Best ground option from RDU?

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Best ground option from RDU?

Hi there,

I need to get from the airport to Cary (specifically StudioPlus @ 3100 Regency Parkway), arriving on Sun. Nov 12.

I checked out the RDU website and it looks like the TTA local busses (?) don't run on Sundays. So the only option would be to take a cab (about $20 one-way).

Is that about right? I just want to check with "locals" or local knowledge in case I'm missing something. Thx for any replies.

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I don't know the bus schedule, but you are in the right ball park for taxi fares. It costs me right under $30 to go from Durham to RDU, and Cary is a little closer. It is usually very easy to catch a cab at RDU.
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I highly suggest renting a car since you are staying in a hotel. Cary isn't pedestrian friendly.
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Thx a mint for the confirmation dan_woodlief!

Renting a car is a good idea GoTravel, but I'm trying to save costs. Will just be going from the hotel to a the course for the week so paying 2 cab fares a day will probably be cheaper than the total cost of renting...thx for the suggestion tho!

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I agree with GoTravel. Looking at, apparently some car rental company is doing a compact car for $17.95 a day in Raleigh. You might want to price a car rental before you make your decision.
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Wow!! Thx a mint for taking the time to post that kgh8m!

I had looked at a car and the normal search on Hotwire was bringing up $29+/day. I know of Hotwire but have never used it before. I looked specifically for your price and found it! Looks like a much better deal than a cab plus flexibility - I will investigate further. I am so excited I just wanted to post back right away (a car came up for $12.95!!)

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Yes, too good to be true...those rates are only for the weekend. The weekday rates go up to $35/day. Good to know for w/end trips to cities tho.

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If this hotel is where I think it is (guessing by address) you're in the middle of an office park. You won't have many options for supper in the area. So factor in cab from hotel to meeting, from meeting to supper location, from supper location back to hotel.

There aren't many public transportation options from the airport. At one time the airport was in the middle of nowhere. $20 from airport to hotel seems right. The taxi dispatcher should give you a pamphlet with rough price amounts.
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Plan on $30-$40 for that trip by taxi. It cost me $16 to get from airport to 4 exits away and Regency is 4 times that far. Taxi's are expensive and the airport taxi's are very expensive but very regulated and safe. (NOt like some Asian cities which I have commented on in the Asian boards) Do a search on sidestep or kayak and take the best offer. They will try to sell you up on damage contraol but turn them down and check your credit cards to see if they offer proctection. TTA will be great in 20 years if we can run the John Lockers out of the triangle (insider's joke)
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