2-year old at Disney World - Don't do it!!!

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2-year old at Disney World - Don't do it!!!

We took our children when they were 8 and 10 and although they enjoyed it I think they liked Kings Island outside of Cincinnati better...However, that was several years ago and they have much much more at Disney World now than they did then...We went with a couple who had a 3 year old and that child was miserable and consequently the rest of the family was miserable...Like one writer said, a two year old can get just as much pleasure playing in a wading pool in the back yard or riding the coin-operated pony at the grocery...A child that age will not appreciate Disney World like it should be appreciated...and, even if it is appreciated, it won't be remembered for long...What do you remember about being a 2 years old?
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Having just booked a 4 day trip to visit the mouse in Feb. 2002 in celebration of our 2 yr. olds b-day... can't say I agree. Of course she won't remember a thing, but I think the reason most parents bring young children is because the expressions on their children's faces is something the PARENTS remember the rest of their lives. As for whiny kids at WDW, I think that has to do with parents styles not necessarily the kids age. If you try and do disney commando style of course you are going to have tired kids. We are only go to focus on a few things and save other aspects of the parks for future trips.
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i agree with "L". i have taken my childen to WDW and other vacation destinations and they did great if you just relax and take things on step at a time there aren't any problems!
the other L
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Our kids were 2 and 5 when we first took them to Disneyland, and we had a good time. It was fun seeing the excitement and wonder in their eyes as they met Goofy or flew through the nursery window on the Peter Pan ride. We used a stroller and adjusted our schedule to accommodate short legs and shorter attention spans: we went to the Park early in the day, took a long break for lunch, a nap, and a swim, then went back for a few more rides in the late afternoon.

Although it's true that the younger one now doesn't remember the trip at all, we have photos and stories to fill in the blanks; the costumed portrait we posed for at the Main Street studio is one of our most prized possessions. If a child's memory of an activity is the only important factor, why bother doing anything with him/her before the age of six?
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Please please dont start this again!
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I agree with Jan. Our youngest was 4 1/2 years old when we took him to WDW, and it was great -- I'm glad we waited. He was well-behaved, but there were a couple of times when he got tired and was off-kilter. I disagree to an extent with L about it being the parents' style and not the kids' ages . . . a younger child is going to get tired more easily than an older child, especially with all the wonderous & stimulating things around WDW, and they tend to 'act out' their emotions more vocally. Yes, you have to space things out & not 'do it all"; but even so, even the most well-behaved child is going to have his/her moments on such a trip. We went to WDW years ago with another couple with a 2-yr. old, and even though he is a really good kid, it was a very trying trip!!! I wouldn't do it again.
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L, I would really like to hear from you in March; I think you are dead wrong, frankly.

Impatient to get to the "good stuff" in enjoying our only child, we took him at 2 1/2 to WDW -- what a mistake! At that age, there's little endurance, limited interest in most of the attractions, and a good likelihood of being just plain frightened of certain, unpredictable things. The costumed "cast" rather than delighting him scared him silly, esp. Goofy for some reason. And "carry me! carry me!" and not-quite-potty-trained, and needing naps and being thrown off a regular routine. This is the age for petting zoos and wading pools; not for the big, expensive, overwhelming stuff.

We went back to WDW when he was 8 and that was absolutely perfect.

What's really going on here is that the parents want to do the theme park and use the kid as an excuse, maybe to deal with cabin fever, maybe to "feel the magic" again vicariously, or maybe to push the envelope of getting from toddlerhood into childhood. Two is just too young. I wouldn't do it with any child younger than 5, and even that's pushing it.
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We just visited Disney with our two and three year old children. The kids loved it and were well behaved the entire time! They especially loved the characters, Animal Kingdom, the Main Street parade, the shows at Disney/MGM and the playgrounds! We arrived at the parks early, went back to the hotel for naps and then back to the parks in the afternoon - typical of the usual schedule. I would highly recommend it!
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Each time I see this post pop up, I think of the pictures of our family trip to Disney when our kids were 2 and 4. Now I think I've got a way of sharing our 2 year old's reaction to it. I don't know if this will produce a clickable link, if not do a cut and paste putting it in the address cell on your tool bar to see it. http://pages.prodigy.net/cmcdaniel/geoffatDisney.jpg (He's now 27 by the way) That expression about summed it up for him.

And this link, http://pages.prodigy.net/cmcdaniel/g...eyBiscayne.jpg is the same vacation, but we've moved on from Disney to the beach in Key Biscayne.

He was just too young. Our then 4 year old enjoyed it for the most part, but she was frightened by the Haunted House, was determined for the rest of our stay there to find Mickey so she could tell him there were ghosts in his house...That amazing technology was just too real for her and we couldn't convince her otherwise.
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Here we go again. Judging what every one should do and enjoy. Maybe we could judge sexual orientation on the same post to save time.

I have 3 kids. Have taken them to Disney world 13 times (from ages 6 months to 17). Each time was wonderful and some of the most treasured family time that our current 3 generations have ever spent. Likely those who can't manage their kids in church are the same ones who can't manage it at Disney. I have witnessed several adults who I didn't think should have gone to Disneyworld. As long as you plan (which you likely do or you wouldn't be reading this BB) and don't try and overdo (mid day breaks for my family are a must) you can enjoy. If you use the rationale that kids dont' remember the trip at age 2, then why would you do anything with a 2 year old?

Although I do not own a timeshare and don't endorse them, I once read a newspaper column on how a woman who now has a family of her own took twenty vacations with her family over a 20 years to the timeshare destination and how wonderful those annual planned trips were for them. She readily admitted maybe it wasn't the best investment that her family ever made, but the fact they were together on vacation once a year was priceless. My hope is that many of you will take the time to make memories at Disney or whereever else with your kids - the time is precious and before you know it they are grown. (My oldest graduates high school next week).
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Now, Lauren, there is only one L ... LOL, the other L!!! Please, like Porsche, accept no substitutes. Now, Leone = L, and by golly, L = Leone. What could be easier! BTW, kind words about The Rat in Orlando ... are you serious? gt;>> Ciao, L.
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To Disney13times:
"Likely those who can't manage their kids in church are the same ones who can't manage it at Disney". What a stupid statement! Comparing sitting in a church service(for about an hour) to seeing & doing at Disney World with all its stimuli (definitely more than an hour) is like comparing apples & peanuts. It's 2 totally different situations and one has nothing to do with the other. I'm sure your little darlings have NEVER misbehaved at church and at WDW -- any of the 13 times. YOU shouldn't turn your nose up at people who want to wait until their children are older than 2 to go to Disney.
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I have never seen a 2 year old sit completely quiet and behave in Church! What a stupid statement! And comparing an hour church service to a day of walking in a hot, sweaty, noisy amusement park is plain ludicrous! 2 year olds have short attention spans, tire easily, have temper tantrums at a moments notice and have trouble unwinding after being overstimulated. I agree with Jan, take the kid when they are older and can enjoy it. IMO, common sense is sorely lacking in some parents....
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The next time I go to church I will pray that no children have to endure such a stupid b#### as Gracie. It is a shame that you are not open to other viewpoints. It is a wonder anyone reads these BBs when everyone uses it to only further their viewpoint. I must not be alone in my viewpoint of not taking my 2 year old to Disney, as I have seen a few 2 year olds there - and almost all of them happy - but then again that was probably because they weren't with Gracie.
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Like any other activity, I think it depends on the child. I have two kids and my husband and I are constantly amazed at how different they are. I wouldn't have taken the oldest at age 2, but probably could have taken the youngest. It all depends on how you think your child would do.
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Minnie in Church!!??
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Talk about a basic disconnect! The point of taking a child to church is partly to instruct the child in how to behave in grown-up land, as well as establishing a family tradition of faith.

The point of taking a child to Disney is that it's KIDDIE land -- it's supposed to entertain KIDS -- not a place for grownups to go play on all the rides and hope their toddler is "well-behaved" so they can enjoy themselves. I'm with Candor -- two years old is too young to appreciate what Disney has to offer, so why the _heck_ would you want to go there?

Of course -- to answer Jan's original question -- I don't really remember a thing about being 2 years old -- my first memories are just a little later. Of course, if it's a whole family in which the 2 year old is the youngest, that's a little different. Then you are trying to have the best time all around, and you'd know ahead of time that some parts of the park are for the older kids and some for the littlies. But I do remember going to WDW as a teenager and wondering what on earth was going on with two young parents and a little one who could barely walk. I figured, if they wanted to do the things, they should just be honest and get a sitter so they could do it all by themselves.

It has nothing to do with how well behaved some kid is or how well a parent "manages" him or her. It has to do with what is age appropriate and what would really please a small child.
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Absolutely disagree, took each of my girls for the first time at 2-1/2 and 3 and they are now 15 and 18, and those trips still go down in our memories as the best family vacations ever.

You will never match the "awe" you will see in their eyes at that age, at 5 they are already questioning Santa let alone who is in the Mickey suit. It is unfortunately for our society too old.

Parents who ever said Disney was "easy" it is not suppose to be "easy" for you, it is suppose to be fun for your kids, and you in turn enjoy it by watching the joy it brings them.

Take them, and have fun, you will be exhausted, but sacrificing for your kids, is part of what being a parent is all about. If you wait for things to be easy you'll never enjoy the wonders of life out there like Disney.
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What kind of idiot would take a two year old to Disney? And then to come back and defend having done it. Can you not admit your mistakes so others can benefit from them?

It is practically child abuse to take a baby out in the hot Florida and California sun, wheel him around all day long, while mommy and daddy force him to have a good time and enjoy all the sights.

Put him in your air conditioned kitchen and give him some tupperware to play with - you will see that same look of wonder on his face.

Some people are dumber than dogshit!
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I just normally read these crazy postings for fun, but I feel that gimme-a-break is just rude. I do not understand people who judge other people. It is nobody's business what age people take their kids to Disney. Who cares? I read these boards to get vacation tips not debate a personal choice. I am going to Disneyland soon with my 9 year old and my 2 1/2 year old. My 9 year old will have the time of his life, and as a parent, I will do what is necessary to make the little one happy. I would like ideas on what to do when we are in LA, not read this junk. Everybody needs to stay out of other people's lives.
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Why ask others about what to do with YOUR 2-yr old? Decide for yourself.

The opinions are well divided such that there is no right answer. So, although I have an opinion on the matter, I won't offer it, since it's irrelevant.

Knowing yourself, your family, your kids' demeanor should provide enough insight to making the decision.

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