Freaky Friday rants and raves, June 25, 2004

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Freaky Friday rants and raves, June 25, 2004

Rant: My ATT&T credit card account debited my checking account three weeks after I completely payed off and closed my ATT&T account. How convinient for Them!

Rave: Its my birthday today! \/
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Happy Birthday to you!!

and many more
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Rant: It is SO hot & humid here.
Rave: Giving dinner party, going to neighborhood block party called Dancing in the Streets and seeing my baby brother
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Rant - Weekends are too short!

Rave - I'm off to New Mexico for a two-week painting class in August.

And a happy birthday to jor!!!
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Rant:my landlord(office) thinks painting means the carpet not the walls
I went to yet another baby shower today.

Rave:we weekended in Napa,Calistoga and Healdsburg then took Wednesday off for Point Reyes. It was glorious (all of it).Tomorrow evening we have wine tasting(Russian River Valey Pinots). The contractor and his crew will be done with our bathroom(our only bathroom) two weeks ahead of schedule.
Those babies are being born to families
happy to have them and with the resources to give them healthy and happy lives.
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Happy Birthday Jor!

Raves: It is going to be a great weekend! It's my SO's birthday, we just bought a house, AND I am finishing my medical residency next week! I can't stop smiling!

Rant: Ahhhh...paperwork!
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SharonNRayMc, my husband attended classes in N.M. some years back and came out with some fabulous watercolours. What a great place to go painting.

Rant: I got sick at the beginning of my holiday.

H.B. Jor.
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Rave- It's also MY birthday today. A happy one to you Jor. 46 years today, wow, how time flies.

Rant/Rave- I'm off to a soccer tournament today with my daughter. Sigh... I'd rather be off to Cape Cod, but I so love this child.

A good first weekend of the summer to you all.

(PS-I miss you Mom, thanks for everything)
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Happy Birthday jor and jersey
Happy parties Scarlett
Congrats Alisa =D>
All's well

Can't find reasonable last minute airfare for kids in England to come visit.
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Rave: Wow, so great to see I'm in such great company - it's my birthday too today!

Rave: Not 30 yet!

Rant: Next year, though...

Rave: Beats the alternative!

Rave: Happy Birthday jor and jersey! 6 months 'til Christmas!
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Happy Birthday to all to whom it applies!
Rant: I took my sweetie to the airport today. He's off to Victoria, BC for 4 weeks.
Rave: Next week, I'm flying out to join him!
Rave #2: My daughter, who lives in Pasadena, is visiting and I get to spend lots of time with her this weekend. That's a BIG rave!
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Happy Birthday to all!

Rant: I'm a nurse, out sick for breast cancer, worked for the same company for 10 years and they "laid me off" bec my doc won't let me return to work bec of all the sick people(had chemo and FMLA has run out)so now I have no job and get to pay COBRA insurance cause I gotta have it. Hmmmm. Hurts my "feel bads".

Rave: #1 I'm cancer free
Rave: #2 Leaving for Ireland on

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Happy Birthday everyone!
Rant: I think my home computer crashed last night. I have been having trouble with it since December, every few weeks had to perform a system restore. Last night, a blue screen with some strange message. I think I got a virus from somewhere.
Rave: My backyard is nearly complete (landscaping) and the pool is open!! Come on hot weather!
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Happy Birthday Jor, Jersey & HAugeto!


RANT: Tensions in family that one can't change...

RAVE: Eating fresh veggies from the garden

RAVE: Have walked almost everyday this week!

RAVE: You're looking good, Jennifer Capriati... GO GIRL!
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Happy Friday Everyone! Happy Birthday to Jor, Jersey, and AHaugeto!!! Congrats to Alisa on some wonderful things going on! Here's to continuing good health, Jeri! And, a special howdy to Ms. Scarlett from the West Indies.

Rave: My husband's 14 year old daughter arrives Sunday for a month long visit and he'll be off work during that time.

Rant: He found out yesterday that he has to work the first three days she's here, after all, and I have to work the whole month. (Somebody has to pay for the traveling!)

Otherwise, life is good!
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jor's got a birthday
yes, he/she does
always starts freaky friday
just because
jor's always here on fodors
posting away
emd wants to wish mr/mrs jor
a really big happy birthday


and same to jersey and AH

Rave: Client is going on vacation for 3 wks at end of August/early Sept. I had one week in the OBX planned, but now due to the unexpected free time, am searching for house #2 for a second wk. Haven't done a 2 wk vacation in many years.

Rant/Rave: jbmont, so sorry about Cobra- I've been there & used to be a nurse too. Now I do something I like much better that uses my background but isn't patient care, and pays alot more. You have a good attitude, and hopefully whatever ends up happening will be a good change.

PamSF: I think I know what Kal might say: "Pammer, why not celebrate by drinking the Russian River Pinots while in the new bathtub?"

mclaurie: Here's sending you all the positive travel vibes that can be mustered. You help people going to NY so much (moi included) and I'd like nothing better than to hear that those kids get to come.

rant: Will 13 yr old son ever get rid of the smart mouth and get out of the doghouse (his rm.)? I miss him and would like to resume planning for Japan. But two things I don't tolerate-disrespect or lying.

Happy travels!

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one more travel rave: Got a free hotel room this week in a brand new suite hotel. At check-in, when we got to the rm. at 11 pmn after a day at an amusement park, the tub wouldn't hold water and the sink wouldn't drain. Called down to desk and was told tough luck, no maintenance person on duty. Mentioned it at check-out and was given the room free due to 100% satisfaction guarantee that I didn't even know existed. Now that's a travel rave.
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Rave: A week from today my friend and I will be lying by the pool at the Scottsdale Princess as a prelude to an expensive breakfast and shopping ourselves silly (yes, we will throw in some culture too - Heard Museum and Talisin West)... Doing really well in graduate school (after 20 year gap!)in MA Mental Health Counseling program. Current class is especially interesting and professor giving me great feedback
Rant: work is boring, annoying and workload has increased three-fold in the 3 years I've been here... my weekend to do list has 15 things on it... Home Visions didn't deliver buffet/hutch when they said ... then LOST the hutch part... customer service uncooperative and clueless.

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Happy Birthday to all. Congrats to all of you who have prevailed through all and still are kicking!!!

Rant: Have to have oral surgery which means we have to postpone our vacation plans for the summer. Bummer!

Rave: I am getting a new puppy!!
Rave: We have beautiful weather here in Southern California.
Rave: Since I am a teacher, no work for the summer. Which is good for my oral surgery since I can be home to recuperate.

Have a Happy 4 of July to everyone!!
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happy friday all! and happy birthday to jor, etc...

rave: i put a down payment on a car last night! i'm excited! it'll be expensive, \/ but mine!

rave: a bottle of wine is waiting for me tonight.

rave: restaurant week in new york! had an awesome lunch yesterday!!

rave: 4th of july is next week! :-"
my other favorite holiday next to thanksgiving. i'll do another rave then!

kitty will be ranting tomorrow...he's going to the groomers!

rant: whatever, life is to short.


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