What makes flying first class worth it?

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What makes flying first class worth it?

Is it worth it financially?
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Not to me it isn't.
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Over the years I have flown all classes and IMO First is only worth it if someone else is paying! Nowadays I always fly economy and hope for the upgrade.

I would rather spend the difference in more time away or, if that is limited, better hotels. After all how long are you going to spend in a plane? Maybe 15 hours max.
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It's only "worth it" if you can afford it and are willing to pay the additional cost so the first question you have to ask yourself is what is the price differential for the flight you are considering. Only then you YOU decide if the additional cost is "worth it".

Some people have difficulty justifying the extra expense for a little more leg room, wider seats, etc. on a plane that gets them to their destination at the same time as someone flying First Class. While others value comfort over cost and think nothing of spending a bit more money. It really depends on where YOU fall within that spectrum.

By the way, First Class or Business Class on domestic flights is quite different than First and Business Class on International Flights. The "amenities" can vary greatly depending on airline, type of aircraft, the seating configuration and length of flight so you have to evaluate all aspects to determine the "worth it" value.

By the way, if traveling internationally on some airlines Business Class can be quite comfortable & roomy and is less expensive than flying First Class - but it still cost more than Coach/Economy so you have a "worth it" factor.
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We've encountered a couple of sales in business class that were worth it to us. Never 1st.
For me, a lie flat bed on an overnight flight is fabulous--but not worth thousands of extra dollars.
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Frankly, it depends how much money you have. I know people who have their own jets (or a share in one) and shudder at the thought of flying commercial. Is it worth it financially to have your own jet?

I can't afford to pay for first class every time I want to go somewhere, but we use FF miles to pay for upgrades when we can because first class is better than economy. I don't know how else to answer the question, is it worth it.
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On a long flight overseas, yes, it is worth it depending on the price difference and your financial circumstances. Most times if you wait until you get to the airport to upgrade it is less expensive. We were flying home from Amman Jordan and when I asked to upgrade at the airport during check in it was half the price I was quoted beforehand.
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I've never actually paid for first or business class, but I will trade FF miles for lie flat seats on a long flight - across the Pacific long. I can't sleep unless I'm horozontal. Happily, a lot of business class seats are lie flat, I don't think the extra for first class is worth it.
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My hubby has a bad back, so we recently splurged on 'plus' class for a Vancouver to London 9 hour flight. It was nice to know he had a bit more room and wouldn't waste the first few days of vacation in pain.

For myself, it is a luxury, but I find it hard to justify the dollars vs hours spent sitting with a bit more leg room. I would rather spend the money elsewhere.
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No, Business or First is not worth it. The flat seats ? Very uncomfortable. The lounges in Airports can be good but otherwise ? Absolutely not.
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Lie flat seats - really flat, not inclined - can be very comfortable. I slept very well on a flight on Qantas from BKK to LHR, for instance. They even gave us pajamas.
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Yes it is. We use miles to upgrade.
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I think domestic first is rarely worth it - though I have paid for tickets in First to Hawaii. I do often get upgraded domestically if I am flying on United, as I a million-miler. But on long international flights, I want to be in Business with the lie-flat seats. Usually, we use miles to purchase Business Class tickets. I have flown in First internationally, but have rarely found it worthwhile for the premium charged over the Business Class tickets. Yes, back in the old days of flying, I was served caviar in First but that is less important to me than comfort in the seating.
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I have only flown first class twice.. once, Vancouver to Paris, on my dime( my mom had passed away after a long drawn out last year where my sister and I were her primary caregivers till the end, so I was exhausted.. )and wanted to treat myself to a solo trip to paris first class, and once on a fluke upgrade for the entire family.. coming back from a cruise florida to Vancouver via Toronto.

Was it worth it.. well when I paid.. yes and no,, it was a lot more ( but on sale) , I could have had another week or two away on the difference. When it was a free upgrade it was great..

We regularly just fly premium economy for longer flights.(over 5 hours) .. its so much cheaper and on some airlines, other than the no lay flat beds,, its comparable to first class in comfort. I don't put much stock in the hot cloths and dinner on china things.. and I don't drink on flights so don't care about free booze.
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For me, worth it. I only go flat-bed transcon now. And always up front on any other flight. I have health issues and for me flying First or Business has really helped take away some of the hassles of flying today.

I am very thankful we can afford it, but truly it is not "worth it" in the sense of paying up to 10 x the cost of a coach ticket. It's "worth it" to me for the relative comfort and relative peace of mind for me personally.
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