2 days in Baltimore

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2 days in Baltimore

I'll be joining my husband on a business trip to Baltimore next week for 2 days (really 1 full day and 2 half days), staying at the Wyndam Inner Harbor. Our first time to Baltimore and I'll be on my own to explore during the day.
The aquarium sounds great and I'm looking forward to wandering around the Inner Harbor. Can I walk to any of the markets?
Any suggestions of other things that are "must see" that I can walk to? Does the water taxi run this time of the year?
Any comments on the Wyndam?
and lastly - Gotta have some great crabcakes... where do you reccomend?

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The aquarium is a must. The whole Inner Harbor area can be explored in a short time. There is a Hard Rock Cafe next to the aquarium and plenty of shops and restaurants in Harborplace located in two buildings around the harbor. As far as markets, there are several in the general area, but I wouldn't wander there alone. A great place to eat is Little Italy just a few blocks from the Inner Harbor. Also Fells Point is a short taxi ride or a nice stroll away. There are many funky bars and restaurants in this area.
For crabcakes, everyone has there favorite place, Phillips in the Harborplace will be a good choice in the downtown area. My personal favorite is Angelinas on Harford Rd.
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You can walk to Cross Street Market, in South Balitmore, Federal Hill. Get a map, it is just south of the inner harbor.

If you take a cab or bus up Charles Street, you can visit the Walter's Art Gallery (just remodeled) and further up near Johns Hopkins campus, the Baltimore Museum of Art. There is a cool railroad museum just west of the inner harbor, the Babe Ruth house, and there is a museum of industry on Key Highway (long walking distance.

Best of all, though, go to the Visionary Art Museum at the base of Federal Hill, across the harbor. It is a blast and a half. Get a AAA book and enjoy.
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I'm also looking for this info..... TTT
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Lexington Market!!!! Make the effort!
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For a lively debate on crabcakes, go to, the mid-Atlantic board, DC/Balto. Everyone has their favorites, I've heard great things about Angelina's, the place at Lexington Market was very good, but the neighborhood? was a tad rough, and Phillips in the inner harbor does absolutely nothing for me - I think they don't use local MD crab, they use asian crab, which I'm told isn't as sweet. Legal Seafood (inner harbor) gets good write-ups. I like little Italy and Fells point for fun - good bands. Hope this helps - Amy
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I would be v ery careful as a single female tourist in Baltimore. Niehgobrhoods go from safe to dangerous in the blink of an eye. You might be safe walking from one area to another in a group, but you're chaning it by yourself-take a cab for safety. The Aquarium is great and the inner harbor is fun. Fells POint is interesting too-
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Daniel Williams
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The Lexington Market you could walk to from your hotel. I love the energy of this place; there is an exciting vibe that is unique to my eyes in America. Approach from Lexington St. one block west of Charles (Lexington does not extend as far as Charles). Cross St. Market is also not so far...just walk south on Charles St. or Light St. from the Inner Harbor area for about 8 blocks. Broadway Market is smaller/less exciting, located smack in the heart of Fell's Point.
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I did the exact same thing you are doing a couple of years ago. I spent the entire full day touring the aquarium and the inner harbor. By the time I slept late, got up, got dressed, got down to the waterfront it was almost 11:30 so you should be able to kill the day easily if you take your time and enjoy yourself. Unfortunately I cannot remember where we ate but we did have some outstanding crabcakes. I do recall the neighborhoods changing quickly from good to bad so just pay attention if you venture out of the inner harbor. I did take the light rail during the day and felt perfectly safe doing that. Have fun!
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Agree with the above posters. Also wanted to stress that although Baltimore is overall a nice city, the interesting and clean areas are very small, and there are very few of them. The rest is a ghetto. So watch out.

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Thank you everyone!
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Stephanie P.
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I use to live 10 blocks from Inner Harbor on St. Paul Street. The aquarium is absolutely wonderful (1/2 day easy for this). Make sure you see it. In the Harbor, there is also a WWII submarine the public is free to tour. There are 2 or 3 shopping building right on the harbor. There is a 2nd floor eatery in one of them. I know Philips Seafood is in one of the building. Right across the street from this is a 4 or 5 story shopping complex.
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I took a bus tour (don't remember the company name) that was good for getting familier with the city. I've used the light rail too ... if an area doesn't look safe, don't get out. You buy tickets for the light rail at any station, and for $3 you can get a pass for all day on any light rail, bus, or subway. There are "water taxis" too for getting to various points of the Harbor, and consider Ft McKinley (I've not been there yet)
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Just returned.... here's a quick trip report:
The aquarium was wonderful. $16 admission included a dolphin show. I arrived when they opened at 9 and left around 12:30. Glad I got there early as bus loads of kids poured in around 11.
There are 2 water taxi companies. For $5 all day (till 8 PM) you can get on and off as often as you wish. There are a number of scheduled stops including Fort McHenry, the aquarium, Marriott, Federal Hill area, Rusty Scupper restaurant and Fell's Point. The taxi comes back every 15 minutes or so (I'm sure it's much more frequent in the summertime). I rode around the whole harbor just to take in the sights (about 45 minutes to do the entire route). The captain & mate were very informative about the areas.
Fell's Point was charming: cobblestone streets and row houses and neat shops.
There are 3 "Harborplace Malls": 2 are low-rise buildings right on the harbor, and the 3rd is across Pratt St. Lots of snack shops and restaurants in the 2 low-rise buildings. More upscale and familiar retail names in the larger mall on Pratt St.
I didn't go on any of the historic ships in the harbor, but I think a pass to all of them was around $20. The Ringling Bros. circus was in town, and at lunch time they set up a show in the waterfront/harborplace area. It was great!
We ate at Phillips buffet one night($22.95 per person and did not include any beverage)which was so-so. I had an internet coupon for $4 off.
Our favorite meal was at Atlantic Brewing Company, directly above the sit-down Phillips restaurant in the low-rise Harborplace mall. There was a 15% off coupon available on the water taxi.
We also ate lunch at Fairley's (spelling?) in Lexington Market. Awesome crab soup and huge crab cakes. The market is not in a great area, so I wouldn't go there alone after dark.

Thanks to everyone who gave me tips and hints!
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Thanks for the trip report! Always great to hear back from those that actually went!

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