Ask for an upgrade? (Kauai Hyatt)

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Ask for an upgrade? (Kauai Hyatt)

A lot of people here mention that they got an upgrade (free) after mentioning it was their honeymoon, anniversary, etc. We are leaving for Kauai a week from tomorrow and will be using the Elite Stay certificates at the Hyatt (which gets you the lowest category of room). How should I ask for an upgrade? It's our 5 year anniversary, so should I call ahead and mention that? Should I wait until check in and ask (mentioning the anniversary)?

We NEVER just get offered upgrades on a whim. I guess we just don't have the "give me a free upgrade" look.
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As a currently p/t desk clerk (and an asst GM during an earlier career) I advise DON'T ASK FOR AN UPGRADE..

You are at a very busy hotel, and I sssume the Elite Stay Certs are already a DISCOUNT price. Believe me, EVERYONE wants an upgrade, and really, why should the hotel give away what others are willing to pay for??

Now you might ask, with a smile, "How much more would a XXXXX cost us? It's our anniversary." and maybe, MAYBE you will get an upgrade. Or you might just get a price quote, and if so, decided if it's worth it.

You are staying a week. Free upgrades are generally given for short stays, especially 1 or 2 nights, as a hotel can't be tying up a discounted room when they can be selling it for much more. You are more likely to get an upgrade too when you go at an off-peak season. While HI has no off-peak, winter is peak.

Why did you order hamburger if you wanted steak?

Otherwise, Happy Anniversary and good luck. One last comment: don't EVEN try bribing the clerk with a "tip". It's an affront to his/her sense of honor and loyalty to the owner.
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We get upgraded when we pay full price for a Garden View, or Partial View, up to the next level or so. We are already in the Gold Passport Program, and they can look in the computer to see how often we stay at Hyatt's. We never wait until check in, however, the suggestion to ask how much more for an upgrade is a great idea at that time. When you arrive at check in, they have the room packet already made up for the day, and the desk clerk may not be able to do anything.

Phone a week ahead to the hotel and ask to speak to the General Manager, and tell him of your occasion, etc. He will usually say he will see what he can do, and then we are happily surprised when we get the upgrade.

Your stay certificates are only $249 a night, about half price of a room, so that is already a good deal. Let us know what worked out for you
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Yikes...Do not call the GM--you would not be put through to him. You might get to his admin asst, but she can't do a thing with a reservation and it'll bounce back to res, as that isn't the sort of thing a GM handles. That's a position that receives about 150 "for real" emails/day, let alone phone calls! I'm lucky if I can get through to the GM, even if stranded and threatened by rabid dogs...and I'm married to him!

Listen to rb, he knows of what he speaks. Your reservations are at a fabulous rate at a very busy hotel. It would be nice if they acknowledged your special occasion with a nice amenity, but honestly I'd be happy with that and let higher expectations go. It's not "you", it's the times, very very good, and very busy for the most part.
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Thanks for the advice. To clarify...I don't EXPECT an upgrade at all. I'm happy just to be staying there at a fabulous rate. If we get a garden view room at the end of the hall, I won't care a bit. The reason I asked was because so many people seem to mention getting "upgraded" and it's never happened to us. I'll try the approach rb recommended when we check in. Thanks for the input!
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I know this is off of your subject..but speaking of upgrades..hubby and I flew to Mexico last November. I never thought to ask for an upgrade to first class on an airline...when we got up to to the check in desk the clerk took one look at my very tall, broadshouldered husband and said "just a minute." She We had no idea what she meant and she returned shortly. She quietly said "I've moved you to seat 1 C and 1 B. I almost fell over! I whispered back "thank you SO much." And she winked and said "no problem."
Believe it or not, on the return flight I tried a different approach. I quietly said to the clerk "any chance we could have a wide isle for my tall husband?" Once again, I was amazed when he said "how about 1st class?" I quietly thanked him and said "this is the BEST airline!" He smiled and we were on our way to one of the best flights we've ever had. We are now spoiled and will use our miles to upgrade whenever possible.
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my friend went to Kauai Hyatt for her honeymoon , granted it was in June, not their high season, but I had called ahead to arrange something special for them in their room, when they arrived they had been upgraded to a suite. who knows why, they didn't know, they just smiled. She was sure it was because they knew it was their honeymoon.

My personal experiences with upgrades have been very different, maybe the upgrade gods are looking out for us, but when we check in, if the desk clerk is friendly and we are chatting, we often ask, very kindly, if there is any possible chance of an upgrade, whether we paid full price, discount or on certificates, and have been amazed how many times we've been upgraded at hotels. Once, when it was just my daughter and I, I asked b/c it was her 16 birthday trip and while they couldn't upgrade us, they had a special table that night for us at dinner and desserts were on the house, so pushy me, I'd somehow let them know it's your anniversary.

Our best upgrade though was in the air, to first class from LA to New Zealand, and we had our two high school kids with us - my husband asked at check in and she said she didn't think so, when it was time to board the plane the four of us were pulled out and directed to first class, - to the front row seats - there were only 3 other passengers in first so my husband htinks it is b/c otherwise the attendants would have been bored....who knows, but it was a great flight!

So my motto is, all they can say is no. And I still have my room, or plane seat, so what's the harm? Or call, and ask if there is anything else upgraded from what you have available, being that it is your anniversary, and what would it cost - if it's too much just say oh, sorry, that wouldn't be possible for us and leave it at that. maybe they'll surprise you with something.

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