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Funky punky monkey junk

Old May 7th, 1999, 08:20 AM
daniel lee
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Funky punky monkey junk

Hey Land of the Mystical,

What the heck is there to do in New Mexico? I will have maybe a day on our way through, driving on I-80 east.

I wanna see cool mystical art and Indian culture, but not invade on anything either.

Old May 10th, 1999, 05:09 PM
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Carlsbad Caverns is incredible, beautiful, and HUGE! White Sands is also a place worth visiting.
Old May 11th, 1999, 11:52 AM
hot tub johnny
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Once on the road hitchhicking in new mexico i met an old indian shaman. He told me of all the ways of indian voodoo and of taking a spirit journey, without using any magic mushroom. You may want to try this, but i caution you; don't expect to come back if you truly want to go within........
Old May 11th, 1999, 11:56 AM
hot tub johnny
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I was once hitchicking through new Mexico, when I met a fellow travelor who was a Naze shaman. He told me all the way of native american voodoo and of taking a spirit journey without using the magic mushroom. If your looking for the same i recommend hitching through New Mexico, but i caution you; do not expect to come back if you are looking for within.....
Old May 11th, 1999, 01:04 PM
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Hello again Dan,

Still working on your trip out west I see. You're gonna miss NM completely if you head out on I 80, cuz the only interstates that come through running E-W are I-40 and I-10.

So, assuming that you are coming in on I-40 from the Grand Canyon I think the closest thing that you may have access to is the Chaco Canyon Natl Park. It is an abandoned Anasazi site (13 sites actually).
If you prefer your Pueblo Indians alive, then you may want to visit a Pueblo. Taos is perhaps the most famous, but it isn't exactly on the beaten path if you were planning on going straight through NM on I-40.
I grew up in Santa Fe, so lemme know if you have further questions.
Old May 17th, 1999, 07:37 AM
daniel loves claudia
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hey claudia,

thank you for the great help. yeah, i'll be driving into new mexico from the GC on I-40, and we will have at least 3 days to screw around. so i definitely wanted to see some of the mystical stuff in NM.

tell me more about Taos. i don't wanna do city stuff but i don't exactly wanna keep roughing it at this point. in NM i wanna see cultural stuff, ya know?

i heard about bandelier, too. is it worth seeing? give me your EXPERt advice on what to see in NM.

Old May 17th, 1999, 02:32 PM
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NM Tips:
There are some beautiful cliffs to watch out for as you approach the NM border from AZ. Wind erosion + water erosion = gorgeous scenery.

Bandelier Natl Monument is a fantastic site. I'd give it a full day. I've been going there since I was a kid, and I see something new every time I go. Basically it is ruins of an Anasazi city that was abandoned. One thing to look for is petroglyphs etched in the cliffs really high up, bring binoculars. There are easy to get to ruins and some that are at the end up a 10? mile hike. The frost season just ended yesterday, so make sure you've got a sweater and a jacket. Bandelier is about 1 hour northwest of Santa Fe, tucked back a little farther than Los Alamos.

Taos is cool. It reminds me of the way Santa Fe was when I was growing up, mostly Spanish and Pueblo indians, not so many white folk. The one day I got to go to the Pueblo, no one was around. I'd get a guide and have her interpret as much as possible. The mountain setting is breathtaking (literally and figuratively speaking, watch out for the altitude!). Taos is something of an artist colony with more than just Indian Art. The Nicholas Fechin house is worth an hour or two of your time, as is the Millicent Rodgers museum (she was an avid collector of Indian art).

You might want to check out the website for their calendar of events at the pueblos. You might happen to be there at a time when one of the pueblos is having a dance, which would be the best time for you to see some of the culture.

Near Taos is a place called Abiquiu. Georgia O'Keefe got her inspiration for her most famous paintings here.

As for mysticism on another front, I've always heard that the Santuario de Chimayo is an interesting place. Some of the residents of the town speak a dialect of Spanish not heard in Spain for over 400 years. The Santuario is unique in that it has a reputation for the healing mud. Apparently, the chapel is hung with discarded crutches from those healed there. I've never been, I only go to Chimayo to eat.

As always, feel free to ask more questions, and I'll answer anything that I know about.
Old Jun 3rd, 1999, 09:51 AM
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Dan-and-Claudia get my vote for the cutest site here. Who says you can't have fun while giving useful information, eh?

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