Bug problem in Key West

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Bug problem in Key West

I'm planning a trip to Key West in May. But I've started to hear stories about flying roaches and other bugs. I don't mean to sound like a weenie, but I hate bugs and don't think I could deal with large flying ones. Is this really a big problem in Key West? Is it a seasonal problem? Would May be an okay month to visit? Thanks for any advice.
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We've been to Key West several times in May and I don't ever remember there being a bug problem, flying or otherwise.
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Last year when we were in Destin in Oct/Nov. there were quite a few people that had come there from Key West and they complained terribly about mosquitos. Said you couldn't sit out at night or anything. Now we're going in Oct....duh.....
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I HATE bugs, etc. But I didn't have a problem in Key West. The only thing I remember from there was that there are a lot of tiny lizards darting about. We didn't have any in the condo where we stayed, but they were all over the place outside.
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We go to Key West several times a year and I do not recall seeing one flying insect of any kind outside - just ants in a kitchen condo and these little black teetsy fly things in a hotel room.
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The *little lizzards* are gecko's or salamanders and they eat bugs, so leave them alone We've been going to Key West for 25 years and since it is the tropics, there are bugs of all kinds, but usually NOT found in the newer buildings or the customers/clients would rebel for sure. And I've never seen a flying cockroach down there, yet.
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The name of the many "lizards" that scurry about in Key West are called Anoles. They found their way to Florida from Cuba and the Bahamas and are considered a biological invasion, having just about eliminated our native green lizard species. There are LOTS of them in South Florida and they are very active- its not uncommon to come across one that has found its way into your house. They're pretty much harmless though. My kids use to like to pick up the curly-tailed ones and play with them.
The lizards I can handle. The flying roaches (palmetto bugs) I cannot! They can be several inches in length and if you try to go after one with a shoe or a broom, they sometimes will fly right AT you. When I was a girl I once awoke on a camping trip to find one stuck in my hair. Even since then, I recoil at the sight of those disgusting creatures. Regular pest control is a must in South Florida, so the only way you will encounter them say, in a hotel room, is if that service is neglected.
As for mosquitos, they are naturally most prevalent during heavy rains, especially during the summer months. Tip: Avon's SkinSoSoft bath oil lightly applied to the skin repels mosquitos as well as any of the products sold for this purpose, and its non-toxic.
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Pathetic Humans
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geeeezuz you people sound unbelieveably pathetic. ewwww i hate bugs....wahhhhhhhhhh

You're the same people that move into your newly built homes and destroy every native species that has been living on "YOUR" land since the beginning of time

Why don't you crybabies just stay home in your protected, insecticide sprayed homes?

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Everything Mary FL Gurl said is exactly right. The little lizards are plentiful but are not threatening at all. We have our share of bugs down here, but if you spray regularly (once a month) there's not a problem. If you see lots of bugs at your hotel, complain because it means they are not cleaning and maintaining their property well.
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We were in Key West last May and noticed the LACK of bugs. We ate outside at almost every meal and were never bothered. Never saw them in the B&B either.

I don't know if it was the sea breeze or the fans at a lot of restaurants, but we couldn't believe we ate outside so much and were never swatting bugs away.
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Owen O'Neill
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I have been to KW in November, December, February and July. Don't recalll ever having problems with mosquitos or other flying bugs. Ate nearly all my meals at outdoor cafes and never any problems there either.
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For some of us its not just being cry babies. I am allergic to many bites, and get an abnormally strong reaction, including blistering and infections. Along with this I seem to be particularly attractive to the bugs, and get get huge numbers of them clustered all over my extremities. Needless to say it ruins any vacation. I have used all sorts of repellents, plus anti-itch, cortisone etc. I really need to know if a place has a lot of no-see-ums, I was plagued by them at Marco Island, but not in Naples right next door. How is Key West in early Feb?
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Lorraine, this thread was written 10 years ago. You might try asking your question on a new thread.
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Shucks . . the snakes in all the rooms eat most of the bugs . .
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Rich - that was mean!

(How does one even find a 10 yo thread to top?)
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(How does one even find a 10 yo thread to top?)

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but what does one google to get this one?? There have been hundreds of threads about Key West, some even mentioning bugs, since this one was started.
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When I gggole "Bugs in Key West" . . this is number 5 on the list

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They're not that bad. They only fly away w. small dogs-never big ones. On a more serious note:We never had a prob. w/ bugs there.
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