Help w/ideas for family w/older teens

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Help w/ideas for family w/older teens

Need ideas for a vacation next Spring w/family of 4, including 2 teen sons, ages 17 & 14.
Definitely need a warm, sunny destination! Wouldn't be hangin' on a beach the entire time, need activities! We've been to Disney, Universal & IOA, S.C., New York City, Las Vegas and have also done the National Park loop tour throughout Arizona & Utah.
A cruise isn't an option ~ I get motion sickness.
I would really appreciate any responses from people who have traveled w/older teens. It's a challenge to choose a destination we will all enjoy. Thanks!
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Well, if you want warm, sunny and beaches, and you've already been to the southeastern US, California is the next logical choice. LA and SD. Plenty to keep teens and adults of all ages busy. Plenty of interesting beaches (but cold water). Narrowing down the specific locations and activities can be a challenge with so many options.
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How about Atlantis Resort (Bahamas) or somewhere in the Carribbean? Lots of suggestions on the Carribbean Board; search under "teens"
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I also have 2 teen boys and we enjoy active vacations with bike-riding or rafting. Don't know where you live but Callaway Gardens in GA is great for biking and N. CArolina has good rafting outfitters.
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How about Hawaii? Do your boys enjoy water sports? Hawaii is great with older teens who enjoy the water. Lots of kick-back time to relax and enjoy the warmth and beauty. Plus plenty of activities to keep them busy.
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I took 2 older teens to LA over Christmas and they (and I) had a great time. There were lots of things for us to do together - and stuff for them to do on their own so the adults could have some time to ourselves. We did the Hollywood touristy stuff one day , kids spent a day on Melrose, we went to the Getty one evening, did Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. Kids did Sunset Strip one night (some of the clubs have all ages shows) and Mom & Dad went to a great Indian restaurant. A day trip to Santa Barbara would be fun - the teens liked it as much as the adults.
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PS - you won't necessarily get the beach weather, but my 19 year old daughter really liked San Francisco. You can spend a day in the Monterrey Penisula and Santa Cruz, too.
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This isn't exactly sunny and warm, but we have several times gone to London over spring break with our teens. March is actually the least rainy month of the year there, and the airfares are lower then. Make hotel reservations well in advance because you're competing with their spring break also.
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I second the London suggestion. My 16 year old son and I went this past spring break. People told us we were crazy to go for just one week but it worked out fine. Just be sure to fly nonstop, Virgin and British Airways have the great individual movie screens, Virgin even has videogames. We used the Tube to get from the airport to the hotel in S. Kensington (stayed at The Regency) and to get us everywhere. Went and found Abbey Road, did Kew Gardens (for mom), went to 2 shows, My Fair Lady and Les Miz. The London Eye is fun and the museums are unbelievable. Missed the Cabinet War Rooms which are supposed to be great. A day trip to Oxford or Cambridge would also be fun. We had a great time.
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Ask the kids - we were planning a family April vacation trip to London and our teenage son suggested Egypt. At first we thought he was kidding or trying to be annoying - but he was not, had done some research, and off we all went. Sometimes teenage eyes come up with ideas you would never think of.
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I would try and AI in Playa Del Carmen, the Mexican rivera has many fine family oriented places, the kids can eat to there hearts content. There are the ruins to visit, snorkeling, take a ferry to Cozmel. Hawaii, is also excellent choice, San Diego is nice but Spring won't be beach weather.
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Thank you all for the suggestions!
I took Dreamer2's suggestion, and did a "teen search" @the Caribbean forum. There are a ton of people out there searching for the exact same family vacation!

I had looked into the Mayan Riviera. Had read reviews of the Iberostars, Ruis, etc. Still looking into it. The Iberostar Tucan looks good, but if anyone knows if there would be enough to keep the boys busy in Playa Del Carmen area, please chime in. I know we could visit Tulum & do snorkeling excursion.

As for asking the kids, well, let's just say that our older son is a real home body. Leaving his comforts of home for a week is a lot to ask. In other words, I'll let him know what we decide. Quote from older son "Las Vegas was awesome, but the night we spent at the cabin at the Grand Canyon was boring". (This kid also has a terrible time w/flying. I give him dramamine, but he has problems w/his ears also) My younger son is always up for an adventure, but has said he's not interested in seeing any pyramids. (??) Yes, this process is exasperating since neither one of them have any idea of what they are missing!!
Will keep searching, because I refuse to give up on this family's travel time together! Once I get them there, we always enjoy each other so much.
Thanks again everyone.

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Cancun is great. It's not all about the beach. There is some sight seeing if you care to do that as well. We rented a small jeep and explored too.
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Regarding your older son - we also have an almost 17 year old. Part of him would prefer to stay home with his computer, and he also hates to fly - but in the past 4 years we have been to (from Boston) Seattle then drive to SF; Baltimore/Washington, DC, Baseball Hall of Fame, Niagara Falls, Toronto; and this summer doing the Utah, Grand Canyon trip.

Our son has a good time once we blast him out of the house. From your list, you haven't been to California - any number of destinations and you could probably fly non-stop to some big CA city from wherever you are starting from.

Regarding flying - we thought it was our son's ears that were bothering him but now he admits it is anxiety over flying. Also, although I know this is a family trip, we have on occasion brought a friend for one or both of our kids (I know this gets expensive and it has to be the right kid and you have to make whatever financial arrangements with kid's family) - but sometimes it makes for a better trip for all.
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Another vote for California - San Diego, Santa Monica, Monterey, Santa Cruz, SF - all have plenty of different things to do that your kids would enjoy.
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Mexico is a great idea. Here's another one. Have you thought of Belize? My sister went there with her teens and they had a wonderful time. You can stay on the long Kay off the coast and the kids would get around by golf carts. I gather they could pretty much have the run of the place, without your worrying.
On the mainland, there are rain forests and fun adventure opportunities. And English is the langua franca. Fancy that!
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TerryB900 or anyone who knows:
I've been reading trip reports from CA. We are from the Northeast.
What is "The Getty"?
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o.k., I did a search for "The Getty" @Google.
The Getty Center.
That Google option is awesome.
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We took our son (16 @ the time) to resort in Cozumel last summer. 1st day there was rough. After girls picked him up on beach for volley ball game, we didn't see much of him. Oh yeah,later that night we spotted him in the pool w/5 girls. Turned out to be his best vacation ever(w/the family).

Resort had lots of planned activities just like a cruise. He also loved the freedom of being able to take a sailboat (free) on his own (with girls).Only problem w/ our resort was distance from town. We dive so we wanted to stay south, close to dive sites. Closer to town would have given him a little more variety. We're taking him to Hawai'i next month, so you know we must have had a good time.
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