NY Hotels & Hawaii areas.....

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NY Hotels & Hawaii areas.....

Hey gang!

It's been a long time because I have been so busy and our internet is blocked at work which sucks!!!

But I have a few questions for you guys...

I am finally engaged as of 3 weeks ago, and since our wedding is April 30th of next year, I'm already planning stuff. I need a hotel in either Brooklyn, Queens or LI that would have a nice honeymoon suite for the night before and night of wedding. I might consider Manhattan, but it would have to be close to the 59th St Bridge!!

As for Hawaii, my FH said he would like to go there, and as much as I've heard about it, I don't know where to begin. I know I would prefer some seclusion, maybe a place more suited to couples only as opposed to having kids in the swimming pool. (No offense to those with kids, but this would be our honeymoon, and I just want to relax)

We're open to any island, as long as we have great service and some seclusion from the outside world. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Janna the hostess cupcake

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Oh yeah, and is it worth it to splurge on first class seats for the honeymoon or it doesn't really matter?
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Hi and congratulations! I am also planning a Hawaii family vacation next year(with the kids). I have been to Oahu and Maui and this time we are going to Oahu and Kaui. From what I have read, Kaui is the romantic and quiet island. It is the beautiful island. There is a beautiful Hyatt there that people seem to rave about. We are staying at the Marriott because of using points, but also there is a huge pool(more of a draw for families I would think).
If I were planning a honeymoon, I would look at Kaui and Maui. Low-key, and luxurious resorts. The Grand Wailea on Maui was gorgeous. I went a few years ago(10), but it was very nice. I doubt it has changed much. Oahu is a city on a beach-very unique. We stayed at the Halekulani. It was an excellent hotel (very tiny beach), lots of history, more couple oriented because of the price tag. I would skip this island. We are going there because there will be more action as a family vacation. Hope some of this helps.
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Miss: Looks like you'll be changing THAT soon! Best Wishes! Belle
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Yeah, I gotta change it.

Plus living in NY I never have a need for a hotel here, and now I need one!!

As for Hawaii, I hear Kauai and Maui is nice, now if only the Travel channel would run that Top 10 show again....
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I'm not aware of anyplace in Queens or Brooklyn that has a "honeymoon" suite. The closest thing I can think of is the Garden City Hotel - which is quite pleasant. They have a variety of different suites - a couple quite extravagent penthouses if that's what you want.

(I presume this is because the wedding is on LI and you don;t want to trek into the city and then back to the airport the next morning?)
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Best wishes to you and the fiancee!! I don't think there are any wonderful hotels let alone honeymoon suites in Brooklyn or Queens. Do you already have a place picked for the wedding and will you be heading straight to Hawaii the day after?? The reason I ask is the only direct flight I know to Kauai (where I would suggest) is from Newark and there are some nice hotel in NJ on the Hudson with great views of the NY Skyline. The Sheraton Suites in Weehawken and the Grand Hyatt in Jersey City are just 2 I know of. There are also some nice wedding venues over there that would be cheaper than the city. Just a thought. Friends recently went to Arthur's Landing for a meal and thought it was terrific.

As to the first class question, the flight from NY to Hawaii is a killer imo. It certainly pays to go first if it won't break the bank. What I actually recommend is at least an overnight stop in each direction. Keep in mind once you reach California, the trip is only half over. On the way home we stopped in San Francisco and it was fantastic.
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The Waldorf Astoria (Park and 40's) and the Marriott Eastside (Lex and 40's) are both close to the 59th st bridge. DH and I had a beautiful 2 bdrm suite at the Waldorf the evening we were engaged. Congrats and best of luck!
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missjanna, CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting! Will you reregister as MrsJanna afterwards?

I would recommend either Maui or Kawaii for your honeymoon.

As for the first class air tickets, it is a LONG flight from NY, but only you and your FH can decide if the money is well-spent on air travel. For me, I would rather spend more on my hotel or meals. But it really depends on how much more it will cost, whether you can get some kind of deal, whether you can upgrade with miles, etc. That said, there's nothing like flying first class!

I'm really happy for you, dear!
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I suggest Maui or Kauai for a romantic most "Hawaiian" of the islands honeymoon. My own preference is usually Oahu, but when you think of the Hawaii you see in the movies, that's more Maui or Kauai IMO.

For me, I'd rather splurge on a nicer hotel and great restaurants than a 1st class plane ticket (they cost an absolute fortune).
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It's a loooong haul from NY to Hawaii. Do you have enough miles to upgrade to first? I would rather allocate the money towards a nicer hotel than to first class tickets (if it was an either/or situation), but if you can swing it, the first class seats would make the flight more bearable.

All of the resorts in Hawaii will have some kids around - but the time of year you'll be traveling will be somewhat better, as it falls between the spring break/summer hoidays.

In Maui, the Wailea area has some beautiful resorts. Not really secluded in the sense that you'll see few people, but luxurious. I really like the Kea Lani - all the rooms are suites (or you can go all out and get the villa).

For real seclusion, I would recommend Hualalai in Kona.

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If you choose Kaua`i, take a look at secret beach cottages ( Nancy03 posted a great trip report from her wedding trip that you might find interesting that includes remarks about SBC. There are also some interesting comments on


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hello, so i know people have been saying the flight from ny to hawaii is painful, but i do highly reccommend Maui if you ever get a chance. I grew up there and it is arguably one of the most beautiful islands. yes, kauai is much more rainforest, secluded...but Maui offers a bit of and bustle while also secluded places like hana, napili, past the hotel strips. purple ocean sunsets, snorkeling, parasailing, surfing, luaus, the works. i miss it already.
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Mr. GoTravel and I splurged on FC seats for our honeymoon (Mexico) and it was sssoooooooo worth it. You will be exhausted from the wedding hoopla and will be kicking yourself if you don't upgrade.

Congrats on your engagement!

There are quite a few B&Bs that would work for your wedding night in Brooklyn. Go to
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Our favorite romantic choice is the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows on the Big Island of Hawaii. This hotel is smaller, more charming and quieter than other hotels in the area. It used to be one of the few 5 diamond AAA hotels, but now they are 4 diamond. The grounds are gorgeous, surrounded by salt water ponds, a beautiful snorkeling beach nearby, and historic paths to ancient petroglyphs nearby. There are also lots of other beautiful choices along the Kohala coast of the Big Island, including Fairmont Orchid, and Four Seasons Hualalai. I've never been to the Kona Village Resort, but heard they are the ultimate in privacy and seclusion. The Big Island is our favorite island, most interesting, and if you go there, you should definitely visit Volcanoes National Park, where you may be able to hike right up to the active lava flow.
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I agree with Choco1. The Big Island rocks. And that still is a wonderful hotel.

Hapuna beach is one of my favs, and there's way more to do on the Big Island than on Kauai or Maui, IMO.

Kauai has the Na Pali Coast, though, but if you want to hike that (I highly recommend it), you have to book it way in advance.
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