Leaving for Santa Fe Sunday!! Need help!

Jun 27th, 2006, 12:25 PM
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Leaving for Santa Fe Sunday!! Need help!

The last several weeks have been crazy! I have been meaning to plan my three day stay in Santa Fe but with so many other things going on in my life right now I have not be successful. Anyway, I am going to a conference for work about one hour North of Santa Fe on July 5th! I decided to fly out to three days early to see Santa Fe on my own before going to the conference. A little bit of information about me I am a 27 year old male traveling alone and would like to see alot of the major sites and attractions right in the city. I will not be leaving the city for those three days and I want to see what Santa Fe has to offer.

I am also a runner and love to run in different places when I take vacations. Does anyone have any ideas of cool running spots in the city?

Is there an guided city tour or bus tour that I should take before wandering off into the city alone. Are the tours worth it?

What about places to eat! I do prefer to dine in establishments which are going to captivate the Santa Fe culture but are not to pricy as well.

Places to hang out at night? Where should I hit I am a pretty down to earth type of guy what types of places are there where I can go and get a drink and relax?

Any tips which you can provide are greatly appericated.


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Jun 27th, 2006, 12:59 PM
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I would take a walking tour of the plaza area to learn about Santa Fe history and get yourself oriented--see
When we go to Santa Fe, my husband usually runs on the trails in and around St. Johns college which is up above Santa Fe. I don't know where you live but remember Santa Fe is at 7,000 ft elevation.
Inexpensive restaurants--Maria's New Mexican Kitchen--lots of locals eat there, great margs; Mudu Noodles--fresh ingrediants, asian; Plaza Restaurant--right on the plaza-been there forever--New Mexican food, burgers etc; Blue Corn Cafe--near the plaza--beer, New Mexican food; Zia Diner-New Mexican food, lots of other types of food. Santa Fe has lots and lots of restaurants. Ask the people at your hotel and they can give you other suggestions.
The website for the Santa Fe visitors bureau is http://santafe.org/ Enjoy Santa Fe!
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Jun 27th, 2006, 03:04 PM
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Also check the Santa Fe Reporter - http://www.sfreporter.com - for its comprehensive listings of activities, restaurants in all price ranges, and nightlife.

Lee Ann
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Jun 27th, 2006, 03:19 PM
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I dream about Maria's. I always get blue corn enchiladas and a nice margarita.
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Jun 27th, 2006, 03:31 PM
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Santa Fe is a compact and easy town to walk, so I wouldn't worry about a bus tour. Pick up a tourist map and you should be fine.

Ore House is another nice place to relax with a margarita and some chips with salsa. It's on the SW corner of the plaza, with a balcony overlooking it. We're already thinking about how we're going to bring home the gallons of charred tomato salsa we plan to buy there this fall. ;-)

You might also like Cowgirl, where they make some pretty decent barbecue.
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Jun 28th, 2006, 12:03 PM
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That for all the replies on places to dine I cant wait to get a drink and some chips and salsa! What about some museums? I hear everyone always mentioning the George O'Keefe what about some others which ones are worth a visit? Do any favorites stand out. I am from the Northeast Philly/NJ area and have never been out to the Southwest! What are somethings that I must see in your opinion?

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Jun 28th, 2006, 12:32 PM
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I loved my meal at Maria's but that could have been influenced by a very strong margarita! My sister and I enjoy Guadalupe Cafe too. We also like Harry's Roadhouse and on our last trip had a near-religious experience eating the green chile cheeseburger at Bobcat Bite. Why didn't we try it on earlier trips?! Just be aware that in Santa Fe you don't typically get chips and salsa brought to you before a meal. Sometimes sopapillas. It's all about the chile. Enjoy your trip.
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Jun 28th, 2006, 12:35 PM
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Oh and PS for museums we enjoyed the Folk Art Museum. If you do decide to drive outside of Santa Fe I really recommend Bandolier National Monument (it's an easy drive).
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Jun 28th, 2006, 01:24 PM
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Don't forget to try Pasqual's. Fantastic food, relaxed atmosphere, great beer and wine selection.

Georgia O'keefe, definitley. There's aslo the Poeh Museum and Cultural Center and the Institute of American Indian Art Museum that will teach you a bit about the American Indian in the area. The palace of the Governors will teach you about the history of New Mexico itself.

Don't miss the peddlers on the streets. Makes for good presents and the numerous galleries (and restaurants) on Canyon Road are not to be missed.

If you can, try to rent a car, even for just a day and go see abiqui country with an end to Bandelier Ntl Monument. If you can find a last minute deal at a local rental agency, you can do this for no more than $20 for the rental car and a little more for gas (pick up early int he morning and drop off later in the afternoon) but the experience will be unforgetable. Let us know if you do decide to do that so we can help you line up what to see, if you like.
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Jun 28th, 2006, 04:59 PM
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Hi Survfan,

Bandalier is absolutely excellent, and I will also highly recommend the outing. On the way you can stop by San Ildefonso Pueblo, which is an interesting visit. You can visit some of the homes there and purchase Native American pottery. It is a much different feeling that Taos Pueblo and much less commercial... much less!

Now, you did say you wanted to stay in town. It is great to take a walk up Canyon Road and do a bit of gallery hopping. There is a place to eat, "Celebrations" (613 Canyon Road)which is quite popular and a bit further up is a place called "Compound" (653 Canyon Rd) both are good. Celebrations has good blue corn chicken encheiladas or green chili cheeseburgers and Compound http://www.compoundrestaurant.com/indexmain.html serves some interesting and tasty dishes with nice presentation.

Actually, a place I always stop in Santa Fe is the Wild Oats store, (1090 S Saint Francis Dr). This is an organic grocery store which has a large selection of deli-like items (hot and cold) and an interesting mix of salad fixings as well as tables to enjoy coffee or a full meal. I don't think I could make a trip to Santa Fe without purchasing their green chili bagels for enjoying right away and having some available later to munch on. YUM! You will be able to find a nice selection of organic fruit here, as well. (Another YUM!) There is a nice seating area outdoors where locals meet to share coffee or a meal. I like sitting there and just watching the world go by. It's a good place to people watch.

I can't believe no one has mentioned the Santa Fe Opera! They offer interesting back-stage tours - http://www.santafeopera.org/commprograms/backstage.php -- And if you attend mass at the cathedral near the plaza, I think it is St. Francis Cathedral, you will most likely enjoy a cantor with a beautiful operatic voice. The opera is playing this coming weekend, however you'd have to see if tickets were still available.

When you drive out to the Santa Fe Opera there is a large, sprawling flea markets on the weekends with some great food vendors... green chile stew is a good choice, burgers, grilled corn... and other choices.

The plaza is a great place to hang around and often there is entertainment and something happening on the weekend.

Some of the galleries open quite early in the morning... and, perhaps even a better thought is to know that they stay open late on Fridays for a traditional evening gallery walk... for a drink...why not do the gallery walk on Friday night, you will have light refreshments, wine, a variety of art to enjoy and a pleasant stroll. My favorite galleries are Fenn, Nedra Matteucci, Meyer and Morning Star.

As for running, check out... http://www.santafestriders.org/ and this link from their site in particular -- http://www.santafestriders.org/docs/PlacesToRun.htm for a list of places with maps and descriptions of the type of run each place offers.

If you need some help with tips for adjusting to high altitude, check out this link. It is chocked full of useful advice: http://tinyurl.com/k6mqo

If I knew more about your interests I could supply more detail. I love Santa Fe and hope you enjoy your time there.

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Jun 28th, 2006, 05:44 PM
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The Bradbury Museum in Los Alamos is very interesting too. http://www.lanl.gov/museum/

Also, for something that lots of people miss...there is the Shidoni Foundry where they use lost wax to make amazing brass works. You can go right into the foundry and see craftsmen working on all of the different phases of the process of making brass sculptures..small to HUGE. They take lunch from Noon to 1pm, so if you want to see them at work...pick different time.

And just up the road from there is Tesuque Village Market -- a great place for breakfast or lunch. [It is past Bishops Lodge - about 5 miles north of SF].

Hope this helps....
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Jun 28th, 2006, 10:49 PM
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Bandolier and Los Alamos were great. We liked the Folk Art museum. Have fun also exploring the galleries on Canyon Road!
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Jun 29th, 2006, 12:34 PM
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Everyone thank you for all the information I cant wait until Sunday when I will be headed out West! If Santa Fe lives up to everything I hear I may want to find a teaching job out there and leave the east coast!

Sharon thanks for the detailed response I look foward to my many experiences. The hotel which I am staying at is the Sage Inn Santa Fe. The description said that it was located about four blocks from the plaza and I got a pretty good rate considering the time of year and location. Does anyone know anything about the Sage Inn?
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Jun 29th, 2006, 02:29 PM
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Not knowing your conditioning or if you run ultras, I'd like to add a caution.

Because of the higher altitude, you may want to go easy running on the first day to get yourself acclimated to the altitude. To a resident of Santa Fe, you are a "flatlander"

You have some great suggestions..especially the Shidoni Foundry. Another place to consider is
The Museum of International Folk Art.
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Jul 2nd, 2006, 08:28 PM
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Hey all I made it to Santa Fe from Philly alive today! I flew to Denver in time to get my connecting flight in albuquerque in time however my flight to Albuquerque was cancelled at 11:15 am and I had to wait until 4:21 to catch the connection. The joys of traveling!

I loved the drive up from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. Being from the Northeast and to look at desert surrounding the road on both sides is amazing.

After a long day and not getting into my hotel until after 8 p.m I couldnt just go to bed! So I wandered into the plaza to get ideas as of where to go in the morning. I was hungry so I got some chips and dips at the Blue Corn Cafe along with a six tray beer sampler. I probably should have cut down on the sampler because I was alot of the beer was so filling and I felt like I could not move when I was done. Not to mention the fact that I couldnt quite see straight when I was done. But you know what I am on vacation!

Anyway I am going to be checking the site while in New Mexico so if anyone has any more suggestions please feel free to log on and let me know.


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Jul 3rd, 2006, 05:29 AM
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Hi John --
Watch the alcohol consumption...at this altitude..it can really sneak up on you! Also, be sure to drink LOTS of water to stay hydrated. It is so dry here, that often people don't "feel" hot and forget the importance of water at this altitude. Enjoy!
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Jul 3rd, 2006, 02:19 PM
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Thanks for the advice about water consumption. Today I took a one hour overview bus tour of the city of Santa Fe. Originally, I wanted to take a walking tour but opted for the bus tour because they were going to take us to areas which were not going to be seen in the walking tour.

I checked out St. Francis Cathedral, The Loretto Chapel, The Miguel Church, walked almost the entire Cayon Road. I found it amusing how everyone walked into all the gallaries on Canyon Road but I never saw anyone purchase any of the paintings. Could it be because the average painting cost several thousand dollars? I then roamed around the city some more and ate at an outdoor/indoor cafe I think it was called Buritto Cafe the food was inexpensive and good. I then went to the Georgia O' Keefe Mus. As I was walking through and saw alot of her portraits I thought they seemed many seemed to have sexual undertones (first I just thought it was my crazy mind) but then I watch a video on her life and they stated that many of her critics use to accuse her of painting sexual material. I can see where they thought so but none the less her work is of excellent qualities.

Tuesday is the 4th of July and I bought a ticket to Santa Fe's annual pancake breakfast. Apparently this is a big tradition each year in the plaza which starts at 7 am.

I am then going to sneak away at one p.m to watch the world cup!

The people in Santa Fe are very friendly it is good to see.
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Jul 3rd, 2006, 10:16 PM
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I'm glad you're enjoying your visit, John! Do be sure to drink a lot of water; you can get dehydrated pretty easily around here.

Lee Ann
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Jul 3rd, 2006, 10:43 PM
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Go for lunch or an early dinner at Tomasita's!! On a four day trip we go at least 2-3 times, and bring their red chili home with us. Their marg's are excellent as well!!
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