Anybody ever rented a car to go on vacation?

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Anybody ever rented a car to go on vacation?

I'm not asking those who have rented a car while they're on vacation. I want to hear from the ones who have ever rented a car for the purpose of going on vacation?

In the fine print of most rental-car Web sites, it states that even though the car might be rented with unlimited mileage, the renter still cannot take the car beyond the adjoining states. Thus, if you rent a car in Missouri, according to the fine print, you cannot take it beyond Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma or Arkansas-- all adjoining states.

Has anybody ever rented a car in the past couple of years to go on vacation to a destination further away than an adjoining state of the state in which they are renting? Were you charged more money than was advertised or quote given?
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I rent from Hertz using my AAA discount and American Express card (for insurance) and I have never had the problem you outline except for driving into Mexico. I also understand there can be a problem taking a rental car into Canada, but I've never driven one there.
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Two years ago, we rented a van to drive on vacation (Missouri to Alabama Gulf Coast). We rented from a local car dealer - not a usual rental car company. There was no problem with taking the van anywhere in the U.S.
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As long as the rental agency is advised before you sign up, there is no problem between states.

I've also been able to rent one from Canada into States & back, but had to "know someone" to get that permission .
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I am sure it varies by locale and company - we have rented a car locally while car was getting repaired (it lost the collision with a deer and we were without it for 3 weeks). Rental agreement said we could not take car out of New England - would have to pay extra if we did.

Husband rents car all the time on business - sometimes driving through 4 states - when he does not want to put all that mileage on our car.

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It entirely depends on the location/agency. For instance here in N, Calif some companies won't offer the same weekend rates or special deals if you are say driving into OR or NV. You might have to pay a higher daily rate. But most nation-wide agencies don't place those types of restrictions.

And the idea of renting from a local car dealer is a good one. They often have really good rates.
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Last Aug., we rented a car from Jacksonville, FL to Las Vegas. 2 days later picked up another and drove to Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The Jax car was not ok'd to Van, so we switched from a location that would allow it.

Avis all the way! Great GM cars and not a minute of trouble.
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Several months ago, there was an article in WSJ about this. A family rented a car in CA, but did not read the fine print (and the rental car company personel did not say anything about it). They drove to NV and back. When they returned the car, they were charged an enormous fee for taking the car out of CA. The rental car company knew because they had put chips in all their rental cars and thus the company was able to track every car it owns.

The bottom line is: read all the fine print. And don't assume you can cheat your way out of it. Big Brother is always watching.
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I visit family out west and fly into El Paso, TX but then head straight out of there to NM. The rental car company always knows where I'm going but never has said anything. They give me a map and show me how to go, don't seem to mind a bit. I would guess that many people do the same there as El Paso surrounded by NM not TX.
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I never heard that before, about taking the car into adjoining states!

I know in NY, NYers w/o cars (including myself up until a year ago) rent cars for weekend trips, etc. and for the car into NJ, CT, PA, DE, MD, etc. People will also go to rent a car from NJ to save $$$ on the rental, never a problem even when using a NY address.

I wonder if it varies because the states in New England/Mid-Atlantic are so much smaller - renting a car in DE or RI without beign able to leave the state really limits your options!
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I once rented a minvan from National to drive from Ohio to Colorado and back. I did specifically ask about driving it to Colorado, the rate was their normal, reasonable, unlimited mileage rate....their policy at least at that time from the location I rented was 48 continguous states.

I do remember at the same time talking to one of the other big rental car agencies that would only allow travel to adjacent states, but I don't remember which one it was. And, it seems there were other companies I talked to that also allowed it, again, I don't remember which ones.

I guess the bottom line is call around and ask so you make sure you get what you want. Particularly with the tracking capability these days, I wouldn't risk violating the contract; I would make sure you find a company with a rental policy that meets your needs.

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I use rental cars for vacation almost always if I am not flying or taking a train. The reason being I use my car in my business and it is a tax deduction. If I build up non-business miles, it dilutes the value of the business deduction.

As others have said, much depends on the terms of the agreement with the car company. As a retiree, I can piggyback on my employer's contract with any of the major companies, all of which allow unlimited mileage and I can take it to as many states as I wish. In one case, I had a car for one day and put 1,150 miles on it. No one even batted an eyebrow when I turned it in.
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I've seen a couple of people drive the Indy 500, fly to Charlotte and then drive the Coca-Cola 600. Driving over 150 mph, it's a long day for professional drivers

How were you able to drive more than that along the streets?

Not doubting you, just courious.
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