Moving to Cleveland

Mar 1st, 2006, 05:45 PM
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Moving to Cleveland

A friend of mine has a job offer at Cleveland Clinic and is wondering about moving to Cleveland from the south. I only know it as "the mistake by the lake". What are good reasons to move there?
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Mar 1st, 2006, 06:16 PM
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Cleveland Clinic is as good as it gets. Downtown has been revitalized. Shaker Heights is as nice as a place to live as anyone could want.

All this and I don't especially like Cleveland. Go there for sure, it is way better than any city in the south.
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Mar 1st, 2006, 06:42 PM
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My wife worked at CCF for 10 yrs.It's a great place to work. What department? Not a great area but it is a great place to work.

As far as Cleveland goes, maybe post some of your friends interests and we will be able to better tell you if it is a place for them.

It has it's pros and cons. If you give a little more info it will be easier to help you out

As far as us being the "mistake by the lake" they mustbe talking about the weather! LOL

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Mar 1st, 2006, 06:50 PM
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No mistake about it. You can't do any better than The Cleveland Clinic as a medical professional. Cleveland has everything you'd want- major league sports, world class music, arts and theatre. Dining is as diverse and enjoyable as anywhere in the world, because everywhere in the world is spectacularly represented. It's been five years since I've left and there is so much that I miss- so much to enjoy. Also, there is much to be said for the Midwest work ethic, blue-collar mentality and family commitment values. I will admit, though, that I don't miss the winters and never will. Good luck.
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Mar 1st, 2006, 06:58 PM
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I'm not a fan of Cleveland. Very insular (not alot of outsiders), seems industrial although they are trying to get away from that.

But the Cleveland Clinic is a Top 5 medical facility in the world (usually hovers between 1-4). It might be an incredible job opp.
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Mar 2nd, 2006, 04:25 AM
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The Cleveland area is really not a bad place to live. Real estate is reasonable, good restaurants, the Cleveland Orchestra is great, the Cleveland Museum of Art is excellent, and one of my favorite things to do is coming up soon: the Cleveland International Film Festival. It's pretty easy to get around town and a short drive to some nice spaces for hiking and biking. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is just about 20 minutes south of town. Holden Arboretum east of town is lovely.

If the job offer is good, and given the rep of the CC, one could do a whole lot worse.
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Mar 2nd, 2006, 06:25 AM
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My husband is a resident at the Clinic so we moved here a little under two years ago. Having previously grown up in Michigan, and lived in Chicago, Baltimore and Hawaii, here are my pros and cons of Cleveland:
Pros: People are so friendly it startles me sometimes, good real estate values (especially coming from Hawaii!), lots of character, fun sports teams, lots of concerts -- both rock and classical, excellent parks system, nice beaches, convenient airport, good restaurants, lots of weekend destinations in the summer (Amish country, Cedar Point, Lake Erie islands), and people really seem to like to have fun.
Cons: Horrid economy and job market, which gets depressing; I live within the city limits (Ohio City), and even though some people live downtown it seems like most people still live in the suburbs and are "afraid" of the city; I was probably very spoiled by Baltimore and Hawaii, but the lack of diversity is disappointing; lake effect snow. Also, the Clinic has undergone some pretty drastic changes since their new president took over. Their cardiology department, which is their crown jewel, will likely lose a lot of prestige, and it's no secret that the president is putting money before research excellence.
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Mar 2nd, 2006, 07:29 AM
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Funny, a friend of ours just took a job at the Cleveland Clinic, too. Originally from Virgina, they'll be moving there from S. Texas--I'm going to print this for them.
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Mar 2nd, 2006, 07:44 AM
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The weather is something to consider. I grew up about 2 hours away from Cleveland, and it's only now going back to visit that I remember how bad the winters can be. Driving from the Cleveland airport this past January, my husband and I decided to ditch the idea of moving back to my hometown!
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Mar 2nd, 2006, 01:08 PM
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The weather is the real drawback for the area but the Cleveland Clinic is wonderful. My brother-in-law did research at University Hospitals (he now lives in Texas--another great hospital. He and his family lived in Shaker Heights--beautiful home. The weather is worse in the eastern suburbs--the winds blow from the west across Lake Erie and drop a lot more snow on the east side. That being said, we have just had the mildest Jan, Feb of all time here.

I live in Akron--30 miles south of Cleveland. Many, many of our friends have second homes in Florida and escape our terrible weather. It's a 2 hour direct flight from Cleveland. We are often in Cleveland for the Indians games, restaurants and the great shows at the beautifully restored theaters at Playhouse Square. Our kids drive up for the bars in the Warehouse district.

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Mar 5th, 2006, 02:32 AM
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I LOVE CLEVELAND! Okay, I have lived here all my life, but I have traveled a bit too. The weather can be difficult, but one adjusts. I have relatives that grew up here, but now live in the southwest, and they have a hard time taking the humidity, but that justs shows that they too have adjusted to the weather where they live. The snow is worse in some areas than others, so if that worries you check that out. THis year on the west side of town, we have had very little snow, and the driving has not even been an issue. The clinic is easy to get to no matter what side of town you live on. There are SO MANY things to do here, if you get bored I would be surprised. There is playhouse square, with several theaters,(live), The many museums, The Cleveland Orchestra, lots of things to do around the lake, boat cruises etc., sports,the metroparks--golf, bicycling,walking,cross-country skiing. Lots of ethnic restaurants. I really love the change of seasons here. I could go on and on. Traffic is not bad here, and I think it is easy to get around. Sometimes when I have vacation time, I just spend it here, because there are alot of things I enjoy doing in my own hometown. Cleveland gets a bad rap, even from some people who live here, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. As far as the clinic goes, it is one of the big hospitals here, there are a few! You are never more than a 10min drive from one! THe housing values are great, much better than many parts of the country. COme over and join us! Good luck with your decision!
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Mar 5th, 2006, 03:17 AM
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25 years ago I had intereviews at Case Western and Cleveland clinic set up on subsequent days. I was in a taxi on the way to Case and we passed a large compound with high fences and barbed wire. I figured it was a prison. I asked the driver what it was and he said the Cleveland Clinic. After the intereview at Case, I called the Clinic and cancelled my interview there. There was no way I wanted to live or work there.
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Mar 5th, 2006, 05:32 AM
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To BarryK:


I am so glad you were never my doctor -- making decisions based on appearances -- not exploring all options and examining the data.

KarenD: The midwest rust-belt cities have issues but also some of the nicest folks -- together with the research opps come and take a look for yourself. I know my sister has taken part in research - ground-breaking medical care that you come to take for granted living in the midwest. Actually I think I would rather go to a Doctor who is interested in providing the best medical care rather than examining how deep his/her tan is / how big their boat is. Mayo Clinic, U of M Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, University Rainbow Babies Hospital --- MidWest offers some of the best in medical care -- worldwide.
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Mar 6th, 2006, 07:05 PM
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We;ve visited a few people at the Cleveland Clinic, and yes, its second to none. There are also some lovely, upscale suburbs with excellent housing values, and as others have said, lots to do. The Rock Hall is amazing, Jacobs Field is one of the nicest ballparks we've enjoyed - (and we've been to most of them) - similar to coors field. The weather is likely the worst part but is likely similar to most of the winters in the east and midwest.
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