suggestions for getting "O" tickets

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suggestions for getting "O" tickets

I am traveling for a convention to Vegas from feb. 19-24 and nedd tickets for "O".
I tried the Bellagio....sold out........tried the web.......sold out tried ticket master........$200.00 a ticket........sorry cannot afford it.......any ideas as to where I might possibly search? I know about standing in line for cancellation but my husband does not want to do that since our time will be limited. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Cathy
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I think you're going to either miss it or stand in line.
I hate to lecture, but when did you find out about this convention? You need to order O tickets three months ahead, not 2 weeks.
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Hi Cathy, Don't give up on tickets for "O". You will need to print off a seating chart for the show. That is available on the hotel web site. Call the box office and keep calling each day. They will tell you that they never have cancellations, but they do. It seems that you can charge a ticket and you have 24 hours to cancel. I started two weeks before out last trip to Vegas. I finally got two seats that were not very good, but I booked them. On the day before I left, I called again and secured better seats. The seats were $99.00 each. This was last November. I hope this is helpful. Be sure and take the local box office number with you to Vegas and keep calling when you get there, if you have not gotten tickets. Good Luck.
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I just went to the Bellagio website and there ARE tix available for:

2/22 10:30
2/23 10:30
2/24 7:30+10:30
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Jean Valjean
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Why not the cancellation line? It always works!

Go to the box office at Bellagio 3 (yes, THREE) hours before the performance you want to see. One hour before the show starts, they will start selling cancelled tickets. There's always plenty to go by. HOWEVER, you are NOT guaranteed to get a ticket, that's why its better that you are first in line.

You will "lose" 2 hours. If you and your husband take turns, it can be even less. If I remember correctly, you can buy one ticket per person, so just make sure that you are both in line 1 hour before the performance you want to see.

Other than that, I have been told (haven't tried it myself) that you may do this:

-Book a room at Bellagio, and get a confirmation number.
-24 hours later call Bellagio and ask for "O" tickets. Tell them you want the tickets at "Will Call". Make sure that you tell them that you will stay at Bellagio, and that you want a direct charge to your credit card.
- After you get confirmation for the tickets, cancel the reservation.

Be sure to check whether there will be any cancellation charges, though.
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Jean Valjean
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"- After you get confirmation for the tickets, cancel the reservation.

Be sure to check whether there will be any cancellation charges, though."

Sorry if this was not clear. I mean cancelling the reservation for the ROOM, and to check cancellation charges for the ROOM.

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