Arlington funeral plans


Nov 28th, 2015, 10:41 AM
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Arlington funeral plans

Going to Recently killed soldiers funeral but dont know when, likely Dec or Jan. We know nothing about the area, places to stay to make the complications less stressful
THANK YOU, California
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Nov 28th, 2015, 01:23 PM
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There are many places to stay in Arlington itself that are convenient to the cemetery. I will let others with local knowledge advise you.

I am sorry for your loss.

Military funerals are deliberately very highly structured. This is not so much meant to be impersonal, I think, as it is to show that the deceased is one of a long line of soldiers who have died for their country and are honored for their supreme sacrifice. The young women and men who form the honor guard learn in their turn that they will receive the same honor if they should make the same sacrifice.

But it isn't easy for those left behind.
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Nov 28th, 2015, 01:42 PM
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You get a small window. 25 min for my Dad. Very structured. My cousin is an Army chaplain so he arranged it all from the bag piper to the taps. Our new Federal VA cemetery in Fl is being built 3 miles from us and they are going to have the ability to do more than one service at a time which will be nice for the families.
Arlington has many hotels very close to the cemetery. Washington National/DCA is the airport you will probably fly into.
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Nov 28th, 2015, 04:17 PM
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There is at least one hotel (the Sheraton Pentagon City) that overlooks part of the cemetery and is closer, physically, than any of the other establishments. It also abuts Joint Base Fort Myer-Henderson Hall and you could make a somewhat long walk, if you wished, from the hotel to at least one of the Fort Myer chapels in which the religious services are held. But I would not let the physical location of that establishment be the only criterion in terms of picking a place to stay. The ceremony will be over and then what?

You really need, IMO, some more definite information before you make any final decisions. This would include the actual date of the ceremony and (a big perhaps) knowledge of which chapel is to be used.

It is easy enough to take a taxi from the many hotels in Arlington to Fort Myer. The cemetery itself, at least the visitor center and the lower sections, can be reached by Metro as well.

Reagan National would be the closest airport to fly into as has been pointed out.
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Nov 28th, 2015, 08:46 PM
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When you begin looking for hotels, I recommend you look for those located in the Crystal City or Rosslyn areas of Arlington. Both areas are close to Arlington National Cemetary and have a good selection of hotels. Should you be looking for a budget-priced hotel, look at the Americana Hotel in Crystal City and the Best Western Iwo Jima or the Holiday Inn [email protected] Bridge, both of which are located in Rosslyn.
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Nov 30th, 2015, 05:16 AM
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For my mother's internment I stayed at the Lorien in Alexandria. It was very comfortable and convenient.
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