How long to spend in Miami

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How long to spend in Miami

My girlfriend and I are planning on taking a Caribbean cruise next November/December. My boat docks in Miami on a Sunday and we'd like to spend some time in Miami. I'm wondering how many days should we spend in Miami?

We are not the type that like to lay around on the beach (we found that very boarding when visiting Waikiki, Hawaii), and we don't enjoy clubbing. We want to experience the culture in Miami. Note that we currently don't have plans to rent a car, but we definitely will if there are a lot of neat attractions that are not easily accessible by Uber or public transit.

Also, is there anything interesting near Miami we should check out? We are already going to DisneyWorld prior to the cruise.

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Your question is like asking "How long is a piece of string". Millions of people visit Miami every year - some stay a day or two, others come for a week and still others stay for a couple of months. There's plenty to do and see in Miami but based on how you describe your past experience in Hawaii you probably would be find a 3 to 5 day stay adequate.

Google "Things to do in Miami" for ideas on how to spend your time.
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2 days.
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I've been twice. I believe 4- 5 days each time. I am not a partier or a beach person but did find things to do to fill the time. I don't think I would have liked it as much if I stayed longer.
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Given what you say, I'm with starrs -- just a couple of days. But YMMV -- so get a decent guidebook, decide your priorities, check opening hours, and plot things out on a calendar.
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Any interest in the Everglades?
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I can't imagine being bored in Waikiki. Why did you only lay on the beach? There are hundreds of great things to do around Honolulu.

I'm thinking the same answer for Miami. It's not about the city but about what you choose to do with your time.
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I can easily imagine being bored ON Waikiki; in Honolulu and surrounds not so much having lived there for several years. "The culture in Miami" is a somewhat flexible term but I suspect a couple of days will be enough somehow.
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