Glacier National Park vs. Alaska

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Glacier National Park vs. Alaska

My husband and I are debating whether it's worth going to Alaska (not inside passage or cruise) if someone has already been to Glacier National Park and British Columbia/Alberta, the Canadian Rockies? What do others think? What makes Alaska so different from Glacier/Canadian Rockies?
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I have been to all of the places that you listed and I think that Alaska is by far the most amazing. I went to Alaska before Glacier and I kept saying in Glacier, "is this it?" Alaska spoiled me in terms of wildlife viewing. Denali was amazing. You must see that mountain. I guess it all depends on how into nature you are. If you love hiking and viewing wildlife, you cannot go wrong.
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I live 31 miles from Glacier Park. Though I retired here and love the area and hike the park often I'd say go to Alaska. Denali is awesome.
But do come back to Glacier. We love tourist!!
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We had been to Glacier several times and I while in Alaska I kept saying it was like a huge Glacier NP. The scenery just kept going and going.

I didn't think the scenery in Denali was all that great--mostly tundra--but you do see tons of wildlife. We were disappointed that we never saw any wildlife anywhere else. (in July)

The scenery along the coast is awesome. My husband who said he would never cruise now wants to do an Alaskan cruise just to see more of the coast line.

I still love Glacier though. I actually think it is easier to get away from the crowds in Glacier than it is in Alaska.
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Lora, what are your interests? What did you do in Glacier NP and Canadian Rockies? Do you go for scenery, hiking, wildlife, shopping?

Connie, where were crowds in Alaska?
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Alaska is amazing. There is nowhere else that can even begin to compare with the beauty and amazing scenery. The mountains and the ocean, right next to each other, and all the wildlife! Wow! It is truly something that is a MUST-SEE!

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a month in Anchorage, Alaska last fall on a business trip. I will defintely go back and I will definitely bring my husband. I want to be able to explore more of the state, and my husband wants to go hunting. And I defintely want to be able to eat more fresh halibut and salmon!
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I've been to Alaska once, the Canadian Rockies twice and Glacer three times.

Alaska is amazing but covers such a large area that you need a lot of time to see it all. We drove up and spent 3 full weeks in Alaska and I want to go back sooooooooo bad!

I think the Canadian Rockies is my favorite because you get so much beauty in such a concentrated area. We've seen more wild life in Banff, Jasper, Yoho than we did in Alaska!

Glacier would be the last on my list. Wild life is getting harder and harder to see here, IMHO.


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In July '02, there was no where we went that was not crowded. It took us a few days to come to grips with that and adjust mentally. We were not expecting bumper to bumper traffic everywhere we went (Kenai Pen, Anchorage, Denali).

My statement was that it is not EASY to get away from the crowds. I'm aware you can rent a plane or boat to get away from crowds.
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I've been to Glacier once, Alaska once (with a return planned for this summer) and Banff/Lake Louise/Jasper about 8 times. I love them all, and they are all different. The hiking in Glacier is good, but accomodations and food are not that great (unless you go across the Canadian border to Waterton). Alaska is just really big. I think the reason we keep going back to the Canadian Rockies is that the exchange rate has been good, there are plenty of really world-class hotels and lodges as well as wonderful dining, yet you can go on a great hike the same day. I think it just has the best of everything--except salmon fishing for my husband which is why we are going to Alaska again.
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We loved the Canadian Rockies. I agree with an earlier post. You see a lot of beautiful scenery in a concentrated area. The Icefield Parkway was breathtaking. I have not been to Alaska, but friends tell me it is wonderful also.
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It is like comparing apples and oranges. What are we comparing here? Hiking possibitities, wildlife vieweing, roads, hotels, shopping, local people, tourists, B&Bs, fishing, dining out?
We visited them all and they all are amazing with incredible views and many outdoor activities. We found Canadian Rockies most crowded and Alaska least. However, in each place we were able to find hiking trails (we are hikers) where we were alone for many hours or all day long. If you never went to Alaska go for it. Tell us when would you like to go and we will give you some ideas about visiting Alaska. What are your interests?
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Thanks for the input everyone. In case anyone had further advice, we're mainly interested in hiking and wildlife viewing. But it looks like the general consensus is that Alaska is the best place for spectacular scenary and wildlife viewing.
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I spent two weeks doing a land trip in Alaska last summer. This is what we did.
Anchorage -2 nights.
Homer- 3 nights- flight seeing in a restored 1929 cessna, kayaking
Seward 3 nights- National Parks tour, Exit glacier, Seavey ididarod, Millers landing kayaking
Ferry to Valdez-2 ngihts Watched salmon swimming upstream to spawning grounds, whitewater rafting with keystone adventure, lunch on Thompson pass, breathtaking!
Up to Copper Center- 3 nights-flew into McCarthy kennecott in Wrangell St, Elias national park- hired a private guide to take us hiking on a glacier. The single most incredible thing we have ever done.
also went ATV'ing
Drove the Glenn back to Anchorage with a stop at Hatcher's pass- breathtaking! and spent another two nights around Anchorage. We opted not to go to Denali because the thought of all those hours on a school bus to see wildlife from a distance with two kids did not appeal to us.
If you go to Alaska spend 100 dollars for the Great Alaskan Tour Saver. We saved thousands on hotels and activities last July and August. Don't wait too long to book hotels.

We also went to Banff and Jasper and that was gorgeous as well. The ride from Banff to Jasper is gorgous, Alaska was far less crowded and was just the culmination of the trip of a lifetime for us.
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Consider time. Maybe 50-75% of time will be spent traveling in Alaska. It's like driving across Montana.
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