Anyone fly Spirit Airlines recently?

Old Jul 23rd, 2002, 12:44 PM
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Anyone fly Spirit Airlines recently?

Looking to book a flight to Fort Lauderdale and this airline has nonstop flights at times that work well for me. (prices are a bit cheaper as well). Anyone fly this airline recently?
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I flew Spirit last fall from Fort Lauderdale to Atlantic City. The flight was fine, but the plane was an old MD-80, half full, with a crew that was hard working but not incredibly professional looking. I don't know why but it felt a bit squeamish as opposed to flying with a major player. Wouldn't do it again unless the deal was too good to pass up--I had to because I needed to buy a one-way ticket imediately.
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Airplane Parts Falling
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Spirit planes fly over my house a million times a day (I am in the Atlantic City area). I pray to God one of them won't have engine trouble again while they are over me! I have an aunt who works for them (her boyfriend is also one of Spirit's mechanics) and they won't even fly them - and they fly for free!!! That ought to tell you something right there.
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Oh please! Spirit Airlines must follow the same FAA regulations as everyone else (including upkeep) and they are fine. I flew them last month and had no problems. They are a cheaper airline and you can expect less frills but they do fly direct to their destination instead of making you first fly to a hub, switch planes, and then get to your final destination.
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Airplane Parts Falling
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xxx - Do you live in the ACY area?

If you do and read the Press of Atlantic City, you know of there numberous mechanical problems.

A good friend of mine was on a Spirit flight last year from ACY - Orlando. Emergency landing in Baltimore because of an engine manufunction which rocked the whole plane.

Same friend this past June - figured lightning wouldn't strike twice. Flew Spirit from ACY to Fort Meyers with another engine which blew.

I'll take my business to Philly.....
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Don't worry, I've flown Spirit from Detroit to Orlando and had NO problems. Plane was fine. Same as any Northwest plane. Large normal seating etc.... The only difference is they do not offer food. Only pretzels and peanuts. I would definitely fly Spirit again. Especially if they are economical. Trust me, I have a few friends who also flew Spirit a few times. NO BIG DEAL!!!
If I were you, I would do it!
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Sorry but I agree with Falling Parts.

I live in the same area and we all know to try to avoid them if at all possible.

The president of the company recently said that flying with them was like gambling.

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I have flown Spirit a bunch and never had a problem.
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I have a flight in two weeks on Spirit. You people are freaking me out!!!!!
Anyone else with good experiences please post.
Old Jul 24th, 2002, 05:43 AM
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to the top
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Don't freak out. They have had scheduled flights since 1992, they pretty much fly MD-80's and the average age of their aircrafts are 15.5 years old. Based on the amount of passengers, on average Spirit has had fewer complaints than the Major airlines. Compared to some of the smaller airlines they did have a larger amount of complaints however. Spirit is known for having low fares. I wouldn't necesarily erase them from your options. I recently flew on an Allegro Airlines chartered flight and spirit would definitly have been a step above Allegro. You will find with most airlines that people have good and bad experiences. It is true however that american airlines will likely have more daily flights in the event there is a delay/problem.

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Why do some people think that because they flew on an airline once and the flight was OK, that must mean that the airline is fully competent? Don't they realize that they were on one of hundreds of flights that day, multiplied by day after day?
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I have flown Spirit 3x's , the most recent in Jan this year and had no troubles. I have another flight booked in Oct to Ft Lauderdale from Detroit. I would say go for it, I have friends who love Spirit as well.
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