Freaky Friday rants and raves, June 25, 2004

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Alisa! Congratuations. What an accomplishment.

Jeri, My prayers for your continued good health. Sorry to hear about your job.

Rave: I'm headed out soon to Aspen to the Jazz Festival and Natalie Cole.
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Happy Birthday all you June 25th people!!!

Jeri - may good health continue your way and may you have the most marvelous of Irish trips!!

Rants - bought a new washer on 6/09 - just called for the SECOND service call -

Rant - sold the old, dependable washer.

Rave - headed out tonight for, hopefully, a raftup on the backdoor creek of St Michaels MD. Oh, the peacefulness!!

Jor - perhaps you should call your bank and cut off AT&T's debiting your account. Somehow I've always worried that this could happen.
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RAVE: Missed last week b/c we flew out to N.Ca. for a beautiful wedding (Sebastopol). Baby girl did GREAT!!! All of the passengers on the airplane were very grateful, I'm sure.

Another RAVE: Riley is sleeping 13 hours a night, waking once. NICE.

Slight RANT: I think she's beginning to cut teeth. So much for sleeping through the night.

Aww-forget that last one...I have NO rants about my awesome little one!
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How could I forget--Happy Birthdays to Jor and Jersey!
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Rave: home of country music, I arrive 5:11 p.m. CST.

Rant: None come to mind.

Have a hapopy all, gotta run for the big bird.
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Rave: It's Friday!
Rant: I'm probably going to give up my NYC trip in August due to $ issues cause by nescessary stuff for new house, we finally get a nice weekend (all weekend) & hubby runs off on a fishing trip! He should be home working on the house darnit!!
Rave: It IS going to be a nice weekend & with hubby gone that mean I don't have to waste it working on the house too! I can enjoy it!!

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Happy Birthday to all our June babies out there!!! So far, Jor, Jersey and AHaugeto, hope I'm not missing anybody.

Rave: Going to see a new movie tonight.

Rant: Not going to tell you which one, Fodors might freak....>)

Rave: Calling in our excursions this weekend for our upcoming Baltic cruise.

Rant: We're missing a port due to a crankshaft affecting one of the 4 engines.

Rave: What's one port? Can't wait!

Everybody have a great weekend!!!!
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Happy Birthday to all!

Rant-Jeri getting "laid off"

Rave-Jeri being cancer free.

Rave-FIL doing better!

Rave-Hubby cleaned the house!

Have a good weekend everybody!

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Happy Summer to everyone!
Rave: My 15 y.o. DS and I leave for Atlanta on Thursday. He's competing in the Tae Kwon Do Junior Olympics!
Rant: Not looking forward to the heat and humidity in Atlanta. Also, not sure if we'll have much time to see the sights.
Rave: DS and I have a week together (no computers, video games,etc) - hope to sqeeze some quality time in!
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Hi Y'all!
Just in from London last night!
Rant: I cannot believe how much EVERYTHING costs in London!
Rave: I am going shopping today in the good old USA.
There's no place like home!

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Happy Birthday Jor, AHaugeto, and Jersey!

Congrats Alisa!

Continued good healt to you Jeri!

Rants: Notta.

Raves: My husband.
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Happy Birthday to all celebrants! 26 shopping days 'til my birthday!!

Rave: Another beautiful weekend in NJ which we will spend working on our backyard landscaping. Someday it'll be done!

Rant: Never enough resources for home projects & vacations too!

Rave: Friends are treating us to a dinner cruise around the Statue of Liberty tomorrow night.

Rave: I love my job even if I'd rather be travelling! Gotta pay for trips to Italy & the Caribbean somehow!

Happy weekend everyone! Trish
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Rant: Chance of severe thunderstorms

Rave: My son is graduating from High
School this evening!!!
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Happy Birthday Jor Jersey and AHaugeto

And Jbmonts =D> and warmest wishes and prayers to anyone battling the illness

Rave: My Aunt Lucy's health is also better, she is part of my beloved Grandma and now that all the kids are getting older I need to hold on for dear life

Rant: Hubby's work load has been unbearable this week. I'm going to play chauffer tonight and next week if the work load doesn't slow down. I miss hubby #39;(

Rave: travel!!!!!

Rant: hicks and rednecks
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Rave: Giants SWEPT LA last night!! Great game!! Only had to use my rubber chicken once! ~gt;

Rave: Put the deposit down for our rental house in Kauai this January!

Rave: Meeting up with friends this weekend that I haven't seen in four or five years!!

Rant: Will be missing all the Gay Pride/Dyke March this weekend....ah, this is the one weekend a year I miss being single.

Rave: Bought my tickets for Fahrenheit 9/11. Sunday matinee was the only one not sold out!!
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Rave: Bought my tickets for Fahrenheit 9/11. Sunday matinee was the only one not sold out!!

EEEEEkkkk, Kika said it. 8-X
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Rave: 2 more weeks to Niagara Falls with son for hockey tourn. and some quality Mother/Son time.

Rave: Daughter will be 8 on Sunday, weather forecast is perfect for her party! (She was just a baby yesterday it seems)

Rave: Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating this month! (My 39th was last week and I've vowed never to have another!)

Rave: Finally a weekend off!

Rave: My friend earned (through his job)an all-expenses-paid cruise for 2 in Nov. and asked me to go, how nice of him, how lucky for me!

Rants: Wouldn't even think of it!

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Rant: I find myself no longer on Kauai. Doing research into a trip next year to maybe the Cook Islands or Costa Rica alternately makes me excited (I have a severe tropical addiction) and depressed (severe tropical depression?).

Rave: My boyfriend is coming down to spend the weekend in L.A. with me...I'll post a report from a "hipster's" point of view about what the Hollywood Standard is REALLY like!

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Rave: Aaaahhhh, thanks to all of you, you are the greatest. I appreciate your thoughts more than you can imagine.

Rant: 1 inch of hair on my head for our trip to Ireland. My hubby (17 yrs) says if we ever get divorced he's taking me out on the town with him, I said why, he says with my "haircut" I can pick up more women than he can.
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rant--DMV...trying to get our plates changed from our old state to our new and to get our university would have thought we were asking for the moon, lol!

rave--spent the morning in downtown Portland again wandering around before watching our son at football camp.

rave--will be seeing an old sorority sister this weekend.

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