Am I Weird, or what???

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Tricia: You are NOT weird! I wish everybody had your attitude. Even when I'm not traveling I still love to check out new places,people, & cultures in books, on T.V., in magazines & on the web. It's a passion that helps to create a healthier mind, soul, & lifestyle. It will teach you tolerance & patience. You will grow to have an open mind & rid your brain of ignorance & bigotry. I say travel until you go to your grave.
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My arms way up over here. I can completely relate. First, decided to make a little jaunt to Chicago just for the day to see the Art Institute's Museum. Five months later, I went to London/Paris for 4 days (all the vacation time allowed) just so that I could SEE the cities. Now I go again in April with a best friend of mine. In June, I take the family to South Dakota for a family reunion (haven't been there in 20 years). Have plans to go to Italy next year with a sister of mine. And the year after that, I'm taking the kids to the UK. It never ends... : ) And I still haven't even been to DC or NYC. I think maybe next Christmas?
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Did you ever work at Wang in Lowell?
If so, I remember you!
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What's weird to me is some family and friends and coworkers who NEVER travel, at least anywhere too far from home. WE'RE the normal ones, living life to the max, not afraid of something new...
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Mary-when are you coming to NYC?
Serendipity? Scrabble? a wander through the Metropolitan Museum?
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Troy-that is sooo true! That is what I can people be content to stay in the same place all their lives??Aren't they the least interested in what it is like out there! What things taste like out there! How much better the chocolate is
Oh well, as long as there are enough of us "weird" ones to keep traveling and seeing things...tasting things...keeping the world interesting~
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so??? what happened, please1
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Dear Wondering, if you mean Lowell, Mass, I've never been there. Sorry. In fact, never have travelled to/thru New England (but have been thru most of the rest of the US - the South, North, midwest, out west, etc.). But I've always wanted to go to Lowell just to see Kerouac's grave.

Yes, Troy, I agree with your philosophy. Am very independent and have decided if I want to go somewhere then I will go. Life is too damn short.

Frankly, Scarlett (oh wait, I've already used the d-word). Yes, all three! Won't you join me in a game of Scrabble at Serendipity after a jaunt thru the museum? And maybe afterwards, we'll take a ferry!

Yes, C, the chocolate! Always the chocolate. I ate a croissant today at Panera Bread (do you have those there?) and I was drafting a letter in my mind requesting they do a pain au chocolat!!
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Birds of a feather...
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Great thread! I know just what you mean. Right now I have a trip planned for Hawaii in March and a 3 week trip to China in September. The China trip is taking a big bite out of my travel budget and vacation days - which means the rest of the year is going to be small weekend trips - already have several planned.

And I've been saving my FF miles up the past several years and have enough for a free first class to Australia - so that is on the plate for 2003!

And then there is Oberammergau Passion Play in 2010!!!

And my "fantasy" trip is an Antartica Cruise - if I could only justify the cost.

Troy is so right - it kills me that so few of my friends/co-workers travel (many never leave the city or state). Thank goodness this board exist!

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Of course you're not weird. People who have no curiosity about the rest of the world are the weirdos! I have so many co-workers and friends who never go anywhere or do anything. Their idea of an ideal vacation is to drive down to the Keys (we live in S Florida) and sit on a beach and get drunk for a week! How sad is that? Or worse, their going to paint the house, clean out the garage, or organize the closets during their precious vacation. What a waste! I always keep my toiletries bag stocked and have my packing list on a spreadsheet....always ready for a trip!

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