Portland OR Great seafood restaurants

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Portland OR Great seafood restaurants

Will be in Portland OR next Friday 7/13 and are staying at the 5th Ave Suites. DH wants great seafood restaurant rec to walk to as we p/u rental car next day Saturday for the coast.
Also would like any suggestions for great seafood on the Oregon Coast from Astoria to Yachats. Doesn't have to be fancy
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You have to pick a real dump to find bad seafood in Portland or on the Oregon Coast. And, it's hard to find a restaurant that doesn't have fish on the menu.

In Portland you can't go wrong at Jake's; however, there are many other options.

If it doesn't have to be fancy, have chowder at Mo's in Cannon Beach.
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Kinda paralleling happytrails' thought, I don't know if there are any great seafood restaurants in Portland. On the other hand, I don't think that there are many great restaurants in Portland without great seafood on the menu. But if I must, Southpark Seafood Grill, or the already recommended Jakes Famous Crawfish.

Same deal on the coast. But I'm always impressed by the seafood selection on the menu at Wayfarer in Cannon Beach. Or, if you consider yourself a clam chowder connoisseur, you gotta try a bowl at Gower St. Bistro, next door to Wayfarer. Or, if it's a fast food stop, Ecola Restaurant and Seafood Market, also in Cannon Beach. Just about any sort of deep fried seafood you can imagine. And all good.

Then there's Mo's...
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I agree...Southpark. I have decided that Jakes is too touristy lately (packed noisy and service suffers)..

I still like the chowder at Mo's..even those who bring their own glasses to the Grub&Pub eat there LOL
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The best clam chowder I've ever tasted is at the little restaurant (which may be too strong a word) at the Pacific Seafood oyster-packing facility just south of Bay City (north of Tillamook), right on Hwy 101. If you're there Mon-Sat, you can watch the lightening-fast hands on the guys prying open the oysters in the back room. (Amazing.) They have other food there - burgers, etc. - and my dad says they have great oyster stew. Very casual, very tasty. Weird little spot.

Also, if you like seafood, you should stop in for some smoked oysters and fish at Tina's (I *think* it's Tina's - if not, it's a woman's name like that.) at the north end of Rockaway. It will be on the east side of the street. Not being a huge oyster fan, I was suspiscious, but these little nuggets of goodness are to die for.

I second what other posters have said about Southpark. An interesting alternative is the tapas menu at Andina in the Pearl District.

Happy eating!
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I agree with the Wayfarer in Cannon Beach.

There is one place to avoid though...Dooger's. We ate there a couple years ago and it was awful. Last week we were in Cannon Beach again, and our friends young children were hungry so we attempted it again. Big mistake. Truly the worst attempt at seafood that I have ever seen. Even our kids complained about it.

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Sure wish we had an edit button here. I meant to add that we like Ecola Seafood Market also. It is a restaurant as well as a seafood market. No ocean views, but good food.

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We also like the Wayfarer in Cannon Beach. I usually order the Pacific Snapper, because the snapper from off the Oregon Coast has a different taste and texture than the snapper in Seattle markets.

On our last visit (Jume. 2006) I ordered the Northwest Seafood Stew listed under "Soups/Salads" on the dinner menu. It had an excellent variety of fish and seafood, and the sauce was delicious. The dish was unlike any other similar dish I've eaten. The waiter told me that the chef at Stephanie Inn considers it the best dish on the menu. It makes a delicioius mean, and it is only $13.95.

(Even though somebody thinks it is "touristy," I find Jake's and other restaurants in the McCormick & Schmick's family of restaurants to be a very reliable source of first-rate seafood. Jake's dining room is more dramatic than in the past, having taken over the part of the lobby of the Governor Hotel with those wonderful murals.)
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That's ok, happy, you don't have to call me " somebody"
I think you might have meant Jakes and I was talking about Jakes Crawfish ..
Every time we have gone over to Jakes Crawfish lately, it has been mobbed and the din makes you have to shout to your dining partner.
And McCormick and Schmick does not do it for me either, having had lunch there about a year ago ( Riverfront) and both of us feeling lucky we left before we were poisoned lol...
But I do want to try the seafood that you recommend out at the Coast..we are thinking of a week day getaway this week.. when we can freeze at the beach
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I'm sorry to learn that McCormick and Schmick's gave you a case of food poisioning. I eat lunch at their three properties in Seattle often (1st Avenue, 4th Avenue Fish House, and Lake Union Harborside) and I've never had a problem like that (however, I did get poisioned at Anthony's Chinook restaurant a few years ago).

The lunch menu at all three Seattle M&S restaurants have a wide selection of options in the $9-$13 range. Last Thursday in the restaurant at 1st and University, I had a halibut and salmon sautee and my lunch companion had a steak salad. The food, service, and atmosphere were as good as if we had spent a whole lot more.

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No no, I said " both of us feeling lucky we left before we were poisoned "...
Before, not after

We had a sandwich in a NJ mall M&S once, and loved it. So when we found there was one here, we tried it out (Riverplace)...that was our experience.

I have been having such good seafood everywhere in town though, I don't feel like I am missing anything, not going to a chain fish place..Right now, my obsession is calamari & mussels anywhere I can get them..see, I am really easy to please
happy, do you live in town in Portland?
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In Astoria: The Cannery Cafe, Silver Salmon Grille, Fulio's for Steamer Clams

In Gearhart: Pacific Way for the Sea Scallops and Polenta

In Cannon Beach: Bistro and Gower St. for the salmon. Wayfarer is also good. Newman's @ 988 for upscale dining. Loved their Lobster Ravioli

In Linclon City: Blackfish Cafe

In Seaside: Sam's Seaside Cafe for the Coconut Prawns and clam chowder and Crab Melts!

In Gleneden Beach: Halibut Fish Tacos at the Salishan Lodge

Bell Bouy is a great place to purchase seafood. We did Clam Linguine on the 4th, yummy!

In Portland: Fenouil for the salmon and The Heathman for the Baked Black Cod ***kim***
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I think the PNW is the best place to find Salmon on every menu in every restaurant..lucky if you like salmon, as we do ...

Fenouil now has a Halibut in sauce that is amazing, you have to check in with them every week, the menu always changes to something new and delicious.
Today we had lunch there..Nicoise Salad, a nice slab of seared tuna on a bed of greens and tiny fingerling potatoes with haricot verts..and a charming French waiter ..what more could one ask for??
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I have lived in Portland almost my entire life and I have NEVER had a bad meal or service at Jake's Crawfish! Yes, it is usually boisterous. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Portland, for tourists and for locals.

The menu at Jake's changes daily with all the fresh fish listed at the top. The halibut cheeks and razor clams are some of the best I have had anywhere.

Most of the servers have worked there for 10+ years and they only hire servers with an extensive background in the restaurant industry. Most of the servers also have a great knowledge of wine, especially Doc!

Another great place for seafood is Seasons and Regions but it isn't right downtown. The owner worked as a chef at McCormicks for years until branching off to open up this amazing place! It has a nice patio area as well.

Blue Hour is another great restaurant for seafood. The service is almost always stellar and I love the ambiance.

Enjoy your trip (which you are in the middle of). The weather is perfect!

If you get this post while you are in town, you should stop by the International Beer Festival in NW Portland! Lots of great beer in a nice setting.

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That is great eurotraveler, next time you go to Jakes, I want to go with you LOL
Andina a popular Peruvian restaurant on NW Glisan, serves some really good seafood dishes too.

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Oh ya, Andina is awesome!

Scarlett, have you been to the unrelated bar upstairs? I can't rember the name of it but it is very Euro-chic, owned by a young guy that actually works there. Pretty cool place to hang out.
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Have you been to the wine shop under Andina's. I didn't have a clue it was even there until a friend hosted a dinner (done by Andina) in their "cellar" a few weeks ago. Pretty cool too!

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Hi eurotraveler
I know of it but have not gone there for drinks ..
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Oh, I haven't beachbum! I will check it out next time I am in that area.

That's the one, Scarlett!
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