty years, one husband, one child (who just became a college grad) later, I'm living in CA. Very happy here, but sometimes miss VA.
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Wow, thanks for all of the great info. I've only been to Richmond a couple of times in the 15 years I've been in DC, but so far, it's sounding great. And I can't believe the housing prices I see on some real estate websites. Just incredible houses in the $200k-$300k range. Less than our townhouse in Alexandria is worth.

I love DC, too, but that traffic is just insane, even on the weekends any more, and after 15 years (came here to go to college), I'm ready to leave. It may not be for a year or two. Can anyone provide any insight into the job market for accountants (private) in the area?
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Commonwealth Park Suites, The Jefferson, or The Omni are fabulous hotels very near the Shockoe Slip and Bottom.
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