Help with New York Itinerary!

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Help with New York Itinerary!

Hi All,

I have been working on my itinerary for New York for weeks now. I have posted it once before and made changes using the comments so thanks to everyone who has already helped. I have re posted the itinerary and would be grateful for any comments such as, if I have planned things that are close together or if there is anything that is un-realistic.
I am aware some of the things we have planned may not be recommended but there are things I want to do just the once.

We go to Canada for 4 nights on the 23rd June and then onto New York on Thursday 27th until Wednesday 3rd July. Me and my partner are both mid 20's and it is the first time in NY for him. I have been before although it was not a hugely successful trip for personal reasons. This is also the reason that it may seem very structured and we have already booked a fair few things plus the fact that I am a control freak.

If there is anything that you really think shouldn't be missed, please do let me know. We haven't planned a show but may fit this in if we have time. Any recommendations for this? I would like to see Wicked but have seen many shows in London including Wicked so thinking it may be better to see something new.

Thank you for all your help.

Thursday 27th June-
Arrive at LGA 2:00pm
Check into hotel- Times Square.
Central Park- Carriage Ride/Walk around
Eve- Find our bearings/Spend time in Times Square/ go for dinner

Friday 28th June-
Serendipity- Booked for lunch 12pm
FAO Schwarz
Dylan’s Candy Bar
Eve- Dinner at Four Seasons Pool Room- Booked 7:45pm

Saturday 29th June
5th Avenue
New York Public Library
Grand Central Terminal
Rockefeller Centre- TOTR 2pm
Madison Square Gardens
Eve- Greenwich Village or alternative neighbourhood? If anyone could recommend any bars that would be lively, maybe with some dancing.

Sunday 30th June
Woodbury Common (Get coach from Port Authority Terminal)
Eve- Keens
Empire State Building

Monday 1st July
American Museum of Natural History
Lunch at Boathouse Central Park- Booked 1:30pm
Central Park
Eve- Mets Game- Partner wants to attend a Baseball game, Id rather Basketball but its not the season as far as I am aware.

Tuesday 2nd July
90 Minute cruise (Pier 83)- How do I get here? Is subway the best option?
Century 21- Depending on how packed it is when we get there (Partner hates packed shops) so he may wait outside
9/11 Memorial- Booked at 1:30pm
Subway to Brooklyn
Walk back over Brooklyn Bridge
Wall Street/Financial District?
Eve- Park Avenue Restaurant- Booked for 8:00pm

Wednesday 3rd July
Anything we didn't get time to do, Lunch/ Times Square
Leave at 2:00pm for Airport.
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Obvious omission: The High Line, one of the top tourist sites in NYC now. There are a LOT of good restaurants nearby as it skirts two of the best restaurant areas of Manhattan. Maybe Wednesday morning? But sunset there is magical. Perhaps choose that area instead of Greenwich Village, which is further south.

In terms of your restaurant choices, I would probably not have chose anything on your list save for the Boathouse, but I suspect you've already given this long though, so I'm not going to comment further.

Regarding June 29. Dancing is generally illegal in NYC bars, so you won't find any regular bars that offer it. A dance club must have a cabaret license. I'm also not very keen on the Village for dinner any longer. The crowds of teens on weekends are too rowdy, and restaurants are generally better in Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen, or the East Village. Though given your other restaurant interests, you might like One If By Land, Two If By Sea on Barrow Street.

Regarding July 1. Maybe you don't like baseball, but if you like food, you'll be very happy at a Mets game. Let your partner watch the game, and you can eat at one or more of the wonderful food stalls. It's expensive, but CitiField has the best food of any stadium in Manhattan save for the new indoor arena in Brooklyn.

Regarding July 2. The subway doesn't go to Pier 83 or anywhere close. You can take a city bus, either the M34 (on 34th Street, to the Javits Center), M42 (across 42nd Street), or M50 (which doesn't run very often) to the West Side Highway and walk down a few blocks (it's obvious, where the pier is, just south of the Intrepid). Or you can walk from Times Square in about 20 minutes. I think it's close to the end of 44th Street, so the M42 is probably your best choice.
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Well you say you've though it out. IMHO a whole lot of time shopping (I am not a shopper) versus things that you can't see anywhere else int he world.

Agree most would not be my restaurant choices.

If you are doing TOTR there is no need to waste time at ESB.

For dance clubs look at TimeOutNewYork website - but be aware that the trendy ones can be incredibly difficult to get into - with many people waiting on line and never admitted. So decide what type of music you want, what you're willing to spend - and check on what they say about admissions.
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A few things strike me.

"Serendipity- Booked for lunch 12pm
FAO Schwarz
Dylan’s Candy Bar"

This sounds more like you're bringing along a young niece or nephew. Maybe wait until you're grandparents?

Macy's, Then Empire State, Madison Square Garden and Keen's are fairly close together. Can't imagine why anyone would want to go to MSG except for a game. It's an undistinguished building in a not very interesting part of town. You might want to group them together when you visit. Keen's is good if you order the lamb chop (they call it mutton). If you order in the pub (no reservations) you can get a half order -- about the size a human should eat! The regular menu is available there too.

Overall it looks very shop-heavy to me (I'm not a shopper), and the stores are not our best or most unusual.
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"Dancing is generally illegal in NYC bars" - I'M SORRY, WHAT?!

..I thought the Fun Police was a made up thing??
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I agree about the shopping and I am a shopper. New York is too amazing a city to spend too much time in stores. I went shopping but didnt spend too much time doing it because I wanted to get back outside on the streets. Your partner is going to spend a lot of time waiting outside for you.

I noticed you have Century 21 before 911 Memorial. Please be aware you have to have everything checked by security. It is a very long snake line waiting to get through security. You dont want to be struggling with shopping bags as you snake around and then have to remove shoes and belts and jewellery etc. I noticed Century 21 (and maybe the other dept stores) are open late. Perhaps go there later in the afternoons or early evening when you dont have to be somewhere else by a certain time.

Also agree about leaving out ESB. We did Top of the Rock and you have a superb view of ESB and it makes a great backdrop for pictures.

Have a great time. We absolutely loved New York.
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"The No-Dancing Law

In the early 90's Mayor Giuliani began using an outdated Jazz Age law that prohibited dancing in nightclubs or bars without a cabaret license. The law states that a business must have a cabaret license if, "three or more people are found dancing" in the establishment. Giuliani didn't have to enforce the law, but he hates it when other people have fun. Despite a Million Mambo March protest and a 2003 repeal attempt the law is still on the books today."
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Please don't waste a day at Woodbury Commons. By the time you get there and back, you will have spent a whole day shopping at chain stores that exist everywhere, rather than taking in the sights of the greatest city in the world. Instead, spend that day at a museum, in Central Park, or even shopping for unique items in Greenwich Village. You will find NYC much more interesting than a mall.
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Dancing is illegal in NYC unless a clue has a cabaret license - which is expensive and not easy to get. therefore "bars" don;t have dancing - only dance clubs.

Bars range from dives to sports or cocktail to very exclusive with prices to match in each case. Dance clubs tend to be much more expensive, often difficult to get into (wait on line for hours and you are never selected as being trendy/attractive enough). Also dance clubs tend to operate later (empty before 10 or 11 pm) and Thurs or Sun night are usually best (Sat night will be more out of towners).

Suggest to look at website of TimeOutNewYork to see which have your type of music and what the charges/entrance policies are. (In trendy places you will have to buy a bottle for $200 and up to get a table.)
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Regarding Woodbury Common. It's the busiest and, arguably, best outlet mall in the northeast and perhaps in the entire US. For those who do want to shop, it's a day well spent, though it can be an exhausting one. And it's not filled completely with chain stores you can find everywhere. This particular mall has the only Tom Ford outlet and one of the few Prada outlets in the US, so if you want luxury designer goods at discount prices, it's definitely a place for you. If you are just going to shop in the mainstream chains, then I agree that it's probably not the best way to spend one of your precious days in NYC (just go to Century 21).

However, I certainly understand your interest in it if you are coming from London. Prices will be less than half of what you are used to paying. I've seen people arrive with (or buy) 28-inch suitcases and just fill them up before heading straight to the airport. Folks fly into the U.S. and head straight there, skipping NYC.
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Try walking from 23rd to 14th Street on Fifth Avenue for shops and from 8th Street to Canal Street on Broadway for some bargains.
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