Brooklyn Bridge

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Brooklyn Bridge

Hi everyone! I have some very specific questions that I have not been able to find by perusing the other messages on this board (which is my fave btw!!)

1. How does one just walk onto the Brooklyn Bridge? Will it be obvious when I get there? Signs, other people, a path to take? If I hail a cab, can I just tell him/her to take me to the Brooklyn Bridge and they will know where to drop me off? And, when I get off of the bridge on the other side (DUMBO), besides Grimaldi's what other things will there be to see?

2. Has anyone been to the museum on Ellis Island? I had a friend visit it and say it's really nice, but I wonder if it's worth the time to take the ferry out there (I only have one day to fit in as much as possible!)

3. Iíll have a messenger bag to carry my stuff in, which will be right under my arm. I've heard that you should keep all your money in your front pocket. Is this true? How much of a risk is putting my money in a small wallet inside the messenger bag if I make sure to be aware of it at all times? Iíve traveled to large cities before and have never had to put my money in my front pocket.

4. I plan to be at the circle line ferry as soon as they open, if I go at all. After that I plan to walk to South Seaport for lunch, then up through Wallstreet to Chinatown and Canal street. After Canal street I donít have anything planned, so Iím looking for some suggestions. Greenwhich village? SoHo? Please give me specific streets that are interesting and have lots of character, I have a detailed map I will be able to follow. I really just want to walk all over and take it all in. Oh I almost forgot, I do have a Broadway play to go to that night (woo hoo!!!!), so my travels will need to take me to times square/broadway by early evening (I can take the subway if needed).

My itinerary in a nutshell: my flight arrives early on Monday, and I plan to just go to Central Park that day and see as much of it as I can. The next day Iíve explained in #4 above, and Wednesday my flight doesn't leave until 3 in the afternoon so I plan on taking a taxi to the Brooklyn Bridge, walk across it, take loads of pictures, have lunch at Grimaldi's, then I'll walk back across the Brooklyn bridge and take a cab back to my hotel.

Thank you thank you thank you! Any help is very much appreciated!!
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I have found this a good site for info, history, and a self walking tour of the Brooklyn bridge -

when you get to the bottom you will see other links for continuing the walk -

there are others too if you google 'walking tours brooklyn bridge' but this was the one we liked

you can also take the train out to Dumbo and also google a walking tour - I can't tell you how to do it b/c when I've done it I've been with my daughter so since she knew I wasn't paying attention, but I am sure someone here can give you explicit directions regarding that

Ellis Island:
It takes time to devote to do that right , in my opinon - an alternative is to go to The Tenement Museum down on Orchard Street - they have a great film, about 15 minutes, on immigration/Ellis Island, etc - then they offer one hour tours of renovated apartments in the tenement across the street, very interesting - the Confino Living History tour is one of our favorites - so all in all, that would only take you 90 minutes tops -

then you can walk up to Soho in about 5 minutes and stroll those streets, cafes, shops

As far as your messenger bag, as long as you are alert I think that is fine - I carry my wallet, money, etc in a pocketbook all the time in NYC - I have never put my wallet in my pants pockets nor have either of my kids or husband - and my son always uses his messenger bag - I would carelessly walk down a street swinging my bag or leave it unattended - but I wouldn't do that anywere anyway -

you can also do a search here by typing into the search this forum bar things like "east village, nyc" and "west village, nyc" and "soho, new york city" things like that and you will get lots of suggstions for walking and things to see.

If you are planning on spending an entire day in Central Park, I am assuming you have looked at the web pages

both are excellent - I happen to like the attractions drop down menu on

have fun !
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One great thing to do during the evening is to take a nighttour by bus (I took 1 with Greyline Tours). It takes you through the southern part of Manhattan, over Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn, and you turn around and go back.
You'll see the amazing skyline by night (Beautifull lights) and you will also have travelled across the Brooklyn Bridge (Ow, never mind, just saw you had your evening planned. Well, keep it in mind for a next time )

Cabbies know where the big attractions are, so they can take you to the bridge without a problem

If you just look out and don't put stuff in your back trouser pocket you'll be fine.
The best part of Chinatown is Mottstreet (If spelled correctly), feels like a part of China itself. Canalstreet is rather large, but I think you mean the part which runs through Chinatown mostly. You can walk from Chinatown through Little Italy (Mulberry street) to SoHo and the village very easily. The village is a great place to dine and have fun at evenings, and in SoHo you can shop till you drop.

Hope I was helpfull
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1 thing I forgot;

Since you have a Broadway play at night (Which usually starts at 8pm and takes about 2.30 hours) I suggest you go to the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock) afterwards. They're both open to 12.00PM, and you'll get great views of the city. They're pretty close to the Broadway theaters (Going from 42th to 48th mostly) since TotR is at 44th (or something) and ESB is around 34th which makes them within a 10-15 minute walking range. Remember, standing on top of those buildings by night will be very cold, so take a coat (and a camera )
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there are signs from the subway to the bridge
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We walked the Brooklyn Bridge this past weekend. We took the watertaxi from South Street seaport across to Dumbo - got ice cream form the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory - you can't miss it if you take the water taxi. Then walked up to walk back across the bridge. The walk took us about a half hour with stops for photos. We did walk past Grimaldi's and there was a line already at 5pm!

On the other side (Manhattan) you're close to a few subway stations, so I don't really see the need for taking a cab. City Hall Park is right there too which has really good flowers right now.

We also did the Ellis Island museum which I really enjoyed. We only had 2 days to do everything and I'm glad we did that. We didn't stop at Statue of Liberty though. If you click on my name you can read my trip report at least until the end of Ellis Island - I'm still working on the rest.
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I forgot - on the bag info - we had everything in a day pack and had no problem. We never even felt threatened.

And on the itinerary plan - looks good to me - it's almost exactly what I had planned, but I hurt myself so we chopped and changed some stuff. We did almost everything you are wanting to do. I don't really know if a whole day in Central Park would be that interesting - but it would be relaxing.

I should have the rest of my trip report posted by the weekend.
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From the same About site, here are detailed directions for walking across the bridge.
Couple good restaurants to nourish you before the walk: Henry's End (on Henry St.) and Noodle Pudding , which is practically next door.Both on the Brooklyn side.

After Chinatown visit NoLita -- south of Houston -- Mott, Mulberry, Elizabeth streets. Tons of boutiques, cute charming.
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First - get a detailed map of the city - and the subway. Some of your ideas of directions/distances are way off.

If you have only one day I would do neither Ellis Island (brilliant - but will take 4 hours at least) or the Brooklyn Bridge (view of Manhattan is nice - but there are much better things to do.

With only one day - and a play at night I would do the Top of the Rock/Rock Center, walk up Fifth Avenue, see a little of Central Park and do a part of either the Met or MoMA - depending on your artistic tastes. Ifyou want to do a boat suggest the Statenn Islad ferry - free, doesn't take long and gives a basic idea of NY Harbor - and a view of downtown skyscrapers from a distance.

This will fill a whole day when you include the walking, sitting down in a nice sidewalk cafe for lunch.

South Street Seaport is very touristy - not much to see unles you're into ships. Chinatown is really just for eating or shopping for tschokes. The Village and SoHo are much more intersting walking areas.

Your wallet is fine in a mesener bag as long as you don;t put it down - EVER. What's dangerous is wallet in a back pocket - or a fanny pack or back pack - all easily cut and opened without your knowing it.
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Top of the Rock is located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza and I believe the entrance is on 50th Steet. You will not need a coat -- it's 83 degress outside right now.
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lovin' you all right now!! thank you this will really help me.

-I didn't know about The Tenement Museum, I looked it up and it looks really interesting! I love old history like that. But, I'm still not sure if I will do the Ellis island museum or not...

-I had wondered about spending the whole first day at central park. I was going off of one poster who said that they had been to central park many times and still hadn't seen it all. I guess I will have to wait and see when I get there. I really just want to see strawberry fields, after that I might wander somewhere else.

Which raises another question that I would like to ask everyone - should I be concerned with being out after dark? I will be by myself, but I'm also 5'8" 180 pounds so I don't think anyone will want to mess with me. I don't plan on wearing any jewelry and dress will be casual - jeans, black tshirt, diesel tennies (the most comfortable shoes in the world). Again I've heard conflicting information - that I shouldn't be out after dark, and that it's ok to be out after dark. Well on my second day I will have no other choice since I have the show to go to and it doesn't even start until 8:30 pm!

- I had considered top of the rock or empire state building but I hate lines. but now with everyones suggestions I might have to try the top of the rock. I can probably fit it in the first day if I get board with central park.

I can't wait to come back here after I've come back to help other people plan there trips!!!!!

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strawberryrhubarbpie, the only obvious place not to be after dark is in the middle of Central Park (unless there's a concert or some other special event going on there) . Like in any other city, don't wander down deserted looking alleys, but you're not likely to come across any anyway!
BTW, are you sure your show starts at 8:30? That would be unusual
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You are right, it starts at 8 not 8:30 lol. It's the Pirate Queen at the Hilton Theatre.

Don't worry folks I will have all of my information straight before I leave, it's just that my mind has been over loaded with the finals this week!
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