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Kings Island Trip Report: 5-5-2007

Old May 6th, 2007, 07:37 PM
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Kings Island Trip Report: 5-5-2007

On 5-5-2007 my family and I went to Kings Island. We left around 9 AM EST, and got there around 11 AM EST. 1st we went to the Kings Island Resort and Conference Center, to get are bracelets so we could ride the shuttle bus over. When we got to the park, it was not as crowded as I thought it was going to be. 1st we headed back to River Town to do the Beast. It was not operating; the guy told me that they were hoping to have it running latter. So then we did Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad. Then we did White Water Canyon. I did not get wet, as usually, that was shocking. Then we checked back with the Beast and it still was not operating.

So then we headed into Coney Mall. Then we did Shake Rattle and Roll. Then we got in line for a crowded Vortex, but the line moved quickly. After Vortex, we did Dodgem. Then we had lunch at Skyline Chili. I had a Coney dog with Chili Cheese fries. After Lunch we rode Scrambler. Thatís a good ride to ride after lunch. LOL. Then we did Racer. Next we headed into Oktoberfest. Then we rode Adventure Express in the rain. They were calling it The Adventure Express: The Water Ride. After that we hit Viking Fury. Then brother tried to win a big ball at the crane machine at the Feast House. I got a refillable cup. Next we went into Action Zone. Then we got wetter on Congo Falls. After that we headed into International Street, to ride Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle. Then we went into Nickelodeon Universe to ride Wild Thornberryís River Adventure. Then we got in line for the Beast, we are about to get on, and it quits again. I said to my brother, We donít expect this crap from the Beast, but we except it from his son. LOL. Then we went to the emporium; I bought a shirt that said Authentic Kings Island Est. 1972. Then I bought a funnel cake. My brother lost, when he tired to play a basket ball game. He did not win at the football game either. Then I played against him in a water gun game, were you have to shot the target, I did badly on purpose so my brother would win. After that he started winning. We both won in the game were you throw a ball, and tried to get it to land in a colored cup. Then he beat me at Whack a mole. The prizes we won were a Reds Bear, Monkey, stuffed football, and stuffed dice.

Then we went back to check on the Beast. It was running, so we rode it. Then we did Adventure Express again. We looked at Fire Hawk it looks like it is going to be a cool coaster. Then we went back and rode the shuttle bus back to the Kings Island Resort and Conference center, the next day we went to Jungle Jimís. It was fun, and the park looks a whole latter better under Cedar Fair ownership.

Here are my pictures,
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Jungle Jim's is my favorite place in Ohio, lol. How was the KI resort hotel? I was staying near there last month and I wondered how the hotel would be, as it appeared to be quite run down from the outside (back side) I walked on a path behind it and the entire property was covered in duck poop and feathers. Just wondering...
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Old May 7th, 2007, 05:01 PM
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On a scale 1 to 5, one being 1 being the worst 5 being the best I would give it a 4. We have been staying there since 1994. It was better then most of the time we have stayed there. Are rooms were very nice. We were on the 2nd floor in building E. Are balconies were not clean. They were covered in bird poop, and tree brush. The back was pretty good, there was a little bird poop on the side walk in the back, but the out side pool has not opened yet, there were still working on it. It was looking nice. There was still room for improvement. They balconies sucked other than that it was pretty good.
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The line on Vortex always seems to run quickly, especially if all three trains are running. Did you ever get to ride Beast? Any idea when Son of Beast will reopen? Did the park have any news on that?
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Vortex did have 3 trains running. Yes, We did get to ride the Beast, it was the 2nd to last ride we rode. Son of Beast, Fire Hawk and Boomerang Bay will open on Memorial Day weekend.
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You have to tell me your secret on how in the world you managed to not get drenched on White Water Canyon! I always think that maybe I'll get away with just a few sprinkles but I am always sopping wet afterward!!

I worked at Kings Island several years as a teenager and will be interested to see the changes since the Cedar Point folks took over.

The KI Resort & Conference Center may be a bit old, but I'd take it any day over that giant Great Wolf Lodge recently built across the street. People have been getting sick there (one of my friends did & she said it was a nightmare) and they can't seem to figure out why (at least last I heard that was the case).

Jungle Jims is great - part of the fun is just looking at all the unusual things they have to offer!
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