Moving to Miami

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Moving to Miami


We are young couple (25-35) moving from Ohio to Miami on a job promotion. Needless to say, I'm a little scared to leave the mid-west behind for a "big" city like Miami. I've been told to stay away from living in the Miami-Dade area and instead stay in Broward county. Can anyone suggest some places that are in the upper-class areas? We don't have children, and the area we live in now is very new, fairly upscale and very safe. Does anything like this compare to the Miami area? I've been reading some of the previous posts on similar subjects and have gotten a few good ideas, however the posts were a bit old. Just looking for some updated info.

I really appreciate everyone's help...
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Hi - you will love Miami. There are some beautiful areas in Miami itself. Coral Gables, Key Biscayne come to mind. If your job is in Miami proper the commute from broward can get tiresome. But there are some beautiful areas in Broward too - Weston is a very nice new planned community that is very upscale. But if I were a young couple I would live in either Miami Beach in a townhouse or condo or in Fort Lauderdale in the Los Olas area. I personally love Miami Beach - I like the international flavor, restaurants, night life, etc. - but it is not for everyone. Los Olas area is a milder version of Miami Beach and a bit more upscale.

Hope that helps
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Hi mnf, We're really into more of the suburbs. Again, coming from the mid-west, we're not big nightlife people. I know we're a young couple, but we prefer more of a quiet neighborhood. I am also terrified of bugs. I was actually raised in California where our dry climate didn't accomodate too many bugs - but living in the mid-west has provided me with enough bugs to last me a lifetime. I can't imagine any place worse. However, I hear Florida might be a place with more bugs than Ohio. Is this true? (I know, such a silly thing to worry about...)
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Well, Florida has Palemetto Bugs which look exactly like large cockroaches except they fly. I'm not trying to scare you, just trying to warn you.

Since Miami is pretty much a tropical climate, expect bugs.

A tip, the closer you are to the ocean, for some reason, the less you will see of bugs. Unless there is no wind coming from the ocean (a rarity), we rarely see bugs.

What do you mean by upper class? Real estate in Miami-Dade and in Broward County has skyrocketed. I read somewhere the median price range for housing was $400,000.

There is a lot of new construction. A girlfriend pointed out to me that you can get a lot of house of the west side of I-95.

I would suggest renting for at least six months.

Downtown Miami is the new hip area for young professionals. South Beach is considered too touristy.

My younger sister and her husband live in South Beach but are condo hunting outside that area.
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I can only say that there are some very nice areas in Miami/Dade area that should suit you.

Regarding the bugs issue. Pest control is a big issue here, but with some attention you can control them. I have only found one "palmetto bug" in my house in the last year, and that one was dead. Remember "the only good palmetto bug is a dead palmetto bug". On the other hand I grew up in Ohio and we never ever could learn how to control the flies at certain times of the year -- fly strips, fly traps, fly swatters, and cases of Raid. There were times those flies could have driven me nuts -- maybe they did.
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Do you know the location of your employment? Downtown, south Miami, north Miami, airport, etc. etc? If you could pass that along, it would help others make a better recommendation.

I moved to Miami 10 years ago from Colorado. I had always lived in the west (Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Texas) and when I came here, the culture shock was huge. Miami is truly an international city and that can be overwhelming at first. While not required, it helps to have at least a minimal understanding of Spanish.

Real estate here (as in the rest of the country) has gone out of sight. My wife purchased a modest 3 bedroom home in a nice neighborhood in 1988 for $80k. We sold it two years ago for $200. We now live in Broward county, in a rural area called Southwest Ranches. It's a quiet area with a mixture of single family homes & horse property. We can be in Ft Lauderdale or downtown Miami in 40 minutes.

Some areas you might want to consider include:
- Coral Gables: Older part of Miami, elegant feel but you don't get much house for your money.
- Miami Lakes: Northwest part of the county, planned development, quiet, country like feel but beginning to get a little crowded with the outlying areas being built up.
- Western sections of Miramar (west of I-75): Newer homes (1998+) upscale area, everything is shiny & new. Drawback is commute into Miami can be congested.
- Western Pembroke Pines, Weston: same as Miramar but not as new. Weston is very upscale with homes ranging from $400 to several million.

Others can advise about the city & beach areas. I know a little about them - enough to know that this country boy has no desire to be in the city or on the beach. Don't get me wrong, I love the beach and all that goes with it but I wouldn't want to live there.

Hope that helps
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Hi JohninMiami,

Is N.W. 25th street considered downtown? (Miami, FL mailing address) If so, then that is where the job will be. However, without ever visiting Miami, I can't say that living downtown would really suit me. Even as a young professional, the suburbs have always kind of felt like home to me. My husband's income will allow us to live in an upscale area - anywhere from $350-500,000 range. With that, maybe living near the beach would be nice...but I'm no city girl either. I will start looking at some of the places you recommended. Again, I really appreciate everyone's input.
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Miami is big, and there are a lot of great neighborhoods - move to Broward if you like it, but don't be "scared" of Miami. Wherever you choose, I definitely recommend you rent first to explore the area, the neighborhoods can be quite different. You will also find most of them many upscale neighborhoods $500,000 will not buy you much, if anything, more than a fixer-upper. If kids may be in your future, also pay attention to the school distict to avoid the future "hidden tax" of having to use private schools. And no matter where you go, engage an extermination service and you won't have any problem with the bugs - just be sure to pick one that guarantees their work (they come between scheduled visits if you call them).
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Other areas to think about are Hollywood (east of 95 toward the beach) or a little south - in Miami Shores. For the amount of $$ that you mentioned, you could have a very nice home (although they will typically be older homes, but which could have a great deal of character). We live in East Hollywood, and I commute to downtown Miami. It's a haul, but it's worth it to me to not live in Miami. I'm from TX, and my husband is from KS and moving here was a big adjustment for us... and we've had some bad experiences, but there are parts of it that are wonderful (like being on the beach at Christmas). Good luck.
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We just moved to Miami from NYC -- although I grew up in rural Ohio. There are so many areas surrounding Miami that I think you would be happy with. If it's a typical 9-5 job, then the commute to Broward is going to be quite a headache. Depending on where you live -- you're talking 1-2 hours easily each way.

There have been many good suggestions so far. Coral Gables is a beautiful area with an upscale, suburb feel. We live in South Miami -- right on the border of Coral Gables. Our neighborhood is very quiet -- a mix of young couples, families and older folks.

I highly recommend renting first -- until you get to know the area. I know it sounds like such a pain to "move twice." But it may be the best in the long run. You could rent an apartment or a small house. How about a place on the beach -- that might be fun for a year!!

As far as the bugs -- just be prepared. I don't want to scare you, but there are quite a few down here. You'll get used to them!!

Good luck!
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Any chance of finding housing in a nice neighborhood around Weston, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Planation for the mid 200s?
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