Grand Canyon

May 27th, 1998, 08:11 PM
D S Neat
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Grand Canyon

I'm going to Vegas in June for a business conference. I'm taking my wife and two kids (5 & 7)with me. After the conference, where planning to spend three nights near the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Is this too long?? What is there to do other than tour the canyon (we're going to take one of the airplane tours)?
May 28th, 1998, 05:18 AM
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Three days may be a bit much? It will be very crowded there and expect difficulty seeing every viewpoint - but family may get bored after several that look the same to them? Here's some info & sites to check out:
(AZ) Grand Canyon Nat'l Park: Grand Canyon National Park Service pages The "unofficial" Home Page on the Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Association site Grand Canyon hiking and backpacking

Too vast & spectacular to describe. Southern & Northern rims offer different views. South rim very busy - expect difficulties in parking at view points (crowded). North rim (Visitor facilities closed Oct 15 - May 15; Open for day use only Oct 15 - Dec 1 or until heavy snows close road) limited lodgings - reservations necessary even for campground. Mule trips booked up to a year in advance. Hardy hikers can hike to bottom for overnight trip - also booked far in advance. Scenic views along drive. (MUST SEE)

IMAX Theater: Located in Tusayan, 8 miles south of the western entrance (AZ 64/US 180; South Rim of Grand Canyon), this 3-camera movie presents amazing views of Canyon areas. Shows daily at half past the hour. Get there early as it will be crowded (MUST SEE)

Steam Train: Runs out of Williams, AZ (I40 west of Flagstaff). Allows 3 hour stay at rim of Canyon.

May 28th, 1998, 06:49 AM
bob brown
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With respect to how long you should spend at the Grand Canyon involves asking for a judgment call from people who don't know you. Each person is going to state their opinion as a function of their own biases and preferences.

But let me see if I can put the matter into perspective. Yes, the south rim is crowded. But, if you take the shuttle bus along the West Rim Drive route, you can get off and walk away from the obvious viewpoints and have the solitude that can be so inspiring. I spent a whole day happily meandering along the rim trail. It was a ride and walk sort of excursion.

Now, if your mentality runs towards that of one fellow I witnessed who walked up to the rim, looked over, concluded in three minutes that it was a big hole in the ground, and headed for the bar, then I suggest you might be completely full after no more than two hours. On the other hand, if you appreciate nature's handiwork, then you might spend as much as 3 days taking it all in. I once sat on the edge of the rim, away from the viewpoints, with a set of binoculars, a geologic map, and identified all of the different rock layers that I could see.

Frankly, I don't think an airplane trip is the way to experience the canyon. There is no feel for the size of it or for the intricateness of the formations, or any way to marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors that changing light conditions create. The only way to get that experience fully is to walk down and UP a trail.

However, walking one hour down a trail takes about 2.5 hours to retrace, provided you are not overweight and totally out of training -- in which case you might need 4 or 5 hours up for each hour own. (And if you walk anywhere in that dry climate, take along water.)

So in conclusion, if trying to understand the creation and being of the canyon is something that bores you and your children -- their chief comment being "Daddy let's go home." -- then I agree with the other post which asserts that a day or so might push the limits.

So how long you should spend there, and how much you will enjoy it, are functions of your perceptions, education, and interests.
May 28th, 1998, 11:08 AM
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Good advice above. If you are going to do some day hikes into the Canyon, you will use the time. If you know you're not going in, it probably is too much time. Lots to do in the area though. Head down to Flagstaff tour the various Indian ruins, continue down wonderful Oak Creek Canyon and visit Sedona. You'll use three days and more. Have fun. Remember, it's a long lonely drive from LV to South Rim.
Jun 1st, 1998, 03:00 PM
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I agree with everyone above--onlly you know your kids and yourselves. I like to stay in Sedona which has its own beauty and do day trips to the Grand Canyon--we get an early start and find that that one day satisfies us, combined with Sedona. You could then go into Phoenix/Scottsdale for a bit of a city experience. Hard to know your kids though. The train ride is supposed to be good--though we've never done it.
Jun 2nd, 1998, 06:55 AM
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Can the Grand Canyon be visited in March? Will crowds be more manageable? Will the weather cooperate?
Jun 2nd, 1998, 07:50 AM
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Though you asked about the Grand Canyon (& you have been given excellent advice), I have a suggestion for Las Vegas with your children. There is a marshmallow factory there that has a self-guided tour. I am positive that the children (& maybe mom & dad) will enjoy it. Don't remember exactly how to get there, but some one on the hotel staff can help you find it. It is not far out of the way.
Jun 8th, 1998, 06:38 PM
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I am an Australian about to spend next week in Phoenix at a conference. I hope someone could give me some tips about things to see. I will be free on Sunday and the following Friday (though I might try to spend the Friday in San
Francisco!!!). My main question relates to how long it would take to get from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon?? It looks like a couple of hours
drive - but I have heard it takes a lot longer? Could someone give me an educated guess or offer alternatives (and potential costs) - eg fly to GC from Phoenix?
Thanks, Carl
Jun 10th, 1998, 06:56 AM
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If your planning a visit to the Grand Canyon, I would think one or maybe two nights would be sufficient, but I would travel south too at least to Sedona. It is beautiful. My husband and I spent 10 days touring AZ in July 96 and Sedona and it's red rock sights were awesome.

I hope to return to AZ someday. We also went to Vegas. When we stopped at Hoover Dam it was 120 degrees in July. Have a good trip.

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