Maui hotel

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Maui hotel

My fiancee and I are going to Maui for six days on our honeymoon in April and are looking for a nice hotel. We heard the Ritz isn't that great and we are considering the Westin also. Any suggestions.
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When we stayed at Westin in early October, they were redoing the rooms which should help as they were in need of reburbishing. The one major complaint I had against the Westin was the resort fee. See my trip report for more info:

The Hyatt looked really nice too; we went to luau there.

Are you sure you don't want to go to Ritz?

To find more on Ritz; type in Ritz Maui in the search box above. Also type in Maui hotels.

Hope this helps...
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We have friends that go to the Ritz Carlton every Christmas and they absolutley love it. You could always stay at the Four Seasons. They are remodeling the hotel gradually over the next year.

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For what it's worth, we went to Maui for the first time last Christmas and was torn when trying to decide on a hotel.

We went with the Hyatt and personally loved it. We loved being close to the town of Lahaina and having the beach walk. The grounds were beautifully landscaped and maintained and the pool area was great. The beach in front of the Hyatt wasn't great, but you could walk down the beach walk to go to the Black Rock Beach in front of the Sheraton which was nice and a great place to snorkel.
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I got married at the Westin Maui a couple of years ago and spent a few days there following the wedding as part of my honeymoon. We really enjoyed it. The location on the beach was great, the pools are huge, the restaurants were good and it was nice to be close to Lahaina. I didn't notice any problem with the room I had as it was nice... maybe it depends on what room type you end up with. That was less than 3 years ago. There is a resort fee but when I was there it included valet parking which was convenient. From what I remember most of the resorts do charge some sort of resort fee. Have fun!!
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Maui Prince (in Makena)!! A bit south and out of the way, but my hubby and I liked that for our late honeymoon trip. It was off the beaten path, has a small beach of its own (never crowded when we were there), a couple of nice restaurants on premises, and nice staff. I think every room has at least a partial ocean view. We'd go back there in a heartbeat. A lot of our activities were in Wailea or Lahaina, but we didn't mind traveling to them (at most 40 minutes or so to Lahaina during evening rush hour). The drive was calm and scenic - and we didn't have lots of traffic (human, cars) and noise near our resort. Check it out:
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Westin Resort fee does not include valet parking. The is a self-park lot that you can use if it is not full. If it is full, valet will park car and you don't get charged the fee, but tip is expected.

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There are so many great places to stay on Maui.
I think for a honeymoon, the Four Seasons or the Fairmount Kai Lani (sp?) might be great, but the Westin and Hyatt are terrific, too. I would think, though, although I could be wrong, that in April you'll be dealing with lots of families on spring break and the westin and hyatt would affected more than the Four Seasons. Congratulations.
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Four Seasons is very hard to beat.
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The Ritz is very nice, especially the club level. The grounds are beautiful, rooms very nice, restaurants good.
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We stayed at the Hyatt. We were there 2 weeks for our wedding (which was in Wailea) and our honeymoon. We loved the Hyatt and can't wait to return. The people who work there are extremely friendly and helpful. The pool was great and the rooms very comfy. Have fun wherever you stay!
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We were in Maui for a few weeks in May/June '06, and stayed at three properties: the Wailea Beach Marriott, the Grand Wailea Resort and the Hyatt Regency Maui.

The Grand Wailea was hands down my favorite. It's exceptional, but definitely the most expensive. If you have the budget, I highly recommend it. It's very romantic with lots of on-site activities, great food and probably the best pool in the world!

The Wailea Beach Marriott had just renovated their sleeping rooms (which were the largest of the group), and was undergoing a major public space renovation. At the time, it had the worst pool and restaurant, but the beach, location and sleeping rooms were fab! If the renovations are complete, and you need to stick to a budget, I would recommend it over the Hyatt Regency.

I'm a big Hyatt fan, but this property was my least favorite. It was dark, the rooms and lanais were small, and the beach left something to be desired. The staff was friendly, but compared to the other two properties, it was the worst.

I've heard from friends the rooms at the Ritz are small, and the gouging is high! I've also heard the Four Seasons is very nice.

Have fun and congratulations!
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Kendra: I agree with you about the Hyatt Regency Maui. We were very disappointed when we stayed there a couple years ago. The one highlight though was the breakfast buffet at The Swan Court. We haven't stayed at any of the other hotels mentioned. We'll be staying at The Whaler condo for 9 days starting next week for our 25th anniversary. Chrissy, have a great time on your honeymoon!!!
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hi chrissy,

we just returned from our first trip to maui in november. it was our second anniversary vacation.

if you're looking for a very special place, along the lines of the ritz, i would HIGHLY recommend the 4Seasons. here's why:

1) not a kid type of resort. it's romantic and extremely classy. not to say that people don't bring children, but it's simply not built around kids' desires in the way that the grand wailea is. the 4S is built around adults' luxorious desires.

2) 4S is on wailea beach, with (IMO) the best water and snorkeling on the island. crystal clear, calm, pale turquoise, and simply amazing snorkeling.

3) it's more isolated than anything you're going to find on the west side of the island or near lahaina. 4S is in wailea-- a bit more off the beaten path, which is what i think honeymooners want- seclusion.

4) we went to tahiti for our honeymoon. maui was our next choice. we would have booked the 4S based on all the criteria above, and a close friend who honeymooned at the 4S.

we just got back from maui though, and we stayed at the maui prince hotel in makena. as Jazzy Chick said, the prince was sooo nice. really secluded- it's the farthest south on the island (just south of wailea). totally off the beaten path- which we LOVED!!! great beach and great snorkeling, just a notch down from wailea beach, but again, you get the seclusion factor which was important to us. the prince had a very laid back tropical atmosphere and the staff was very friendly. it's more of a budget option than the 4S, but it doesn't sound like that is important to you. my husband commented that he would've loved to have stayed at the prince for our honeymoon.

just my $.02 + some change


ps- feel free to email me if you have ?'s: [email protected]
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We stayed at the 4s for our HM last September, and really enjoyed it. We explored some around the Ritz and that area, but decided we were glad we chose the 4S. There were a decent amount of kids, but the 4S has great kids camps, so they weren't around the pool, etc. There are several amenities built into the price at the 4S which really made a difference to us - water at the pool, snorkeling, valet parking, etc. Our room and bathroom were lovely, and we saw some fabulous sunsets from our room. If you do stay at the 4S, I would HIGHLY recommend the outrigger canoe trip one morning. It was one of the more memorable experiences of our trip.
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I am not a big fan of the Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua. I thought it was really overpriced and full of very snotty people with many snotty kids. It isn't on the beach at all. I don't see it as a honeymoon-type of place. I think you would be much better off at the Four Seasons or Fairmont Kea Lani which are on the beach and have lovely places for sunset walks, etc. Personally, I think the Hyatt is so noisy and busy with kids. I love the Maui Prince, but it is too subdued and quiet for some honeymooners.
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LOVED the 4S...we stayed there on the club level for our worth it!!
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I think the Ritz Carlton would be a very nice choice for a honeymoon. It is on a cliff so you walk down a path to the beach. But it is a short and quite pretty walk. If you can't manage the walk, you can get a ride on a golf cart to the beach. The grounds and pool area are very nice. The club level makes it even better - with four presentations of food and beverages all day and evening.

And not a snotty person to be found when I visited. Maybe Ag3046 was unlucky enough to visit during a snotty person convention.
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The Ritz is very nice--the location is a bit out of the way, though. I would recommend staying in Wailea as other posters suggested. My vote is for the 4S. I stayed at the Grand Wailea for my honeymoon and didn't like it as much as the 4S. Too hectic, too big, and service was spotty.
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