NYC Safe For Families

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NYC Safe For Families


Could you tell me if NYC is relatively safe for families with young children. The plan is to visit the following places:

Central Park Zoo
American Natural History Museum
Childrens Museum Manhattan
Statue of Liberty and Possibly Toys R Us

We will be staying at Courtyard Marriott Times Square, what is this area like as well.

Thank you.
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I'm a single mom and I was in the city with my kids in 2001. I think it's a safe city. We were out till really late and traveled on the subway and felt comfortable. Time Square is a really, really busy part of town and safe as well. Central Park is beautiful, Statue of Liberty is amazing and Toys R Us is great for kids. You should be fine. I love NYC!
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New York is one of the safest cities in the United States.

All of the places you mention are well-trafficked, busy, and very safe.

I personally can't see the point of going to Toys R Us, it's not an attractive store, just a large discount place of many floors and not a particularly attractive place to spend time in.

If you want a more special toy store, go to FAO Schwartz, recently reopened, near the south eastern end of Central Park. Some of their toys are pricey, but they've made a point of featuring a number of items that are under $20.
It's a wonderful kids' experience.

Time Square is hectic and bustling and noisy and would not be my choice of areas to stay in for those reasons, but you will find that it is central to many places you want to visit. I would only encourage you to be wary of pickpockets in that area, and in other busy crowded places, tourists can be vulnerable to that.

Try to avoid the Museum of Nat. History on Sundays, when it is particularly crowded. At the least, go early. Don't forget to visit the Rose Planetarium and there is usually a great film on about space exploration--tickets can be purchased in advance.

There are guidebooks on visiting NYC with kids/families--if you don't have one, buy one, it will help you plan.
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uh ... no

Here on Long Island, which was rated the safest place in the US ...

It's your decision, but you are completely nuts if you think any place you visit in NYC is less safe than wherever you live.

So, it's actally safer to visit NYC than to bunker down.

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Good Lord! NYC is full of families with young chldren, of course it is safe!
The Central Park Zoo is charming and manageable.
The Natural History Museum is a childs fantasy land, I agree, don't go on a Saturday or Sunday if possible.
And I agree that taking them to a large Toys R Us is not the most wonderful NYC treat, FAO Schwartz is better.
Take them to Serendipity if it is not too crowded and share a big sundae or banana split or a huge hot dog.
If you are there on a Sunday, pack a picnic and take them to Central Park and let them run amok while you read the paper , then go to the zoo..
You will be surrounded by families and children.
Have a good time.
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Yes, the city is filled with families with young children. Skip Toys R Us and head to FAO Schwartz, it will WOW your kids!

You didn't mention the ages of your children, but after visiting the zoo, you could head to the boat house and rent a rowboat and row the family around on the lake. It's a really good bargain -- $10.00 for an hour. We were there just last weekend and there were lots of families with children rowing around (they provide life jackets, just in case ) There is also a pond where you can rent remote sailboats, (again $10.00/hr) sit on a bench and enjoy an ice cream.

You will have a terrific time!
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Although I find FAO a fun store...I personally think Toys 'R Us is the one with the wow factor. I've been to the newly reopened FAO and aside from a few things (the piano and it's show, the large TV area) it just is a big overpriced toy store. Kid's don't care about prices...they just know they can't have it. Toys 'R Us on the other hand has many larger things to look at. The floor above the ground floor has a cabbage patch tree where the babies sit (use to do birthings which I've seen a few times, but they have stopped), a lifesize 2 story Barbie house, a HUGE T-Rex, many big things made out of legos, parachuting men hanging from the ceiling ect. I think for the just out and about looking Toys 'R Us is just more exciting.

They both have rides, a large Ferris Wheel in the middle of TRU and a simulator in FAO. You said young children, the ferris wheel probably being a better bet (it's a different experience) and cheaper than the simulator.

If you have the chance just visit both Both good stores in their own way, and I suppose it's opinion on what you like better
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Thanks y'all! I'll be sure to remind my best freind who is raising her three young children on the Upper West Side that New York City is safe. She and her husband have been trying to figure that one out for a while now. I think since after they decided to have children.


The Children's Museum is fantastic.

Take your kids on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. I think the tour would tax them and be way too long.

They may enjoy Serendipity for a treat but skip it if the lines are long.

Eat early. If you are curious as to whether a restaurant is kid freindly or not, call and see if they have high chairs. If not, it is probably a good idea to skip the restaurant.

Becco would be a good choice.

Bring an umbrella stroller. Forget the subway, use the buses.
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I'll have to strongly agree with Cinderella02 in the toy-store debate. Forget how you, an adult, feel about the stores, your kids will be dazzled by the Times Square Toys 'R Us store. It's array of toys is incredible. I'm no fan of Toys 'R Us and don't enjoy shopping at any other one of its facilities, but the Times Square store is something else.
Sure, FAO Schwarz is fun and the walk on/dance on piano is delightful, butfor kids, it can't match the Times Square Toys 'R Us.
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Short answer to your question: YES.

You've asked a bunch of questions here about your trip. I would recommend you also check out some books on NYC. There is one specifically about taking kids to NYC. The travel section of your bookstore will have a variety of titles. New York City for Dummies was very useful.
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Don't know how old your kids are, but mine (a bit older maybe, 11 and 12) really liked the Toys R Us store in Times Square.
We went to one of the space films in the Rose Center at the Natural History Museum, and that was nice; booked tickets in advance, but that was not necessary; plenty of availability. Not busy in the rest of the Museum either (weekday in April).
And we thought it was very safe!
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They also liked the Intrepid; especially the flight simulator.
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