use of space bags

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use of space bags

Because of the extra fees for luggage, I was thinking of using the vacuum-type space-saving bags when packing our clothes. Does anyone know if this is acceptable? The risk would be if the bags were opened upon inspection, the decompressed items wouldn't fit back in the suitcase. Has anyone had an experience with this?
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I would never use the type that require a vacuum cleaner to seal. But normal packing cubes (or large ziplock baggies that you sit on to get the air out) work nicely.
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The seal with Spacebags have lost their seal on a few trips, so I don't bother with them anymore.

As Suze said, just use regular really large ziplock bags and make sure the air is out of them.

I use them so that if my bag gets opened for TSA check, my clothes don't get touched by some agent. Ick.

Remember, the only thing space bags will do is get more clothes into bag. The weight is the issue, not the quantity and if anything, Space bags will up both.

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I bought some of the space saving bags at Target (package of three for about $10 - 12), and they work great. They don't require a vacuum to seal. I agree with Suze that you definitely don't want the kind that require a vacuum, since that would be a problem on the return trip. Not only do these bags save space, but I think they also make it easier for TSA to inspect your stuff. They have never opened one of my sealed bags.
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With any method that makes things smaller, just remember it does NOT unfortunately make them weigh any less. The more I make use of this concept, the heavier my suitcase turns out!
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Hefty makes some zip-lock 2- gallon bags that work great. They are large enough to fit 2 or 3 days of clothes. To get the air out I sit on the bag while zipping it. They work well and are pretty inexpensive compared to the larger ones.
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The bags that are made for travel may or may not be a little tougher than regular
ziploc bags.

What they DO have is a one way valve... you roll the bag up once it's packed and sealed and just when you think it's bound to burst like an overinflated balloon... the valve lets the air out.

Mine also have double closures and a little tool
to run across the locks to made sure they're really tight.

I am totally sold on these things.

And yes, your bag will weigh more but my 22 inch roller carry on was still way below the weight limit.

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I use a Space Bag (or PackMate - the other major brand) on nearly every trip. But I take it empty on the trip over. For my return flight, I use the Space Bag to condense some clothes to make room for any new purchases. I almost never fill it on the outbound trip since I can get anything I need for any length trip into a 21 inch or smaller suitcase w/o having to squish in more. One exception is if I'm taking a down vest/jacket. A space bag is terrific w/ high-loft garments like that. Not heavy but full of air - that is the perfect garment to put in a Space bag.

They do work better than the large ziplok bags. But they don't last forever. Eventually the seams or the valve or the zipper start to give way. A bag normally lasts me about a year.
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janisj~ I thought of your tip recently as I was packing to come home from 10 days in Mexico. I sure could have used a little more space in my suitcase fon the way home! also I like the idea of using a space bag during the trip as a way to keep dirty clothes separated.

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Using a manual compression bag will enable you to re-compress the bag following inspection. Bags like Storage Kaddy space savers are high qulaity bags that can be compressed anywhere because you simply roll, or press, to compress. I bought mine at and Amazon.
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