Going Solo or making it a family trip?

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Going Solo or making it a family trip?

I am invited to a wedding on November 22 which will take place in Boulder, Colorado.
I would love to take my family and spend Thanksgiving there (Boys ages 8 and 11 and my daughter 16), but my husband thinks it will be worth visiting Colorado during a different season where it will be a bit more warm and we can enjoy the outdoors.

We don't mind snow and we love nature. We love to visit national parks and cute towns. A friend told me Colorado is beautiful anytime of the year, but I am trying to decide if I should just go alone to the wedding this time and return on a different time of the year with the rest of the family, or make it a family trip now even with the cold weather.
My husband would really love to rent a cabin with nice views and relax a few days.
I would stay for about 8-10 days total.
We don't mind driving out for day trips.

What do you all think?
Thank you so much!
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I would go back as a family at another time.
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Do any or all of you ski? Would you be flying into Denver and renting a car (solo or family)?
Would the family activity be before or after the wedding?
If you are skiing (or learning to), you could take the morning California Zephyr from the newly remodeled Denver station and go to Glenwood Springs. There is a good bus service from Glenwood Springs to Aspen (41 miles).
Glenwood Springs has 2 large old hotels and a few newer motels.
One of the old hotels is next to the largest hot spring fed swimming pool in the world. Last December I saw someone swimming in the pool. I was just passing through on the CA Zephyr on the way to Sacramento.
If you have a limited amuout of vacation days and don't want to ski, you should try for a summer trip. Consider your wedding trip as a scouting mission for the future.
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I think it depends on the extent of your involvement with the wedding. If you're just an invited guest with no other "duties" to either party then I think it would be fun to stay in Boulder a night or 2 then go to a cabin with your family.

If, however, more attention is required to the couple involved, I'd separate it from a family trip so your attention isn't divided.

There's no rule that says you can't go back during another season too, if you like it a lot.
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I'd plan the family trip for another time. The snow at that time of year is usually not great for skiing, but can still impact other outdoor activities like hiking. It can be freezing or it can be warm and dry. There are better months for a week long visit.
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IF you are sure you WILL go another time, then maybe. Skiing would really not be in the mix so if there is a desire for that as a family, go in the real winter.
I do think Colorado is beautiful most of the year but probably moreso in a couple of other seasons.
Be sure to hold your husband to the promise of another time, however!!
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Don't know where everyone got the idea you would be or want to ski. Thanksgiving skiing is always marginal at that time of year.

November is a tough month in Colorado. We could have lots of snow, a little snow, or none. It could be pleasant weather in the 40s, and 50s and it could be cold. From your limited info, I might suggest making it a solo trip and plan the family trip for another time.

But there is a lot to do if you decide to come. CU is home to Utah that weekend so the campus will be crawling with students and alumni. Could be a good game - who knows?

There are other places to see and do around Boulder. However, the idea of relaxing in a cabin may not be workable because you could get snowed into that cabin. And there would be some fun activities in Denver. It would be a different experience than if you can to the mountains in the summer.
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PS -- Where are you coming from?
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