Travel idea for a 1 year old

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Travel idea for a 1 year old

My wife and I are 30 and 28 and have had our fair share of travels. We have explored Central America, Fiji, the Caribbean and Hawaii. We love to do anything outdoors and are divers. Our all time favorite trip was that of Belize, great culture, nice waters, amazing hikes, and great food. We tend to do Hawaii once or twice and year and love it there. In fact we love it so much that our son has a Hawaiian middle name and he has already been there at the age of 4 months. As much as we love Hawaii, I would like to experience another "outside the box" trip before we have our next one. We will most likely be traveling sometime between next May and next August. I just need help coming up with ideas. I'm looking for a place that will entertain my wife and I but is still easy to take my son there. Obviously someplace safe, as I've already had to experience hospitals in other countries and I'd prefer my son not but at least know if we had to then it would be ok! Any help would be awesome, and feel free to ask questions. Thanks!
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My honest opinion is to not subject fellow passengers to a one year old on a long flight.
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Agreed. Plus I don't usually equate adventure travel with a 1yo.

Can he stay with Grandma? Or maybe hold off on adventurous travel until the kid(s) are old enough to remember the trip?

Like if you go zip-lining, who gets to go and who has to stay at the hotel and watch the baby?
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Did the OP ask whether you thought he and his family should do this?

And before you protest...
Can you post whatever opinion you want to post anywhere you like? Sure.
Should you? No.
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Did you decide where you are going? I am currently trying to decide what kind of trip to take with my daughter and her family (four kids), which will include an eight month old at this time next year.
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are you looking for an outdoorsy/adventure travel trip or something else (beach, city, etc)? traveling with one one year old child is completely doable. And so will traveling with more kids should you have them despite the naysayers above.
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I'd pick someplace a not-too-long flight away.
I'd stay in a cottage or apartment to have a kitchen and separate sleeping areas so the parents have a place to be while the baby naps and goes to bed early.
I'd want a baby friendly beach very close.
IMHO, babies that age do best when their normal routine is followed.
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The child wouldn't remember anyway, so it's either a trip for you, parents, or a short drive to a nearby beach or lake or resort. Or a cruise.
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Ok it might sound boring but Western Europe is perfect for this type of trip with a one year old. The UK, France, Germany etc. There should be no need to worry about travel bugs, the facilities are going to be a good standard and it has lots to offer depending on what you are looking for.
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There should be no need to worry about travel bugs...

You sure about that? A one year old is an illness magnet.
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Can you put the baby in a back carrier and hike? If so look at the National Parks in the Southwest. Fly into Vegas and go to Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon etc.
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sounds like you like warm weather and beaches if your child has been to Hawaii several times. Why not go again if the child is comfortable, you enjoy it and wait until the baby is older for more adventurous trips. You need to do what makes you happy, the baby will go along with your attitude and demeanor so do what makes you feel good on your vacation.
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When our kids were less than 1, we did (not always the same kid) :
a 9 hours flight to dominican republic
a 4 hours flight to Creta, from there a boat to Egypt
a 4 hours to Creta (not the same baby)
a 3 hours flight to Corsica
a trip to ski resort (we took turns to take of him/her)
a 5 hours flight to Istanbul (she celebrated her birthday there, the Turks were crazy)
a 5 hours flight to Cyprus (same : Cypriots love kids)

One of our kids got ill in Cuba - they have great doctors there. Actually, I'd go back to Cuba in a heartbeat.

Now I had more trouble with a pathetic attention seeker ageing woman than the rest of the passengers ever had with my kids.

But is only my side of the story I guess...
Kids of one year are easy, imho. Sleep may be tougher if jetlag is involved.
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