Hotwire question

Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 12:36 PM
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Hotwire question

Generally I use Priceline and the biddingfortravel website when making my hotel reservations but I'm running into a brick wall for Philly accomidations next week. Checked out Hotwire and was wondering if there is a similar site such as the biddingfortravel site where people tell what places they have gotten.

I'm looking at a 3 or 4 star in downtown Philly area.
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No, there is no website like for hotwire.
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Biddingfortravel has a few tidbits about Hotwire down at the bottom of its home page.
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Wendy, try reposting with Philly and hotwire in your title. You might get some info on hotels people have booked thru hotwire here.
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Just for your info. I have had good luck with Hotwire for air and hotels. I just booked 2 nights hotel at the Seattle airport for January and got the Holiday Inn, a nice propery for 39.00 per night plus taxes. I checked the Holiday Inn website and the cheapest rate they offer is 109.00 per night. I think I got a good deal. Last year in January I booked 2 nights at the Seattle airport also and got the Hilton for 35.00 per night plus taxes, an even greater deal. So....that being said, I have been happy with Hotwire.
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I actually booked a 3 star in NYC Midtown on hotwire for LESS than what I was TURNED DOWN on for I was VERY pleased. I guess it varies from day to day which is the better site of the two. Personally, I'm TIRED of bidding on priceline and getting rejected and having to wait 3 days to try again. Even if I were to pay a couple bucks more, I prefer hotwire because it's a sure thing, no games!
Old Oct 22nd, 2002, 10:57 PM
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You don't have to wait three days to re-bid on Priceline for hotels. Several tricks:

1. Free re-bids. This is all explained on, but: if you add a zone that doesn't have the star rating you originally bid for, you can re-bid right away but are guaranteed not to get a hotel in the unwanted zone. Example: if you bid for a 3-star in Zone 1 and are turned away, find another zone that has no 3-star hotels, then add that zone and you can rebid immediately at a higher price. Your ability to do this (if at all) depends entirely on the city. Some cities have several free re-bids for 3-star and 4-star hotels, other cities have few or none.

2. Re-bid using a different credit card and email address. Done it many times. Nowadays Priceline makes it harder by using cookies to attempt to prevent this, but you can delete the Priceline cookie - or use a different browser for the 2nd bid, say if you have Netscape and MSIE both on your computer. Get a Yahoo! free email account for your 2nd address if you have to.

Supposedly #2 is "against the rules" so you won't see it advertised or even discussed on BiddingForTravel.

And if you are using Hotwire as well, you can always see what Hotwire offers you, then bid a little less on Priceline to see if they can beat it. If not, go with Hotwire. Just remember that Hotwire rates the same hotels a little higher than Priceline does - e.g. Priceline rates Embassy Suites Fort Lauderdale as 3-stars but Hotwire rates it as 3.5 stars. Remember that if you try to bid one against the other.

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The problem might just be the particular date in Philadelphia you're looking for.

I've been trying to get lodging in PHL for next week - everything is sold out or is $250+ night, and even those aren't in central locations.
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R-travels that is the same week I am going, there are a million conventions in town! Well my main concern with Hotwire is I know they rate hotels higher than Priceline and then there isn't anyway to find out what people are getting. So I finally just booked the Omni by calling. R-travels just so you know a lot of the hotels told me they have turned off their availability on their web sites because of the conventions. I got the Omni for $160 a night which beat the only other availability I found at the Sheraton for $259!

Brenda thanks for your info too. That is a pretty average price for an airport hotel in Seattle thru Priceline too.
Old Oct 23rd, 2002, 03:27 PM
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Thanks for the info, Wendy. I was going to start calling, just in case, and you've confirmed the situation.
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