Fremont St. Light Show

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Fremont St. Light Show

What time does the light show happen down on Fremont Street? Is it one show or does it keep repeating? If we go downtown for an evening, how long should we plan on spending? We are not big gamblers, so would want to see the light show and just walk around....then perhaps head back to the strip...

Also, we are not renting a car and I've read the most efficient way to get downtown is on the bus for $2 or so. If anyone has taken the bus from the strip down and back, comments please

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My boyfriend, bestfriend and I took the bus down to Fremont St. It was a short ride from Harrah's and not that bad. I have forgotten what time the show was, I went to my local library and checked out a travel guide about Vegas. That may have been where I got the time from. We did not gamble any while we where there (on Fremont) but it was nice to see. I recommend Fremont St. Make sure to ask the bus driver where you can catch a bus back to uptown. We were wandering on side streets for a few minutes before we found the bus stop. If I remember correctly the light show happened more than once.
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If I remember correctly, the light show happens every hour or somewhere around there. I would plan to spend an hour and a half to a couple of hours on Fremont Street in order to walk around, see some of the hotels/casinos and see the light show.

Hopefully a local will weigh in on the exact times of the light show.
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We were there a few weeks ago and it's every hour on the hour starting at dark (which was 7:00 pm when we were there and the last show is either 11 or 12). Grab a Starbucks in front of the Golden Nugget and get a seat to watch the show. Even though the show has been enhanced with a zillion more bulbs than in previous years (renovated in 2004), I was disappointed in the show this year, I don't think it's as good as it was in previous years (I was there in 2004 and 2003 also). Well, the price is right and it's a fun place to walk around for an hour or two.
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I am sorry to report that the Fremont Street Light Show was not the jaw-dropping experience I was anticipating from all the hype.
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Indeed it does go on the hour. Starting time varies depending on time of year. Last I was there, each hour brought a different show...but I was not there all night but I saw at least 3 different shows.

While not jaw dropping, it is pretty neat. It is not a "must see" for first time visitors but after several Vegas trips, it is something different to see.
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Bus 301 goes along the strip. One ride $2, unlimited 24 hrs ride ticket $5 sold by the driver. At least this is what the website says. I may have more to add when I come back as I plan on using the bus and/or the monorail.

Buses run often, should run every 15', but sometimes they get off schedule, and then they become incredibly packed. So depending on your hotel location it may take a while to get on.

Never been to Fremont Street.
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I agree with lovingheart. It was alittle cheesy to me. I at least had my curiosity satiated, but think there are better ways to spend your time in Vegas! OSB.
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The Fremont Street Experience is worth experiencing. I never would have expected it to be jaw-dropping. Even with the new higher resolution canopy it does remind me of Commodore64 graphics (the old version was more like an Atari 2600).
I think it is really cool to see all of the casino lights go off before the show. That is worth the trip if you havenít seen the show before.

The shows are every hour on the hour from dusk to midnight. The first show start time varies a little bit with the season. It can start earlier in the winter since it gets dark earlier. In the summer the first show is at 8pm. I think they are starting at 6pm right now.

There is a different show each hour. They have some new ones, which were designed for the updated system as well as the old ones. If you are there for 2 or 3 hours, you wonít see the same show twice.

For more info, you can check the Fremont Street Experience website Ė just Google it.

The bus is OK. It has been a few years since Iíve ridden it, but I used it regularly on my first trip to Vegas (when I stayed downtown).

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we took the bus down to see it and because we wanted to see the golden nugget. the bus was easy and frequent. i'd say two hours is enough and then return to the strip. but, as mentioned, if it is your first trip there and if you are only there for 3 nights, plenty to keep you busy on the strip.
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We're booked for 5 nights at the Golden Nugget next month. Thought we might get a kick out of staying downtown for a change. Wondering about the bus ride. Does it let you off at the GN? I've read some stories about downtown that make me a little uncomfortable. Maybe the bus is a daytime thing to do but not safe at night? Thanks for the help.
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pegoode - I don't know the answer to your question, but suggest that you'll likely find someone who does if you post as a new question. This question is relatively old and people who have replied to it already and may be able to help you likely won't check it again to see your new question.
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thanks for the tip
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