New York : Julia, Tarzan etc...

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New York : Julia, Tarzan etc...

Here is our recent trip's report in NY, from april the 29th. to May the 6th.(Long...).

Day 1, saturday, april 29th.
Wake up in Paris after a night at the Sheraton Roissy, flight Delta to JFK : normal flight,bad meal...
Taxi to our hotel. This year, back to Upper West Side at the Beacon.We know the Excelsior, but if hotel is nice, the staff is so bad...
At the Beacon, rooms are large, quiet for our's, on the back/Broadway, clean.
Bathroom is not so large,and the kitchenette
with refregerator, microwave,... is really
So, a good adress...
After changing clothes, early dinner at the
Ocean Grill, Columbus/78th. Good casual restaurant with oysters which are tasty-not always in USA- and a very good salmon and to end a berries salad.
Then, walk to the theater to see 3 days of rain.
I will not be so rude than the critics with J.Roberts...The problem is more at the play :
this play is not so good and the first act did not allow the actress to be "flamboyant".
Some have said "she don't know what to do with her hands...".But in the first act she is a young woman not so well in her body...So perhaps the character and not Julia didn't know what to do with her hands...
In the 2nd act, she is more Julia...And despite all what we have read, we have understood any word she says...
So a good evening : to be with Julia in the same room, what a dream...

Day 2,Sunday, April the 30th : after a in room breakfast(bagel and cream cheese/coffee), direction the flea
market on Columbus/76th. Not so good as it has been before..Less collectibles, more
"fake" artifacts and for me no more the
Rockwell's and Coca' ad's stand who was there before...Then the "art and craft market" on Columbus/81 : very nice.
A short stop at the Beacon to depose what we have bought and lunch at the Cafe des artistes.We know, not very original, but we love the rooms and the meals are always good in the tradition...: asparagus/omelette and wild mushrooms/chocolate cake and a glass of Champagne.
After lunch, Darwin at the natural history museum. Very interesting exposition and so many things to learn(his wife was of the Wedgwood family and so he has been able to study without financial difficulties...but he studies his all life long...).
At 7'30, the Pajama Game : what a stupendous production.
Both Harry Connick Jr and K.O'Hara are marvellous and the entire cast works to make the show enjoyable...That was good for
ending our day.

Day 3 : Monday, May the 1st .: Breakfast in the small restaurant near the hotel : classic
sunny side up egg/coffee and toast, and then Moma to see "Munch at the Moma" : another good exposition.I've got tickets via Internet and so no waiting time...Then, short stop at the shop and walk to Grand Central and lunch at the Oyster bar-good smoked fish plate for Madame and softshell crabs for monsieur after an oysters plate to share(less tasty than at the Ocean grill : do they continue to wash them??).
Then walk back to the Beacon via the 6th.avenue, Central park.
We change clothes and take the subway to Union Square and "promenade" to Greenwich and dinner at "one if by land, 2 if by sea" : first time there and it's really like in a moovie or a sitcom...The Pianist, the roses, the candles on the table....Meal is good and that day spicy...
Back to the Beacon by feet...

Day 4,Tuesday, May the 2nd : Subawy to Union Square and then, down to the museum of the indians: there is an exposition on the "clay"
in the indian culture which is very dense...
Then, Southstreet Seaport, some shops...and lunch at the Bridge Cafe : nice small adress in the neighborough, very warm in atmosphere
and the Softshell crabs are always good...
The salads also and dessert can be share..
We return to Midtown via Little Italy, and the 5th. Avenue with some more shopping.
We stop at the Beacon to "free" our arms, to eat(rosted chicken/salad/mashed potatoes/fruits) and the show tonight was "the Color purple"...
It was disappointing because we think it has been made in a too politically correct mood...It could(and it should have been) great with more originality and courage...
For exemple, after a rude manner of her "husband" Celie began to sing "but I'm here and I'm a woman"...You wait for an exceptional song as the beginning is fantastic's just finish...

Day 5 ,Wednesday,May the 3rd : the Beacon : Bread and a "blue wisconsin" cheese, very good/Coffee.
After crossing Central Park, visit of the museum of the City of NY : we recommand always this museum : the expositions are always interesting : this year, the Lights and their transformation of NY, Broadway-some musicals/NY(avenue Q,West side story..) and the "stylist" Dorothy Draper...We are not long to share the F.L.Wright's opinion about her, but by charity I'll not repeat it...
Lunch at the Ben Benson's steakhouse...
Classic steak for monsieur and crabcakes for madame after for both a good salad and asparagus...Berries for monsieur and only mistake, a not eated key lime pie for madame(it was all but not a KLP...).
We have stayed in midtown for some shopping, some visit of atriums,...and at night,
Tarzan : it is not so bad the critics say...
The work with the ropes is good, Tarzan and
Jane are well played...The music is perhaps too simplist but it's a good show...
Diner at the BEACON(rest of chicken, salad,yogourth).

Day 6, thursday, May the 4th.
After our habitual breakfast(bluecheese,..), direction the village via the 8th. avenue till Hudson street,some shopping in 2 "antiques toys shop", one in Houston street the other on Bleeker street.
We have lunch in Little Italy in the garden of Da Nico on Mulberry street : Asparagus/Pasta with lobster/glasses of wine)
and after a ice cream at Ferrara.
Back to Midtown via "fourty, fifty, sixty" on the east 7th street for madam(some barbies collectible) and St Mark Place for monsieur-the James De La Vega shop. It's a
"portorican" artist who is known for his walls painting in El Barrio and "his happening" with shalk thru the NY streets..
He has a very positive message even he has some not always politically correct "attitudes".
We buy 2 small paintings of his work about "fish in aquariums and the message is : become your dream...
Back to the beacon, a small dinner(smoked wild salmon/Bagel/fruits) and we had tickets for the 3 Pennies opera....That was...a
tragedy...First time we quiet at the intermission...The only good minutes are the firts one with Cindy Lauper...After, it's
without harmony...without originality...
And it'"s so old...It was created certainly as we say in France to "choquer le bourgeois" but it's no more's just annoying...
Cast is not bad, but the opus itself is without soul or signification.Need a reactualisation...

Day 7, Friday May the 5th.
Upper West side : Zabars, Murder ink bookstores,...
Back to Ocean Grill for lunch : lobster salads after oysters for monsieur and suhi for madam/berries and chocolate cake.
Crossing Central Park for a walk in upper east side to have the contrast between the 2 parts...No culture today...Some
museum shops(art and craft, moma again,
folk art,...).
Concert at the Carnegie Hall, Peter Serkin was playing : Bach and Beethoven were nice, Corelli and the others banal...

Day 8, Saturday May the 6th.
Breakfast at the Beacon, luggage and then,
direction the Cooper Hewitt museum to see the
exposition on the "dreesing the table thru the age" : that was funny and full of things to learn.
Lunch at Vince and Eddy's one of our favorite adress on UWS to have a "family type" meal in NY...and to end the sejour the Audubon's at the NY historical society...
Back to hotel taxi and JFK to Paris..

To resume,
A "classical" sejour : it was year to rediscover some parts of NY we have not been since 4-5 years(Little Italy, UES,..).
Very good expositions,
No restaurants discovering, but no deception
and to have some reposant holidays, it was a good choice.
Very variate shows...
Our appreciation : 3 days...B-
Pajama game A+
Color Purple C+
Tarzan : B-
3 Pennies Op. D-
Peter Serkin : B(the audience at the Carnegie was not so good..).

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Erik, a well written and most interesting report on an impressively well organized and eclectic NYC experience.
And, we definitely agree with you about The Threepenny Opera. You were too kind giving it a D-. Our grade was F! I might add that the disaster aspect was more a cause of the current interpretation rather than the actual original musical.
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We've given a D- because in France the cotation is A to E...
I agree with the miscast...For example I'm not sure the choice of Alan Cumming was good...Or it would have been "intelligent" to change his way of act...I remember him as an extraordinary MC in Cabaret(it was the reason we choose the 3 Pennies...) and closing the eyes you can have impression to be back in Cabaret : same intonations, same "accent"...
In my opinion, the 2 characters are normally so different...
The ambivalance of Mc Knife was not for me an enidence.
Choice of the team but bad choice...
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monpetit, we found the entire concept of this production to be vulgar. We are liberal, broadminded folks, but this was too much! And, I might add we know people of ALL AGES who felt the same, many of whom, like you, walked out at intermission.
Making the character of Lucy a cross-dresser, changing the lyrics to add the F-word and the like seemed gratuitous at best.
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Definitively agree with you...
Only the 5 first minutes were good and we were very surprised, having readen all the bad critics....
But only the ballad with the typical voice of C.Lauper was good in this 1st act.
As we were in the middle of the row, we quite...
If we have been of the aisle, perhaps we should have staid to listen to the other parts of C.Lauper, but we have found that it was not necessary to support the rest of this boring representation...
As you, we are not against some arrangements, some "re creations" and for example, the Roundabound production of Cabaret has been for us excellent...
We found also the Rocky Horror Picture show 3-4 yeras ago as a good musical...
And the evocation of some "gays" problem
in Hairspray-due to the presence of Harvey was not a problem for us...
But this was too...bad (and perhaps
bad to be bad...).
It's one of the reasons that we are no
more going to the Whytney biennal : we are not against "actual art" (abstract,...) but naming art some
TV or screen reunions with several pornographic moovies or pictures or
like we have seen 6 years ago a square with only sand in the middle : it's not art...
Perhaps we have a too "nice" conception of art...
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