NYC Trip Report 6/28-7/11

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NYC Trip Report 6/28-7/11

This will be less of an itinerary and more of a list of what I did/where I ate and what was thought of it. Having two weeks everything was spaced out and a lot of the time was spent visiting friends and cooking for ourselves. I also stayed at a friend’s apartment at 103rd and Broadway, so no hotel to comment on. To get around I bought 2 week long unlimited Metro cards for $24 a piece. Cab ride to/from LaGuardia was $30 with tip and toll.

McDonald's (Times Square on Broadway) – Like all McDonald’s. Upstairs has a mini replica of Manhattan. Easy access right in Times Square, looks busy but they get people in and out fast.

Dinosaur BBQ (Corner of 12th Ave and 131st St.) – Had and LOVED their Fried Green Tomatoes (and I don’t even like tomatoes). Also had their chicken, ribs, wings, lettuce wedge and mac and cheese. Meat is good, lettuce wedge okay, but I could have passed on the cheeseless mac and cheese. Overall a good restaurant with a fun atmosphere.

Big Nick's (71st and Columbus) – had a Hawaiian Buger ($5.25; deluxe extra $2.25). It was awesome. The questionable looking pickles in the milky substance in the bowl on the table were some of the best pickles I’ve ever had. There are more different kinds of burgers than you could ever ask for.

The Little Pie Company (43rd btwn. 9th and 10th) - Saw it on the Food Network. Tried a slice of their 3 Berry Pie (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries), Apple Pie and Peach Raspberry Pie. All were good but nothing compared to their Mississippi Mud Pie.

Serendipity 3 (60th btwn. 2nd and 3rd ave.) – Although people give it bad reviews it is one of my favorite places to visit for dessert. Had the typical Frrrozen Hot Chocolate ($6.50) and also Yudufundu Fruit and Fudge ($12.50). Loved it as always. Made the reservations, left and came back a few hours later and walked in shortly after that. Service was fast and food was good.

The Rainbow Room (Rockefellar on 49th) – I hear it’s overpriced and food’s not good. Overpriced, yeah probably, but my food was fantastic. Was taken here by sorta boyfriend for my 21st birthday (07/04). We could have stayed and watched the fireworks, but instead decided to walk to the water. 3 cocktails, 2 appetizers, 2 dinners, 2 desserts and 2 cappuccinos later with tip it was $365. Their Bellini drink was superb. I had the mozerella and tomatoes for appetizer, which was okay. The Cornish Hen was the best chicken I have ever had. I couldn’t help but let a small moan escape my lips. It was extremely juicy and full of flavor. The chocolate cake for dessert was also wonderful. Extremely creamy but a bit rich where I couldn’t finish the whole piece. My date had the seafood soup, lamb chops and lemon cake. All of which were good (according to him) and the cake was to die for. Very light with a very subtle taste. The portions were right and I felt like I could have rolled out of there.

Crumbs (75th and Amsterdam) – picked up cupcakes for the boy’s birthday. Picked up three separate ones and we all shared them, they were quite large. I bought a Reese's Peanut Butter Cupckae (chocolate cake with a peanut butter buttercream center, frosted with peanut butter buttercream and then rolled in peanuts and covered in chocolate chips and Reese's cup), Devil Dog (chocolate cake filled with whipped vanilla buttercream frosted with vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips, rolled in chocolate crumbs and finally drizzled with dark chocolate), and Boston Cream (vanilla cake filled with creamy vanilla custard and smothered in chocolate fudge). My personal favorite being the Devil Dog and the boy’s was the Reese’s. $3.25 a piece.

Metro Diner (100th and Broadway) – Had a club sandwich ($8.95) which was okay, but kind of dry. The pickles were disgusting. Service was mediocre, they never could remember who ordered what, but instead of asking would just set them down in front of the wrong people leaving us playing musical plates.

Brooklyn Diner (57th btwn. Broadway and 7th) - Had heard great things about this place and decided to try it, I wasn’t disappointed. The inside is kind of funny. It looks like an old diner, almost like a train car diner, but all the servers are dressed in bow ties and full suits. I had the Brooklyn Diner Cheeseburger Deluxe (13.95) and it was fabulous. I was also able to try a friend’s Pulled Chicken (13.75) which was also wonderful. The chicken was so soft and tender and full of flavor. Having never had one before I also tried an Egg Cream ($3.95), maybe it’s an acquired taste, it was interesting.

Texas Rotisserie and Grill (97th and Broadway) – Had a 2 piece chicken platter ($6.25) with a salad and mashed potatoes and corn bread. Also tried the Mozzarella sticks ($4.99). Mozzarella sticks were great. Not over breaded and hot. Chicken was good as well as the sides. Mashed potatoes were great and didn’t even need to gravy. Service was fast and friendly. It was a very informal set up, but it worked well.

Rice to Riches (Spring St. btwn. Mott and Mulberry) – After seeing it on the movie Hitch and how fun it looked from the outside I knew I had to visit. I did and I am glad I did. I never had rice pudding before, but thought it was worth a shot. We had the Sex, Drug and Rocky Road, which was simply wonderful. I could have eaten a whole tub full! Also had the peach that was also good. The servings ($6 for a single which was enough for 2 people) came in these futuristic plastic tubs with shoe horn looking spoons. Very nice and usable as Tupperware.

Times Square Hot Bagels (44th btwn. Broadway and 7th) – Although I always have seen many bagel carts uptown, I never seem to be able to find them around Times Square. Since we were waiting for tickets and couldn’t leave I looked around until I found this place. It’s small and cramped but the food is good and the price is right. We had a plain bagel with plain cream cheese (many of each to choose from), a 2 egg sandwich on a croissant with sausage and cheese, an orange juice, hot chocolate and 32 oz. Water for about $10 and it was all good.

Ray's Pizza (7th Ave. btwn. 48th and 49th) – After reading all over this board about how Ray’s is the best I thought I’d give it a shot. Unfortunately I was disappointed. I had a slice of Hawaiian pizza and it was okay. Definitely not the best I’ve had in the city, but not the worst either. It was nice and crispy.

The West End (Broadway btwn. 113th and 114th) – Here for a quick lunch while visiting a friend on their lunch break. Inside it is bar like, dark and cool. Our waiter was extremely friendly and helped us out by changing a special for us. We got 2 bacon cheeseburgers, fries and iced teas for around $13. The food was good and service was fast.

Nathan's (Coney Island) – Went to Coney for the first time, knew I had to stop at Nathan’s. The lines are EXTREME but there are lots of registers open, so it doesn’t seem as long as it should. I was disappointed to find out that their chili had beans in it. The lady who took our order could barely speak English and when we asked her if there were beans in the chili she asked what beans were. They messed up our order giving and charging us for an extra hotdog while not getting the original two right either. Instead of a cheese dog and a chilicheese dog we ended up with a plain dog, a chili dog and a chilicheese dog. When we got the food straightened out though the hot dogs were really good.

Uno's Bar and Grill (at the South Street Seaport) – Unfortunately since seafood doesn’t agree with me this was one of the few choices we had at the SSS. We had the Pizza skins (deep dish pizza filled with mashed potatoes and covered with cheese and bacon) and they were incredible. Our salad and pizza were also good. We got to sit outside and watch the street performers down below.

Neptune (34th and 3rd) – Having turned 21 we decided to spend a night out. Got to Neptune a little after 1am, and got in no problem. Their Sex on the Beach was really good and their music ranged from really recent stuff to more nostalgic things. It was a great mix of people and music.

Bar 515 (34th and 3rd)– Visited here after Neptune. The music was things not recognizable but very smooth. Later on closer to 3 the music got better. Mostly men. Martinis were mostly alcohol and their Malibu Sunset was great.

Toys 'R Us (Times Square) – Crowded as always, currently is home to a few props from Batman Begins including the mini batmobile they used in filming and the batsuit. Staying with a huge Batman fan this was a frequent stop to “visit”

Dylan's Candy Bar (60th and 3rd Ave) – One of my favorite places to visit. Down the street from Serendipity it’s easy to put in your reservation, stop at Dylan’s, enjoy yourself and walk back to Serendip’s. $9.99 for a pound of candy may be steep, but it’s the atmosphere that is fun. It is colorful and decorated with candy related things and they only play candy related music.

Whole Foods (Lincoln Center) – A large shopping market under The Shops at Lincoln Center. All the food seemed extremely fresh and they were really busy (but the lines went fast). I didn’t buy enough to be able to make a judgment on prices, but it seemed like a good market.

Pier 17/The South Street Seaport (Just south of Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan) – BUSY. That’s the main word I have for it. It was a mall on a pier and it was Extremely busy. I could barely walk around. Seemed to have a good mix of stores and a food court. The area around it with the performers and fun shops seemed best.

New York Hall of Science (Queens) – Good for kids. Word of advice, if you go check the hours first they are extremely odd. Some days they close at 2pm. Also, start on the top floor and work your way down. Was able to see the Zap Surgery exhibit which was awesome. You could try your hand at different type of simulated surgery and see if you’d be a good doctor. Very informative and the helpers were more than willing to explain how/why things worked, even to me and the other college student I went with. Overrun with kids (which was okay, but they were kind of rude) for the most part, on fieldtrips but later in the day it got better.

New York Aquarium (Coney Island) – If you’ve never been to an aquarium this place has a lot of different things to see, but you have – it’s slightly lacking. The exhibits are limited and not very aesthetically pleasing.

Coney Island (Brooklyn):
The Cyclone -$5 per ride, Very padded but very jerky. Scary for being such a small
coaster, but a classic that I felt had to be ridden.

Wonderwheel – A very cool ferris wheel with cars that move on the inside. Worth a

People say that Coney Island isn’t that great and that it’s past it’s prime but I had a
blast. I think it depends on what you are looking for. If it’s a big theme park you’ll be
disappointed but if you realize it’s like a big BUSY carnival, you might enjoy it. The
carnival fare that we ate (Mangos, Cotton Candy, Funnel Cake) were yummy!

AMC Theatres (Times Square on 42nd) – I work at an AMC at home, so I get I free. If you’d like to see a movie while you’re out this theatre is amazing. It is many floor with balconies where you can go outside and see beautiful views of 42nd street below. The seats are also very comfortable and the arms come up. Prices are average for the city. $10.75 to get in no student/senior/child discounts.

Lowes Theatres (both 42nd in Times Square & 68th and Broadway) – Visited the one at 68th and Broadway to see Batman in IMAX ($15 a ticket) I knew what IMAX was going in, but I think that normal theatres are better. The IMAX was so big it bothered my neck and it was hard to see what was going on in the movie. Go WAY early to get seats the furthest back you can. We went probably half an hour to 45 minutes early and we were in the middle. The other parts of that theatre were gorgeous and I would have like to see another movie there. The Lowes on 42nd however, was not up to par. The seats were uncomfortable and the arms didn’t come up, which makes cuddling difficult They also didn’t post their prices at the Concession stand. They did have a HagenDas though and that was fun.

Macy's Fireworks – I had heard that if you didn’t leave extremely early you’d never find somewhere to sit. We were only able to get there just under half an hour before the fireworks started (due to dinner at the Rainbow Room) and we had no problem finding somewhere. We actually ended up right in the middle of the four barges and the view was amazing. I think we were at like 36th street or so. There was also store on the corner where you can use a bathroom (for $1, but that’s better than not being able to find one)

Avenue Q (45th west of Broadway) – After trying for 10 days to get rush tickets, on the last day we finally did. They give out 12 tickets (usually 6 sets of 2) for the show 2 hours before by lottery. Cost of $21.25 per rush ticket. Front Row Center we ended up with. It was a little close, but it was better than paying $100 for other orchestra tickets. The show was Hilarious! I really enjoyed it. Very graphic though, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Puppet sex on the stage and big use of four letter words as well as more adult situations such as porn, sex, sluts, racism, ect.

Amsterdam Theatre Tour (42nd west of Broadway) – Being a HUGE Broadway fan I was excited to see this. They do 2 tours a day (except Wednesday) at 10 and 11am for $14. The tour includes being able to stand on the stage of the Lion King Yay! And being able to go into the wings and see costumes and learn history of the theatre as well as about their local ghosts.

I used A LOT to help find restaurants as well as this website. Also has helpful stuff on rush and standing room only tickets for different Broadway shows.
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Thanks for the report I am hungry, but dont know if I feel like walking to The Little Pie Company but I think their is one in Grand Central Station!
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Thank you for taking the time to write up your report. I am sure this will be so helpful for young people like yourselves and definately for parents bringing their college age students to NYC for a visit. Lots of great ideas for all. It sounds like you were all over , got a great feel for the city, have a VERY generous boyfriend and had a wonderful time. H
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Great trip report, Cinderella02. I'm going to NYC in a couple of weeks and I've made notes on several of the places you mentioned. The Dinosaur BBQ, is that part of a chain? I went to one in Rochester and I'm wondering if they are affiliated. You covered a lot of different areas which makes it even more helpful. Thanks for the feedback.
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Antlori, yes, it is affiliated with the one in Rochester.
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Marvelous! That was a delightful trip report you posted, Cinderella02. I enjoyed reading it because it gave me (a native born New Yorker) some good tips on new eating places. Thanks very much for sharing your experiences. Hope you enjoyed your visit; hurry back soon.
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Cinderella02: I'm so made it to Rice to Riches! I've been trying to get there for quite some time

Also, Crumbs sounds delicious!! (Can you tell I haven't had dinner yet?!?)

Thanks for such a thorough report. It also gave me some new ideas!
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Great report!

I'm leaving for NYC in a few days; my DS is your age, so your suggestions are especially appreciated!

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