20 hours in Honolulu

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20 hours in Honolulu

Our family will arrive from Chicago to Honolulu at 8PM on a Friday in March and leaving the next day at 6 PM for Kauai. We would like to spend Saturday going to Pearl Harbor. Does anyone have ideas concerning lodging and advic e for getting to Pearl Harbor and what to do with our luggage in the meantime? We would like to leave our luggage in the hotel and take a taxi to Pearl Harbor. We would appreciate any ideas.
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We had the same situation last time we visited Hawaii. Since we arrived late in the evening, we just stayed at one of the closest hotels to the airport - standard room, but clean. We checked out early in the morning & had them hold our luggage in a "baggage room" they had available for such requests. We then took the local bus to Pearl Harbor, which wasn't very far away; taxis would also be available (and faster) for the return trip to your hotel. Allow yourselves enough time for your return to pick up your luggage & airport check-in on the return. We signed up for the Pearl Harbor tour that offloads you ON the memorial; some only take you around it. We saved the gift shops/historial movies for later, in case we didn't have enough time. A few hours should be more than sufficient; we had also gone down to Waikiki Beach for lunch & a little exploring in the same day, but as I said before, be sure to allow enough time to get back/allow for traffic.
Have fun!
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Keep in mind, you don't need to sign up for a tour to get the full experience out of Pearl Harbor. The Park Service does a wonderful job of telling the story of the Memorial. I would really recommend seeing the movie and viewing the artifacts in the museum before you go out to board the Memorial. For me, it made the experience so much greater.
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Rent a car. You'll save money and be able to do more things.
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I agree, if you're not on a time crunch, by all means see the movie/museum before going out to the memorial. Also take a short look inside the submarine displayed nearby - I've also heard the Battleship Missouri is now permanently located there as well, although I don't know if it is yet open to the public. I disagree about renting a car, if you're only there one day & unfamiliar with the traffic. If you just go to Pearl Harbor it wouldn't be worth it - if you go elsewhere, there is a LOT of traffic, as in any big city, and you may get turned around; also, it is very difficult to find parking, unless you're staying at a motel Waikiki area with a parking garage.
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Go early to Pearl Harbor. Try to get there when it opens. Sign up for the tour, and while you are waiting your turn look at the artifacts in the museum. The movie was the beginning of the tour when we went. It is not to be missed. It was a very moving experience.
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Choice is good so I will offer an alternative to the standard Pearl Harbor.

Rent a car go to Iolani Palace do that tour and learn the history of the one time independent country you are visiting. This tour really gives you a sense of Hawaii's history.

The actual tour is about 45 minutes pick up tickets early and explore area historical sites should you have some wait time for visit. If you are there on Friday the Royal Hawaiian band (originally played for Queen) plays on grounds. Across the street you have the missionary settlement tour (I think this is only a 20 minute tour and you usually don't have to wait). Here they dress in period custom and play the roles of actual missionaries on your tour. You also have old capital house where King Kamehameha statue is located. There is also a film shown here (check to see if you can view on weekends should you be there then) (brief film)on how some water rights taken from Hawaiians changed the agrarian make up of the culture. The buildings along the strip are old and give you a sense of 19th century Hawaii.I like the post office and the old Alexander Baldwin building. Alexander Baldwin being two of Hawaii big 5 families that broke up and took claim to spoils in Hawaii when it was first annexed. You also have the library all gives you a feel of an older Hawaii.

Before Bishop Museum if time is good, I would shoot over to Diamond head road and watch the wind surfers at look outs. Sounds complicated but I have done this not knowing roads and made it back to the airport for and evening flight.

… Have lunch at Seafood kingdom in China town (more old Hawaii here, reminds me of stage coach days out west)or better yet Ono's on Kapahulu street (genuine Hawaiian food)(Cheap cheap) after this I would go to Bishop museum for the remainder of the day.

Pearl Harbor is a great trip but Oahu has some of the best references for Hawaiian culture/History on any of the islands. It is very moving learning how Hawaii lost her soverignty at Iolani Palace. I regret not taking guests here last summer. You really miss out when you skip. Go where I have suggested and your entire stay will be enhanced. You will know more about the people and history of where you are,you will see traces of this past every where. 20 hours is more than you think.
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Seafood Kingdom is in China town it is actually the roof tops and buildings in the larger china town that remind you of early west.
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Rent a car and then try and follow street signs like Honoapillani,puuanahulu, papaaloa. By the time you figure where you are, your past it, and possibly going around in circles. Best option would be to grab a tour for Pearl Harbor. Well worth it. When we were there, the movie was also the entrance to the boat to the ship. Tickets had a time when you were to start tour. We got there early in am and were in about the 3rd tour thru. Gave us time to go thru rest of the area and listened to a vet give his version.

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