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Boston Restaurant Help

For a birthday dinner we are trying to find a nice place for dinner for four. Options are Olives, KingfishHall, Prezza, and we are looking for recommendations on these and / or others that are nice. We are visiting Boston and wont have a car but would cab to wherever (we are staying at the Omni Parker House... is there somewhere nice to walk to ?)

Thanks !
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I don't leave in that region any longer, so my suggestions would be long out of date --- however I do know where the Parker House is (Tremont St) and suspect you can find a good place within walking distance.

Another site to add to your list or to check out restaurants you've mentioned is
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Many options,but beware.Olives was recently closed for health code violations!And according to the local news he(the owner/chef Todd English)seems ready to self destruct.He no longer cooks at any of his restaurants.Instead try-Radius,Mistral,Hammersly's or Clio for proven winners.
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Has anyone else heard that Olives isnt open or is in trouble ?
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Yes, they got a lot of bad publicity in the Boston Globe over their sanitation-related closings, but I believe they were only closed long enough to correct the violations.
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Olives is once again open. It was closed briefly twice, for either sanitation code violations or disgruntled neighbors, depending on which side you believe.

Both Olives and Kingfish Hall are Todd English creations. According to Boston Globe and above poster, he is either a little over-committed or needs to be committed, depending on which side you believe. He has parted ways with his ex-business partner and there is something pending in court about that plus he has ditched his wife and kids to run off with someone else.

Both have gotten excellend print reviews as well as word-of-mouth reviews. I know Olives does not take reservations, don't know about other two.
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First off jim, may I suggest you look at for hotels. If you don't have a great rate at the Omni, you may do better.

I have dined at all your choices. They are all wonderful. Olives offers you a chance to see a bit of Charlestown, the Consitution and waterfront, but the menu can be so large to be intimidating. The healthcode things are most likely local politics, so don't let that distract you. Kingfish hall is good, if you all want seafood, it may be a good choice. Prezza is very good, and the charm of the North end, strolling the streets lends a certain celebratory charm - most likely a more interesting crowd as the others will likely be more touristy. Make your reservations early! Good Luck
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I would also suggest as you tour the Public Gardens, Commons and the Charles to stop by The Upper Crust, on Charles Street for a great slice of pizza. It's fresh and a fav for all I've brought there and you won't load yourself up when you have dinner plans.
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Olives is so yesterday.Anyone who would play a clown in that stupid iron chef show is more concearned with celebrity not cooking.I live in Boston and as the previous poster mentioned there are much better restaurants in the area.Try Mantra for something new and in walking distance to your hotel.
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Mantra is very groovy and very $$$.It's also about time that Mr. English of Olives has been exposed.What was once a nice neighborhood restaurant has turned into an ego driven machine run amock.Many hard working chefs put out superior food and apperciate the folks who spend their money at their restaurants.I'm sorry Mr. English attitude is out, you should have treated your customers nicer.
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I would definitely skip Olives (riding on reputation). We enjoyed Sunday brunch on the terrace at Kingfish Hall. Some of the offerings are masterful and generous, others are awful and spare. I didn't find the decor inside the least bit appealing. Our favorite restaurant in Boston is Abe & Louie's. You can walk there from the Parker House. Ben's Cafe at Maison Robert, which is right across the street, is also excellent. And, here, unlike many places (even the pricey ones) in Boston, you can actually enjoy a quiet meal...
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Jim - By the State House which is a short walk there is No.9 Park or The Fed.Both are very expensive but nice for a birthday.I also agree with other posters about Olives.The food may be good but the attitude and service were rude!I hear the restaurant is not so busy anymore,since they got closed down for sanitation violations.
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try the chowda
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mimi taylor
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I love the Frasier Court at the Museum of fine Arts (sit by the fountain)
orleander in Cambridge,
Aquitane and Hamersly's Bistro in the south end.
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What was once the best bar-b-Q restaurant in 'Boston' is now the best seafood restaurant in 'Boston'. You should try the East Coase Grill in Cambridge.

Great raw bar, excellent drinks, open kitchen for the show, still has outstanding steak and bar-b-q items along with the freshest seafood.

This is a can't miss.

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Jim, While in Boston 3 weeks ago we ate at both Prezza and Kingfish Hall. I really liked everything about Kingfish. The food was perfect, the decor is great and the selection is amazing.

We loved Prezza also and honestly this is probably a better "fine" restaurant. However it is really over priced. It was just the 2 of us and dinner was over $200. The food was excellent but it just wasn't that excellent.

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