Is it safe in Washington D.C?

Feb 1st, 1998, 11:33 AM
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Is it safe in Washington D.C?

Hi! I am a student in Texas. My friends and I are planning a trip to D.C during this spring break. I would like to know if is it a good time to go to d.c? and is it safe in D.C? I heard that the crime rate is very high in D.C. Is the metro system convenient, clean and safe? Pls tell me whatever u know about D.C. Thanks.
Feb 1st, 1998, 05:46 PM
James McNamara
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My sixteen year old son and I spent two weeks at
Washington, D.C. last summer, beginning in early
June. We used the Metro extensively, with no
problems at all. It takes you everywhere, and
quickly. We saw no problems, even during the early
morning hours. There are lots of police around
which is comforting, and they are all armed. We
really enjoyed ourselves, without worry. Food may
be a problem, as there seems to be not a lot of
sit-down restaurants available, but lots of stand-up
quick areas available. Relax! The area is
beautiful, safe, and wonderful! The only real
problem is that you will NOT have enough time to
see everything! Remember, everything is more
beautiful and different at night - visit the
monuments during the day and during the night!
WoW! enjoy yourselves! Wish I was there!
Feb 1st, 1998, 08:25 PM
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Ray ... a friend who is a DEA agent was mugged leaving work downtown at 5PM outside his office. The subway is DARK and moody because it was designed that way for atmosphere! In spite of that I love the Georgetown area at night. "Hook em Horns" (Texas-ex)
Feb 2nd, 1998, 08:40 AM
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D.C. is a very safe city as long as you stick primarily to the tourist attractions. The Mtro system is great - safe, clean and fast. The spring is the prettiest time of year to visit DC because of the cherry blossom trees that are in bloom all around the tidal basin area. The weather is usually pleasant in the spring - but can vary immensely. Have fun!
Feb 3rd, 1998, 10:29 AM
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Well, I live here so I'll tell you my take on this.
First, the metro system is very safe and clean, that
is one thing they do right in DC -- it's very
convenient for DC/downtown area (except for
Georgetown which has no metro stop), less so for the
suburbs as there are limited stops outside the city.
The crime rate is high, but shouldn't affect a tourist
as much as residents as it's pretty safe in all areas
a tourist would probably want to go -- just avoid the
NE and SE quadrants pretty much (east of 16th St
and north of about G St NW can be less safe)--DON'T
stay in cheap hotels in this area as there are some
that advertise good rates(Days Inn is one, I think) --
avoid hotels around K and 13th Sts or so, avoid
anything near Mt. Vernon Square metro stop.
Spring break is as good a time as any, I guess,
the weather should be mild but not hot/muggy yet
(that happens towards end of June), crowds aren't
too bad then (as long as you avoid Cherry Blossom
time, but I think that's later) and flowers and trees
should be pretty at that time.
Feb 5th, 1998, 05:29 AM
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OK, this is the real scoop. I've lived in the suburbs of DC (Northern VA) all my life. DC sometimes gets a bad rap, but it is one of the most beautiful cities around. It had its bad parts, like all other big cities, but tourists would have to go looking for trouble to find those. The places to avoid are the South East (SE)quadrant (the city is divided by quadrants), to include Anacostia, and the Navy Yard (these are accessible by Metro, but don't bother) BTW - The Metro is one of the cleanest and most accessible subways around. Will take you just about anywhere in the city you choose. Georgetown is one exception - but you can get a cab there - it's somewhere every college student should go! Tons of nightlife within walking distance, but also tons of people. I've got lots of info, so if you have more questions, feel free to email me. Enjoy your trip!

Feb 6th, 1998, 10:23 PM
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Raymond... well, I lived in northern Virginia for 8 years (now live in PA), and am originally from Minnesota, so I know the fear that outsiders tend to have of Washington. Honestly, it's a wonderful city... there is so much to see, transportation is easy (the metro system is clean and super!). Just follow the advice of some of the earlier respondents, and you should have nothing to worry about. I agree that you should go to Georgetown (the Washington Harbor, near Georgetown, is something many tourists miss), and Old Town Alexandria is nice, too, especially during the daytime hours when you can browse the shops and walk along the waterfront. I miss living there, and hope you have a wonderful trip!
Feb 17th, 1998, 11:54 AM
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i have to agree w/the people who posted from the dc suburbs. dc is a beautiful, vibrant city. i'm not an advocate of the georgetown area (trendy), but i'm a fan of the woodley park/adams morgan area. it's very culturial and ethnic area w/a great variety of ethnic restaurants. check out the national zoo and then head to adams morgan by foot and get some food. also, regarding, hotel/motel rooms, you may want to consider staying in the suburbs. the metro goes into the suburbs
Feb 23rd, 1998, 03:32 PM
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i live in DC. in dupont circle which is a big attraction spot. i can tell you that the metro is great, safe, clean. downtown, the area north of the mall but south of dupont circle, is dead at night. the mall and museums are great and free. everyone goes to georgetown-trendy and passe-but adams morgan is recommended for nite fun, go to gtown if you want to guzzle beer with younguns. you can walk this town no problem. it is a pricey town. an international one. but safe yes, if you stay to the usual places you wont go wrong.
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