Drive-thru movies?

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mms, that is the Drive In I am looking forward to going to By the person? wow, not like the old Drive-Ins when families would bring all 6 kids ...
We will bring cheese and pate and enjoy the movie LOL
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Scarlett--It is right in our wine you could stop at one of those before the show also
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I could have written your response because that is exactly what we used to do when we were teens! You must be my age, hehehe. Except I used to be one of the ones in the trunk. How stupid were we?
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Hey cd -

I turned 45 this May (aaaaahhhh!). We were so stupid that I would never let my kids know but what a great time we had.
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Well're just a kid
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drive-ins are great! you never went for the movie - and I'm not saying that to be naughty, either. a great social event - grab a bunch of friends, lawn chairs, food, drink, what have you - and hang out and watch the movie. nothing like spending time outside on a beautiful summer night.

we had several in my town growing up - not even sure if there are any, anymore. last time I saw a movie at a drive-in was in California, right out of college.
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Allmoo, had you said in your post you are from another country we would most certainly be more understanding of your use of "drive-thru". None of us meant any disrespect. We thought you were American and we were joking with you!

Have a great time in America. We all welcome you!
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I know of a drive-thru liquor store, but not any movies; it's too darn hot here, you know?
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Hi there!

Just wanted to ask some more details on the drive-in/thro/over/under (whatever) near san diego as we are visiting san diego from the UK with my family towards the end of August

Many thanks

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andypsmith, the drive-under movies are mostly X or R rated ones -- as are most Underground films.
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I never went to a drive in movie in High School, but did go to one in Oregon while in college. I wanted to see if "steaming up the windows" was just an expression!

It isn't.....
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Better go soon -- they seem to be disappearing rapidly.
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Lucy--Would that be the one up towards Monmouth? Can't remember exactly where it was, but I do remember going there in college.
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Fun read! Especially the "drive-under" movie comment from Patrick! heh

As mentioned, there is still an active one in San Luis Obispo, just south of town, and also one on Santa Maria Way in Santa Maria.

If you're heading to Yosemite, try Fresno. They may still have 1 or 2 there. I don't believe there are any in Laguna or Santa Barbara.

When I was a teen, I remember a car load of us guys and would often hook up with a car load of girls. whew!

Why does John Travolta's song "Stranded at the Drive-In" come to mind?

~ branded at the drive-in
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I'm in the wrong state but Northeast of Durango, Colorado was a drive in movie with a motel next wife and I didn't know when we stopped for the night but they had big windows in each room and the sound from the drive in was available in case you wanted to relax in bed and watch the drive in movie next door. Wonderful surprise!!
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Allmoo - hope you check down this far.

There is a nice drive-in located in San Jose - which is between Monterey and San Francisco.

It's the Capitol Drive-In on Capitol Expressway near Almaden Expressway.

I think your route would be 101 North to 85 North to 87. 87 runs right into Capitol Expwy.

This is one of the authentic originals - used to go there as a kid and snuck in by hiding in the car trunk in high school (shhhh!). Part of the Drive-In was replaced by a huge multi-plex, but the other half is still alive and kicking.
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If your travels take you to Niagara Falls or Buffalo, there is a great drive in about 25 minutes from either, in Lockport, NY (called Lockport because of the locks of the Erie Canal). 4 screens, all with double features of first run movies, sound thru your radio, heaters (it gets cold here in the spring and fall),mini golf, playground, snack bar (or bring your own. I actually think it may have a web site. It's as good as the drive ins of my youth, In fact it is 50+ years old, but has undergone many renovations to stay in business.
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I'd do a google search on "drive-ins" and I remember seeing some websites that will list all of the still existing drive-ins in the USA. I have one near me (about 6 miles away). This one no longer has the voice box to hang on your window they (the drive-in) just give you a specific radio station to listen to. You probably wouldn't need this as if the whole place has the same station on just roll down the window and you'll hear the movie fine. Nothing is like I drive-in, love being outside with a big screen in front of me with some nachos and coke on a summers night.

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mms: I don't know where it was, to be honest! I went with a guy who lived on the river in Wilsonville so it was somewhere not too far from there.
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I'm from Massachusetts and we have drive-ins here. There's one ten minutes away that shows all just released movies - I don't know how they do it. The problem with drive-ins here are the mosquitoes and other bugs - they'll just about carrry you away, if they don't drive you crazy with their buzzing around and biting you! This week it's Herbie Fully Loaded and War of the Worlds and costs $15 a car. Go to the drive-in and enjoy. It's a great night out.
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