country bumpkin needs nyc help

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country bumpkin needs nyc help

We are driving from Nebraska to New York City next April (due to family member's medical restrictions) and are staying on the upper west side. Although we've been to New York many times before (9 times in the past 6 years), we've never driven before. I'm a very good driver (sound like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman "Kmart sucks"), and have poured over my maps. We will be entering Manhattan via the George Washington Bridge and then heading down to the hotel. Are there any turns, restrictions, driving tips I need to know about regarding the bridge, etc? We are staying at the Excelsior Hotel. Does anyone know of any good/reasonably priced parking in the area? And one last question: we always go to several broadway shows when we're in NYC. This will be the first time we won't be staying in midtown (too difficult to park in I was told). After the shows get out, is it safe to take the subway back up to the hotel? Are cabs difficult to get at that hour? Any help you can provide would be appreciated. I really am a good driver, so if you see a SUV with Nebraska plates next April: DON'T BE AFRAID!! Thanks in advance!
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You shouldn't have a problem finding the hotel, when you get off the bridge, get on the Henry Hudson downtown and take the exit closest to the hotel. There are several parking garages in the immediate area, I would ask the hotel if they have any agreements with garages in the area for discounts.

After the theatre you can take the subway or a bus uptown and it's pretty safe, there will be lots of people on the street. If you take the bus you will also get a little tour of the city up Broadway.

Have a great time while you are here.
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Gracie, is it one of the big SUV's? The gargages that are covered and not lots, will have an SUV/Minivan surcharge.
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I live 1/2 block from your hotel, so I'll give you some pointers.
To get right in front of the hotel, follow these instructions:
Take the Henry Hudson Parkway to the 79th St. exit. Proceed on 79th St. until you reach Amsterdam Ave., where you will make a left hand turn. Proceed to 82nd St (I know the hotel is on 81st St) and make a right turn. Procced on 82nd St untill you can't go anymore; you will have hit Central Park West. Make a right on Central Park West, and then make another right onto 81st St. The hotel is towards the end of that block on the right hand side.
Garage parking is EXPENSIVE in this neighborhood; there are several garages on 83st between Amsterdam & Columbus Ave., but you will pay something like $40/day. Don't know if you want to spend time looking for street parking, but you could save a bunch of money.

Let me suggest a good place for breakfast that good and inexpensive. Jackson Hole Restaurant, on Columbus Ave & 84th St., has inexpensive breakfast food(eggs, pancakes, waffles) for around $3.50-$4.50/person, which includes juice, entree, coffee. The breakfst specials are good till 11am on weekdays, and I think till 3PM on weekends. If you have any other questions, just ask!
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I frequently drive into the city and ALWAYS manage to find a parking space. I give myself 15 minutes to find a spot. Good places to look are upper East or West side in residential neighborhoods. It sure beats a $30-$40 parking charge.
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To answer your other question, yes it is safe to take the subway back from the Theater district back to your hotel. You have a subway stop, the B/C 81st St stop at the end of your block. There is also the 79th st stop on the 1/9 subway block @ 79th & Broadway, which is also convienent to you.
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As you near the end of the GW Bridge (NYC Side) follow the signs that direct you to the Henry Hudson Parkway southbound. You want to head "Downtown". If you are on the upper level of the bridge stay in the extreme right hand lane. Once on the Henry HUdson heading south the river is on your right. You exit at 79th Street (exits are 158th, 125th, 96th and then 79th). As indicated in another post proceed to Amsterdam Ave. (Riverside Drive. West End Ave., Broadway, Amsterdam). MAke a left onto AMsterdam. YOu can make a right onto 81sdt ST and the next avenue is Columbus. Proceed through the light and the Hotel is on your left close to the corner. THe museum of Natural Histopry is across the street. If you do this route you will have to make a U turn to stop in front of the hotel (81st is a 2 way street). I would do the U turn but if you are not comfortable with that go to 82nd as indicated in a previos post. Parking garages in that area will cost upwards of $35 for 24 hour parking. An alternative is street parking. There is alternate side parking available. You can't park on one side on Monday and Thursday during designated hours or on Tuesday and Friday. THe hours for no parking are either 11 AM to 12:30 PM or 11:30 to 1 PM. No restrictions on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday. For example, if you park on MOnday after the restriction is off the car will not have to be moved until THursday at either 11 or 11:30 AM.
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1.Tip for driving: when you are on the GW bridge and exiting on the Henry Hudson Pkway South... STAY IN THE CENTER LANE or else you will end up driving north to the very tip of Manhattan. Ive done it..its a bummer.

2.I also recommend parking on the street. Just remember to not having anything "tempting" visible in the car.

3.The subway is, in my opinion, completely safe at night. Ive seen little old ladies with thier grocery bags walking around the subways at 1AM without a care in the world.

Also, check out St. John The Divine Cathedral (Amsterdam and 111th st)..its so beautiful and you can have the best croissant of your life at the Hungarian Pastry Shop across the street.
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A little clarification on the Jvs post. When crossing the bridge stay in the extreme right hand lane as indicated by z. WHen on the ramp to the HEnry HUdson parkway there will be a lane merging on your right. .If you get in the right hand lane after the merge you will will wind up on Riversde DRive. If you stay in the left lane you will feed into the Henry Hudson southbound. Glance to your left at the merge and you will see two lanes to your left. One goes to the Henry HUdson and the other to RIverside DRive. Barriers prevent you from moving into these lanes so pay them no mind.
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