Bachelor Party in The Vegas

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Bachelor Party in The Vegas

Hi everyone... just doing some research for a group of young 20-something guys who are headed to Vegas next summer for a bachelor party. They are looking for a casino/hotel on the strip... and i was wondering if anyone can narrow down the vast amount of choices!

Any ideas what hotel would be a good choice for these guys?

Thanks, Lucy
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No contest!! Twenty somethings...guys...bachelor party - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Even the website screams this.
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First, no one calls it "The Vegas." A simple "vegas" will suffice.

Second - WHAT ARE A GROUP OF GUYS DOING OUTSOURCING BACHELOR PARTY PLANNING TO A WOMAN. No offense intended, but once you take the Bachelor out of bachelor party, well, then right there the reason for Vegas to EVEN exist goes away!!

That said, for a Strip location, they might check Mandalay Bay. A group of twenty-somethings will be looking for a great pool, on the Strip Manadalay qualifies.

If Off-Strip is ok, then as suggested, the best option is definately the Hard Rock. Just warn them, the pool area as a webcam which may cause some trouble for the groom if things get a bit to "wild."
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First: they call it The Vegas on "The OC", which i'm sure you don't watch, because you're a MAN... but it's a joke with some of the guys in the group.

Second: I am planning the party, because as a WOMAN, i am the far more organized than any of the guys going on the trip. Also, if they want it done right, they probably shouldn't attempt it themselves...

Thanks for your help...
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What? Thoae girlymen watch "The OC"?

You're right, they probably shouldn't attempt it themselves...

Just kidding Lucy...good answer.

You're going to be a good, I mean wife.
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I can certainly understand why someone who calls Orange County "the OC" and in fact watches the show, would call it "the Vegas."

I guess some of us are just purists.

Given what you indicated so far, really no option makes more sense then the Hard Rock. Sorry, make that "the HR."
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Peterboy... lol, thanks

I don't think that the guys want to watch it, so much as they are made to watch it by their significant others... at least that's what they tell me, haha.

Have you been to The Vegas?
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Sorry Lucy, I have nothing constructive to add. I just thought you post was funny. I HAVE been to The Vegas as recently as Sept. but only long enough to get a rental SUV and head for the wilds of southern Utah. I don't gamble and am not fond of crowds so The Vegas is more annoying to me than anything else. I hear they have a lot of nekkid wimmin there though and that would be something fun for a B-Party.
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The Hard Rock Hotel is where they must stay. A group of my husband's employees (I guess now they are former employees) just got back and they said if they had not have stayed at the Hard Rock, they would have ending up spending all their time at the HR.

The ventured out one afternoon and realized how thrilled they were with their choice of accommodations.
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Well-said, peterboy!

TnT_Lucy: I know your group would never do this intentionally, but you never know what happens when alcohol is involved : be sure to remind the boys that "girls for hire" are not legal in The Vegas, nor on The Strip, and that --- sometimes --- a taxi driver will suggest it is possible to find what a drunk man wants closer than the legal territory --- men get taken to a special place that is closer than the legal areas and then, they are really taken.

And, if you've never seen the movie, I don't recommend "Very Bad Things" as a precursor to the festivities.
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Good call, Rex. I was thinking of that movie even before I finished reading your comment.

Overall, I'm with Ryan on this one. Lucy, if you're the future Mrs. of the bachelor in question then I am truly scared for him. After 5 years of marriage he'll have cajones the size of garbanzo beans (and that's not a good thing. he won't even be allowed to watch footbal with "THE boys" he'll be so emasculated). Now if you're simply a friendly bystander or significant other to someone in "THE group" then I think it's nice of you to try to help out. Are you willing to clarify?

As for Lucy's question, staying on "THE strip" in "THE Vegas" is always preferable to staying off the strip. The Hard Rock is over a mile from the strip. Not close. But if the gang will be totally occupied hanging out at the pool (which is a very happening place at HR in summer) and casino, then the HR would be fine.
If they haven't been to LV or if they plan on casino hopping, then the HR is a poor choice. I've tried it both ways.
Ryan's recommendation of "THE Mandalay Bay" is excellent for many reasons.
Other good choices would be Caesar's (even has a topless pool; must stay in a Tower room) and Venetian. Be glad to offer more specifics if you can give more details about what they're looking for.
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The best places stay would be Mandalay Bay, Treasure Island(TI), or if you dont mind staying "off-strip",then either the Palm or Hard Rock. Rule of thumb, if you are after higher caliber females, go to higher caliber hotels, i.e. Venetian and Bellagio. Regardless of where you stay you should have a good time.
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