pet-friendly beach

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pet-friendly beach

Wanting to take a vacation to the beach around spring break. Will be taking the family pet (30 pound dog) with us. Had planned on going to Orange Beach, Alabama but have just found out that dogs are NOT allowed on the beaches there (huge fine). Are there any east coast, Mississippi or Florida gulf coast beaches that accept pets?
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Will -
Living in Florida I have become quite discouraged with the lack of beaches allowing pets. Europe is far more accepting of ones entire family.
I have found the best beach in the world for dogs to be Cannon Beach Oregon! Unfortunately we can only enjoy the dogs already there with owners - its too far for us to take our dogs.
In Florida (Tampa/St Pete) area we have recently opened a dog park on the beach (Ft. DeSoto). Haven't been there yet but have been told the dogs can go in the water. Ft. DeSoto is a fairly large area and dogs are restricted to a small area therefore you couldn't just go anywhere on the beach to lay out, picnic and have the dogs with you.
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30 lb. dogs = 5 lb. pieces of shit
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Stephanie P.
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Humans with children = garbage everywhere, stinky used diapers left on beach and cigarette butts
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I would assume Mrytle Beach does as I saw quite a few on the beach when I was there in July. It may be to cold there for the beach at Spring Break time. I don't know about that. Depends when spring break is I guess.
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My husband and I are taking our 80lb golden retriever to Sanibel Island in March. Sanibel Island allows dogs on some of their beaches.

Of course you will clean up after any "messes" Poochie may leave behind.

My Winston is looking forward to running around on Sanibel, as we live on Cape Cod, one of the most dog un-friendly places to live in the summer.

I even have a list of hotels in that area which accept dogs. As your dog is smaller in size, you should not have a problem. Feel free to email me if you want the names.

Safe travels to you.
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Try It's mostly hotels but you could call the hotels and ask. I remember lots of dogs on the beach in Sanibel but that was about 15 years ago. Worth a call though.
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I recall seeing dogs on the beach in Amelia Island. Best to call each city's chamber of commerce. Also
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Jacksonville, Florida.
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Thanks to everyone. Will check out Sanibel and Amelia Island, also Myrtle Beach.

Messageto xxx: Our dog's shit will be cleaned up. Can you say the same for your beer cans, cigarette butts, your kid's shitty diapers, etc?
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I feel sorry for people that don't like dogs. Think there must be something wrong with THEM.

William, hope you and your family (and yes, I include our dog as a member of our family) have a great vacation.
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Cape San Blas, FL was the number 1 pet friendly beach in the US. You will find this beach CLEAN and very dog friendly (dogs are welcome, not just allowed).

Cape San Blas is in the Florida Panhandle, 50 miles SE of Panama City and 90 miles SW of Tallahassee...about 6 hours from Atlanta. It doesn't have a commercialism, high rises or crowds which makes it our family favorite and YES! our family includes 2 dogs that love it too!

You can get lots more information on The pink left menu has area information, things to do etc. and the blue left menu has lots more pictures of the are too if you want to explore more!
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Almost every beach in New Jersey allows dogs in the off season which would include Spring Break. The problem is of course, that the weather will not be warm enough for the humans. During the summer season there is a dog beach in Asbury Park and in Manasquan.
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"I feel sorry for people that don't like dogs. Think there must be something wrong with THEM."

It's not about no liking dogs, it's about acknowledging that they belong in specific places but not in others. No dog is dying to be cramped in a car to travel 6 hours just to amuse its owner. Dog's don't need vacations; life is a permanent vacation for a pet. While dogs may enjoy running on a beach, that need does not control everyone around them.

The idea that people need to take their pets with them on vacation (and to restaurants, the store, other people's homes) is more about a strange fixation with ones pet.
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MikeT, I totally agree with you! Why do people insist on taking their dogs with them everywhere?

I paid very good money for a hotel room this summer. I ended up checking out early because there was a dog in the next room that was barking nonstop while the owner went out every night!

I do like dogs but they are NOT human beings!
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Beaches in many places do not allow dogs due to health department restrictions. These were usually put into place because people did NOT clean up after their animals - or made sure they took care of natural functions before bringing them to the beach. So- they have no ones but themselves to blame.

Also, some owners let pets run wild on the beach - rather than keping them on leashes. Not at all fair to small kids - or really anyone afraid of dogs.

I too am a pet lover - but would never consider bringing a dog to a beach - unless it were my private property.
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In Venice Florida there is a special "dog beach." I don't know how many rental places that are dog friendly will be available during spring break. Good luck!
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I can't believe that no one has noticed that the original post is over seven years old! Will may not even have a dog anymore by now!
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