Drive-thru movies?

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lcuy--Wow, I bet it is the one in Newberg that we go to now, lol!
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Allmoo sorry for what happened on the other thread. Just wanted to let you know the Las Vegas drive in on Rancho Road would not be safe for a tourist. There are a lot of violent crimes in this area and I would not consider it as a tourist
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Interesting thread...

Years ago I used to live in the Marianas Pacific on the island of Saipan. Even though the island is technically an American possession, many things got confused in the translation from here to there: drive-ins were no exception.

During my time there a local entrepreneur decided to open a drive-in on the island. Having never seen one himself, he relied on stories he had heard (from other islanders who had never seen one) for the design and construction of the thing.

When it finally opened this is what it was like: "You drove down a dirt road until you came to a dirt parking lot of sorts. Seeing that no screen was in sight, you then got out of your car and walked over to what was essentially an enclosed outdoor hallway which then lead you around a small hill. Upon reaching the end of this hallway, you were surprised to, once again, find yourself outside. It was there that you found a large movie-house screen sitting outside under the stars. Bleachers were set up in front of it (also outside) for you to sit in and enjoy the film.

So, basically you drove to the drive-in, got out of your car, went inside to go outside and then sat outside watching an indoor movie was great!

By the way, no popcorn was served but they did sell chicken parts soaked in vinegar, wrapped in pita-type bread!

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Drive ins as a late teenager in the 70's. The days when hanging the speaker on the window was the only option. Been there done that several times.

Did they actually show movies at those things? Never noticed......
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My brother and his friend, Darrell, had a buddy, Sammy, who never had any money AND was really pretty obnoxious! When our drive-ins in rural N.C. started charging per person, Sammy had to ride in the trunk (no money), and my brother would hit as many pot-holes as he possibly could, as hard as he could, on the way to their spot! Sammy is not overly bright today... I wonder?????
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