diamond bar, ca..relocation

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diamond bar, ca..relocation

I am being offered relocation at my job, and they want me to move to Diamond Bar, Ca.

Can anyone tell me about this area? I have been told it is approx. 50 miles east of LA, and that it is lovely, although it may be a somewhat business-driven area.

I have checked out homes on the net, and have done the basic research. I also intend to visit in Dec.

I would like to know:

My husband and I are 20-somethings with no kids, and like to have a little fun, is this a good area for that?

We are also from NYC, and would this be comparible at all, or will we be in the desert/mountains?

We love LA, but I have a feeeling from what I have researched that this is very different, is it?
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Phyllis - Diamond Bar is a LA suburb and nothing like NYC.

This area really grew in the 1980's. I pass this area quite frequently on the freeway, but haven't been on surface streets in a while. Many of the neighborhoods have increased in Asian population in the past decade.

While Diamond Bar neighbors a major university, this really isn't by any means a "college town". It's a bedroom city, with limited retail or office development.

Chino Hills is a neighboring town that is a popular residental area. While it's a nice community, it's more family-oriented and doesn't have a lot to offer a younger couple looking for fun.

Brea is a nearby city in Orange County. This city has really been growing in popularity in recent years. While still a suburban area, the town has more to offer than most of the area in terms of shopping, restaurants, etc.

Pasadena would probably offer you more of what you're looking for, but it's quite a commute to Diamond Bar if you're not used to sitting in traffic.

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c offers good advice. I don't think Diamond Bar would be a place a young couple from NYC would be happy. It's located in the never-never land of San Bernardino Co. east of LA. Would be a major hike into LA to do anything of interest.
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I second the vote for Pasadena. I don't think traffic to Diamond Bar would be too bad since you're going against most traffic, but then again, the area is expanding so you might have some difficulty. There are commuter buses- try looking up Foothill Transit on the web for some info.
Pasadena will also be a good base if your husband ends up working downtown LA.
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Dimaond Bar is in Eastern LA County on the border with San Bernardino County. It has some very upscale homes in a gated community called "The Country" and the rest is mostly nice homes and condos and apts. I do agree it is more family oriented as are many other cities in this area but there are young couples who live there and like it (We have several employees who live there). I don't think you would like the drive from Pasadena to Diamond Bar every day. I would look more to Brea or Yorba Linda or Fullerton which are right down the Freeway in Orange County and within 5-10 miles (at most) of Diamond Bar. It is only about 30 miles from downtown LA. Many people from Diamond Bar and beyond drive into LA everyday. It is easy access to several freeways and you can easily get everywhere in LA Area.
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Diamond Bar is a bedroom community.Most of the neighborhoods are built in very hilly terain, with some views of undeveloped hillsides and oak groves.A previous poster mentioned a major University next to it,Could they be talking about Cal State Fullerton? It can get pretty hot in the summer but the major drawback would be the smog.I lived in the area for many years and it gets pretty bad.I would choose Orange County.
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While Cal State Fullerton is close as well, Cal Poly Pomona is a major university that is only a few miles from Diamond Bar. I think there are around 17-18,000 students.

Yorba Linda is a very nice OC suburb, but definitely would not be exciting enough for a young NYC couple. Fullerton has some nice areas, as does Brea. While not a huge downtown, there has been some residential development in the downtown Brea area that has become popular.

While there are lots of Diamond Bar residents who make a daily commute to LA, it doesn't mean that it's a pleasant commute. Lots of traffic and 30 miles on Southern California freeways can take a long time.

Like a previous poster mentioned, I think this area, as well as neighboring Walnut has growing Asian populations. While I'm not indicating that to be a problem, I'm just mentioning it since you may not be comfortable with a dominate culture in an apartment or condo project.
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And, if you do move to a hillside neighborhood, I hope you get used to your new, lovely neighbors--RATTLESNAKES!!!
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Hi Phyllis,

Lived there in late 1980s (went to Cal Poly - I'm dating myself!). It's a great location for getting everywhere else. I personally wouldn't live in Diamond Bar itself. You are close to the mtns, close to the beach but be prepared to DRIVE (when I say close it is relative - close is within the hour). You will not find a NYC like experience in Diamond Bar. Personally I would live in Pasadena and commute. A friend of mine did this every day. Be prepared for a 30-45 min drive and as they say in LA, "on a good day". I have had friends come back from downtown LA from Diamond Bar on Hwy 10 and it took 90 minutes! Traffic is key and timing of when you leave. If you leave early in the morning, of course it is less traffic. But don't let that stop you. Pasadena is a great town with a lot to do and more like what you are used to.

As far as things to do, the whole area around Diamond Bar is a burb. Yes it is next to Cal Poly which is a "college town" but let me tell you, most of the people communte to Cal Poly so don't expect a college town like anything you would think of in the East Coast.

As far as the relocation, go for it! I loved my time in LA (I live in NY now) and you just can't beat the area around you. There's lots to do - it's just that you can't walk to it all.

Hope this helps.
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Diamond Bar is not Los Angeles. The smog is bad, the commute to anywhere in the LA basin is bad and it is miles and miles of housing developments. You couldn't pay me to live there.

I love LA also, but you will love it more if you live closer to the ocean and have some culture around you besides TGIFridays.
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Diamond Bar is a very nice bedroom community and is actually very nicely laid out. But it's probably not the type of place that you're looking for if you're used to NYC. Yes, there's smog in the summer, but it's beautiful during the winter months with mountain views. It's fairly well located if one spouse works in Orange County, while the other spouse works in Los Angeles County. I guess you need to find out where your husband will be working before you can make any decisions on where to live. The economy is down and the unemployment rate is rising quickly. I've had a few friends who have been out of work for over 6 months. The recruiters are advising them that it could take months to replace their jobs and even then, they're going to have to take big pay cuts from their previous finance and banking jobs. Enjoy your visit in December. You're going to love ourr winter weather!
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LOL!!! Thanks Susan. Forgot about the smog. Somedays I could not even see Mt. Baldy! I knew it was the distance.

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Ditto Susan's remarks!
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I don't think young couples in 20's would enjoy diamond bar. Diamond bar is bedroom community about 50 miles east of LA. I can't really think of a place like NYC. I tend think LA as a hugh village. Remember, you need a car, public transportation in LA needs serious help. Everything here is so scattered its very hard to develop a good public transportation. I guess if you want something like NYC, SF will offer something similar. As for LA, I don't think it will be anything like NYC. Diamond Bar is in the valley which means very hot summer: summer starts June to November, temp around 95-105 and mild winter temp around 60-70. In LA, we could have heat wave anytime of the year. By the way, I used to live in the area, and ironically I live in Parkslope Brooklyn.
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