2-year old at Disney World - Don't do it!!!

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Earth to Laura
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Uh, Laura - before you say it is nobody's business if you want to take a two year old to Disney, you might want to check the title and content of the original post. The person was suggesting that, based on her experience she would advise against taking a two year old to Disney. That is the whole point of this discussion so to tell everyone to mind their own business makes no sense. It seems to me that a lot of parents, yourself included, are trying to justify to themselves dragging a two year old to Disney. If it is nobody's business and you don't care what other people think why bother to even post on this topic.
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Hey Olive Oyl,
Don't give your home page so publicly, unless you don't want people to know your cats are Hobie and Katie, and you used to live in MA and Tx, and had a New Orleans Library card - if that was you...

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Disney13-YOU are the one with the stupid viewpoint! What rock did you crawl out from under?? And yes, I have sat next to kids in Church and 2 year olds can't sit still. Parents like you should not be allowed to reproduce because you have no clue as how to parent!
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Parents who take 2 year olds and under are not doing it for the kids sake. They are doing it because they haven't grown up themselves or they had such rotten childhoods they feel the need to relive it. It has nothing to do with the kids.
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Minnie in Church -- Right on - well said!!

and to Marie: at age 5, none of my 3 children were yet questioning the existence of Santa, but they all knew there was a real person in the Mickey Mouse suit at Disney. They realized Mickey Mouse was a cartoon and not "real".
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I took a 3 year old and an 18 month old to Disneyworld from Australia and it was really hard work!!!! My 3 year old had a great time and remembers most of the trip, however it was a waste for my younger girl. I just spent 5 days this week in DisneyWorld and now the kids are 5 and 3......unbelievably better!!!!
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Oaktown Traveler
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I am not going to get into THIS ONE. It got ugly the last time...BUT THIS takes the cake...YOU GO GIRLS!!!

Happy Travels
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won't let this thread die
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To the top!!!!
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won't let this thread die
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Author: won't let this thread die ([email protected])
Date: 5/25/2001, 11:01 pm ET

Message: To the top!!!!


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